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I was actually hoping for an answer regarding psychology rather than chemistry
but thanks for the effort

Is this board merge permanent?

According to sticky, it's hard to add muscle and lose fat during the same period.

What's gonna happen if I lift heavy on a calorie surplus, while doing lots of cardio? I mean for me it feels intuitive that the cardio would "cut away" the extra fat. Is this not the case, then?

Oh. I didn't know that. Was just repeating the article.

Everyone has told me to get on something like stronglifts or starting strength, but i cant OHP or Barbell squat due to injury

Wtf routine do I do pls

When a girl smiles at you and sometimes locks eyes with you, does that mean she's interested?

Is muscle milk safe to use?

I just bought a 5 lb tub of it and didn't imagine it could contain anything harmful, but now that I read about it online, people are warning that it contains some heavy metals and a potentially harmful artificial sweetener called Acesulfame Potassium.

Do you guys know anything about this? I would be taking one serving 4 times a week after lifting.

which are better for gains, pullups or chinups?

pullups hurt my inner elbow tendon less


1) in my back day i do pullups (my max is 7-8) lat pulldown and assisted pullups. But still all those excrsises i feel them in my arms mostly not in my back, i also never have back doms.

2)would it be pointless to lift 4 times per week during a cut?

3)is it possible to make noob gains while on an extreme cut?

5'9" 160 lbs

How do I become Chad? or at least fake a Chad persona?

Got some bad news for you, bud

why do you say you have nice ab muscles, you are quite thin and they are still not noticeable, im not being mean, merely objective when i say you have little muscle mass in your abdomen . I strongly suggest you forgeta bout this summer and go for a good bulk cut cycle for next one.

But if you absolutely must, then your goal is to lose weight. working them out while you lose weight will not be very beneficial, you just need to lose weight, with your low level of muscle development you have to be real skelly for them to show clearly.

aim for a 1kg per week, which is the most agressive healthy weight loss program that you can do. Maybe you could get there with that


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I've been stretching for 10 days now every day, butterfly stretch, frog stretch etc., and it only feels tighter than before.

The meme is based in reality- "jst b confident bro"
Learn to disregard what other people think of you, all while playing on their emotions to make them think they like you, but don't get too attached to the idea in case you fail.

How to improve concentration + comprehension when reