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Any tips/recommendations for a clean bulk?

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are you supposed to gain some fat after starting to work out, i can see the muscle gains in the legs, but I've also noticed gains in the abdomen and no weight loss in the face, do i need to reduce calories? Im eating about 1800-2200 a day, no cheat days

Absolutely. If you eat a surplus of calories, which you need to gain strength, you will also gain fat. Nothing wrong with it as long as you do 20-30 mins of cardio 1-2 times a week.

Ever since I hurt my back I've become bored of my life. My disc is Bulged I've been in and out of physical therapy. I am not able to carry groceries without pain the next day. My mother has to help me out with the groceries. I feel like my life is over. I've been contemplating suicide. I feel useless I want go write this to see if anyone on this website understands how I'm feeling. It's a long shot but I was so happy working with out and getting fit. I can't even get erections anymore or feel any joy. I dony know what to do.

I just want to be able to walk without pain anymore. I miss being happy if feels foreign. Please I'm begging anyone for advice. I don't expect much more than haha snap city posting anyway but I've tried everything...... I'm so desperate

When I do planks I feel it way more in my shoulders than my core why is this? It doesnt matter how I position my arms I always feel it more in my shoulders

you can finally live the dream of watching anime all day brother, and I'll watch it with you... n-no homo...

Oh it's all I do to escape the pain... It's the only thing that makes me feel something when I'm not laying in pain or getting yelled at for not sucking it up from my mother... I wish I could enjoy it more bro. No homoe

I don't want anyone else to suffer like I am. I wish someone would just get it over with and kill me.

I've heard that it is possible to lose weight and gain straight if your still new (used to lift years ago but stopped due to going overseas for school, started lifting again for about 2 months).

Was about 178 a month and a half ago, currently at 169 (shoes on)

Almost at 1,5bench /2 squat/ 2.75 dead and still gaining strength

You might not be holding your torso flat enough, making your body kind of an arch or dip supported by your arms and feet rather than a plank supported by your core.

Pic related might help you get a feel for really engaging your core muscles, starting from a hands-and-knees position, and pushing away from the ground with the tops of your feet to come into a hovering position. Rather than supporting your body as if it's a heavy thing pushing down on your limbs, focus instead on pushing the floor away from you to engage your muscles.



opiates, you actually need them, fuck it if you get addicted, youll probalby need them forever and ur experience the worst of it

go to a chiropractor

Idk bro I don't want to be some junkie Ie legit blow my brains out of my head before I become an addict.

All I have is a barbell and an ez bar. Anything I can replace all this dumbbell stuff with?

now this might seem to be a real brain buster.
But maybe you could do BB or EZ bar curls?

Was referring more to the lateral raises

I went on a keto diet for about 2 months about half a year ago, if I went back on it now will it take me less time to get into ketosis?

Guys I went to the gym after a month. Did back/bicep. Now my lower bicep and the upper forearm are so fucking stiff i can't even extend my arm competely. What to do?

do one side at a time with ez bar or tie a strap around two plates and grab the strap.

Don't neglect your cholesterol intake

I've been on SS for 3 months and still progressing little by little.
I'm a bit scared because of all the memeing about it though, should I change to something like this or continue SS until I stall?

user. You sound like you are at the end of your rope. Yes? If so, keep that in mind as I suggest what I believe, from anecdotal, scientific, and person experience may help you. Earthing.

Here's a documentary on is set in small-town alaska (working class people, not hippy-dippy upper middle class people): youtube.com/watch?v=b8b_lg2z8Nc

Here's a collection of studies on the topic the result of which show real promise: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3265077/

And here's the DiY vid I used to make my own mat because I didn't have 120 dollars lying around: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3265077/

I've been earthing on my mat for 6 day and its increased my muscle recovery time, temperature control (I can take cold shower and go outside in this north carolina heat now). I didn't have a bulged disc but in the documentary there i a guy, working class down-to-earth, who had a military injury for like 20 years and after earthing for a time (it's unclear how long, less than 90 days, he had full mobility of his arm again that he would previously struggle to life above the top of his head. Please, for your sake, keep an open mind, take in the testimonials, anecdote, and studies and give it a try. I was able to make two mats (one for me and my mother) for about $35 using the DiY video. very easy. Only tools I needed were a box razor to splite and desheath the speaker wire and some scissors to cut the aluminum screen to length.

Anotha one. This is all anecdotal but I'm don't believe anecdotal should be code for worthless. Maybe something in here will inspire you to give this a try. Maybe someone's words will echo your own experience. In that hope, i link this page of testimonials from people who specifically experience pain (back, neck, spinal, bursitis, knee, joint etc.) and have experience relief from Earthing. earthinginstitute.net/pain/

you didn't link the diy vid, can you link it please user this looks promising

Oops, yeah. Here's the DiY video: youtube.com/watch?v=GFH3dXANut4

how long should you lie on the mat for & how many times a day?

Been going to the gym for about a month now. Really enjoying it. When ever I do squats, my left arm goes numb. I have a gym bro that is always there that has been going for years and he says my form is ok. What am I doing wrong

As much as possible, be in contact with it. Definitely while sleeping. I'm a NEET atm (mental/sleep issues I'm in the process of correcting) so I'm able to spend all day on it, except when exercising or when I'm outside, because I sleep and do all my indoor activites on the floor.

If you've got the money on top of the ~$35 for the two mats worth of material, I would buy something like one of those earthing arm/body bands which are $40 on amazon (link: amazon.com/Earthing-Body-Band-Kit/dp/B06X9F98BT/ref=sr_1_3_s_it?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1491042823&sr=1-3&keywords=earthing) so you can continue to earth on the computer or while making food or whatever activities you.

If I spent any time at all off the mat on a regular basis, I would definitely buy the linked item because its a great cost/value ratio. An armband, bodyband, 2 connectors, and an outlet tester.

One more thing. I read a testimonial by a guy who had joint pain all through his body and he bought those little pads you can stick to your feet and he got relief but only up his legs up to his hips, and not his upper body. I'm not sure if that same limitation due to contact applies to things like mats but just to be sure I make sure to get contact on my lower body (calves) and upper boy (arms and torso).

If you go with the aluminum screen like I did, some initial maintenance is needed. Like mentioned in the video, the edges can be grabby because of excess tips of aluminum.

Have you ever bent a paper clip back and forth until I snapped? Well that's what i had to do up and down the sides of the sheet so it would stop poking me, even sometimes through the tape. I've been completely satisfied ever since doing that.

Also get strong duct tape. I got 3/5 strength grade duct tape and had to keep reapplying it until I decided to iron it a little hoping it would melt a bit, solidify and create a stronger bond. That worked but seeing as you haven't bought your supplies yet, just get max strength duct tape.

Are OHP, Close-grip bench, squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, rows, curls, skullcrushers, dumbbell bench and hyper extensions the only exercises i need?

I can't do a full ROM pullup properly, but my gym has one of those assisted pullup/dip stations. Should i use that and gradually try and use less and less assistance weight until i can?

That's what i do plus dips, minus hyper's.

Watch it:

Is your wrist neutral when you grip the bar?

my back and shoulder have grown but I have wide hips, yes there is some fat over them but still. I look like a fucking fish bit the middle part between the hips and the last? like an X. how do I fix this

What's the best translation of Crime and Punishment?

/fitlit/ master race reporting in. I read hegel between squat sets.

I'm fascinated with different works of Dostoyevsky. His amazing works like Crime and Punishment, The Idiot, The Brothers Karamazov.
I wonder if there are any western European authors with similar style, can anyone recommend few?

Any writers born between 1960 and 1985?

Thank u /fitlit/

Why do you still eat meat, do you not want to be strong ?

Mark Rippletoe.

Try other russians. I recommend Tolstoy and Gogol if you want to continue the christian message.

not much nutrition science in that picture

PS: capcha is getting fucking ridiculous

“The fundamental defect of the female character is a lack of a sense of justice. This originates first and foremost in their want of rationality and capacity for reflexion but it is strengthened by the fact that, as the weaker sex, they are driven to rely not on force but on cunning: hence their instinctive subtlety and their ineradicable tendency to tell lies: for, as nature has equipped the lion with claws and teeth, the elephant with tusks, the wild boar with fangs, the bull with horns and the cuttlefish with ink, so it has equipped woman with the power of dissimulation as her means of attack and defence, and has transformed into this gift all the strength it has bestowed on man in the form of physical strength and the power of reasoning. Dissimulation is thus inborn in her and consequently to be found in the stupid woman almost as often as in the clever one. To make use of it at every opportunity is as natural to her as it is for an animal to employ its means of defence whenever it is attacked, and when she does so she feels that to some extent she is only exercising her rights. A completely truthful woman who does not practice dissimulation is perhaps an impossibility, which is why women see through the dissimulation of others so easily it is inadvisable to attempt it with them. – But this fundamental defect which I have said they possess, together with all that is associated with it, gives rise to falsity, unfaithfulness, treachery, ingratitude, etc. Women are guilty of perjury far more often than men. It is questionable whether they ought to be allowed to take an oath at all.”

- Arthur Schopenhauer, "On Women"

How much oats and rice do you consume a day?

>pls respond

Bait, but pic at () for starters. Non-animal products have 100-times less cholesterol.


Veeky Forumsizen here. I was just thinking how impressed I was with Dostoyevsky's understanding of humanity demonstrated in The Brothers Karamazov yesterday but I quit about 200 pages in because I got bored. Should I pick it back up?

>capcha is getting fucking ridiculous

This. Fucking 10 correct captcha just to funpost on a aryan esoterica image board. Are you listening, Goot?

How is a fatty supposed to know what made them fat?

Over eating, I know, but that's a symptom of something.
I'm not saying what you think I'm saying


I was actually hoping for an answer regarding psychology rather than chemistry
but thanks for the effort

a shit ton of shakes, it's alot easier to drink your calories

It depends. When did you get fat? If you were "always" fat then its your parents fault. A child can't open the fridge or cupboard so its on them. Tell me when.

What's the best book on how to get Veeky Forums?

>See all the nofap threads
>i myself fap once a week
What's the point of nofap?

I've been feeling extreme pain and tightness in my hip flexors and rotators for about 2 months now, haven't squated or deadlifted in 25 days and it's driving me crazy, my hips feel much more flexible but I still feel crazy tightness, what the hell do I do?
(the tightness was caused by me squatting ATG paused with bad mobility)

elbows feel crazy weak. smallest bump against my elbow causes me pain, i make audible "ow's."

this never was the case for before lifting. do i need more milk/calcium? feels terrible. can't do dips without my clavicles hurting in the core of the bone at the end of the set.

what's going on with my bones.

Should I weigh food before or after cooking it?

Replacing bench press with >weighted dips due to shoulder impingement

Good or Bad idea?

how to gain the heart of a girl whom you are suspecting is only talking to you to be polite after things went to shit because of your autism ?

How did it happen? I don't want the same shit happening to me.

Upright rows with EZ bar.
Look up form so you don't cause impingement in your shoulder.

I am actually quite the opposite. I have Thoracic Outlet Syndrome which doesn't allow me to do dips comfortably anymore. Bench press is fine however. Just do the best thing for your own longevity. You know what hurts and what doesn't. Most importantly, try sipping on a zero calorie monster

Non-animal products have exactly 0 cholesterol. That's not 100-times less, that's 100% less.


According to sticky, it's hard to add muscle and lose fat during the same period.

What's gonna happen if I lift heavy on a calorie surplus, while doing lots of cardio? I mean for me it feels intuitive that the cardio would "cut away" the extra fat. Is this not the case, then?

Oh. I didn't know that. Was just repeating the article.

Everyone has told me to get on something like stronglifts or starting strength, but i cant OHP or Barbell squat due to injury

Wtf routine do I do pls

Is there anything necessarily bad about getting all of your protein intake from one source? Say for example I only ate chicken, would I get inferior results or does it not make a difference where the protein comes from?

what would get me, a natty, as muscular and lean as possible, PPL twice a week or a 5 day body part split?

read this bayesianbodybuilding.com/gain-muscle-and-lose-fat-at-the-same-time/

Stretch if you aren't already. Stretch your hip flexors. Stretch at least more than 30 seconds, 30-60 seconds to help build long term mobility. Hip flexors get tight from sitting all day. Do your stretches on off days. Then a dynamic warmup to not hurt yourself after thoroughly stretching pre workout

How do I stop being so concerned with my eating? I'm trying to bulk but have no experience, and my family normally cooks very small portions so the idea of eating a lot of food, especially junk food, tends to freak me out a bit.

Start with the greeksalad.

Should I low bar squat or high bar squat as begineer?

would you recomment stronglifts or a PPL routine for a beginner ??

when doing deadlifts, do you end each rep with the bar on the floor? and pause a little to actually list it from a "dead" position?

or do you only lower the bar to around your shins before lifting it again for the next rep?

Don't eat lots of junk food.

i start every rep like the first one if u know what i mean

you lost me at the lifting information part but won me at the monster

When a girl smiles at you and sometimes locks eyes with you, does that mean she's interested?

Is muscle milk safe to use?

I just bought a 5 lb tub of it and didn't imagine it could contain anything harmful, but now that I read about it online, people are warning that it contains some heavy metals and a potentially harmful artificial sweetener called Acesulfame Potassium.

Do you guys know anything about this? I would be taking one serving 4 times a week after lifting.

which are better for gains, pullups or chinups?

pullups hurt my inner elbow tendon less


1) in my back day i do pullups (my max is 7-8) lat pulldown and assisted pullups. But still all those excrsises i feel them in my arms mostly not in my back, i also never have back doms.

2)would it be pointless to lift 4 times per week during a cut?

3)is it possible to make noob gains while on an extreme cut?

Can I get abs in a month? I already have nice ab muscles, just have a bit of body fat in front of them. Want to get ripped abs for the summer, should I just go on a super tough diet? Or should I work them out and just do a 1500 calorie diet?

post pic height and weight

5'9" 160 lbs

How do I become Chad? or at least fake a Chad persona?

Got some bad news for you, bud

why do you say you have nice ab muscles, you are quite thin and they are still not noticeable, im not being mean, merely objective when i say you have little muscle mass in your abdomen . I strongly suggest you forgeta bout this summer and go for a good bulk cut cycle for next one.

But if you absolutely must, then your goal is to lose weight. working them out while you lose weight will not be very beneficial, you just need to lose weight, with your low level of muscle development you have to be real skelly for them to show clearly.

aim for a 1kg per week, which is the most agressive healthy weight loss program that you can do. Maybe you could get there with that


Peter la anguila, you're so busted

I've been stretching for 10 days now every day, butterfly stretch, frog stretch etc., and it only feels tighter than before.

The meme is based in reality- "jst b confident bro"
Learn to disregard what other people think of you, all while playing on their emotions to make them think they like you, but don't get too attached to the idea in case you fail.

How to improve concentration + comprehension when reading? I can't focus on heavy works, and can't force myself to pick them up either.

I'm 300lbs and not currently going to the gym, just trying to sort my diet out first. I plan on eating similar things to this every day, so please tell me if I'm missing anything obvious. Trying to avoid meat but I'll eat fish occasionally.

breakfast: Granola, yoghurt, raspberries, blueberries, pumpkin seeds

lunch: Quinoa, mixed beans, peas, spinach, peppers, walnuts, almonds

dinner: Brown rice, kale, peppers, broccoli, cashew nuts, eggs

snacks: Banana, orange, peanut butter, milk

2465 calories, 241 carbs, 102 fat, 126 protein

low carb high calorie replacement to rice?

How is my new PPL routine?

Will alternate between PPL(1)XPPL(2)X
There are two main lifts to build strenght which will alternate every time to gain strenght in both equally over time. Bench press taken out as main lift as I have a shoulder impingement.
And I also only use one assesoiry lift after my first main lift to make sure that I am not too fatigued for my second main lift.

Rate and criticize

Steamed veggies and poached eggs.
Tip: when poaching eggs without a nonstick pot, douse the then simmering water with a generous load of lemon juice to keep the entirety of the egg from sticking to the metal.

Avoid frying your food, as that will significantly diminish the nutritional value of your food and also force you to use oils or grease.

Dynamic stretching first. Then a bit of static stretching. It was shown that static stretching doesn't exhibit benefits for mobility like dynamic stretches do.

sick routine brah. i saved it.

There are plenty of ways. The best way is just to read shit you like, be it creative stories or articles on a field of interest.

What stories captivate you user? Or do you sometimes imagine something and feel exhilaration from the though alone. I'm sure you can imagine something that invokes feelings.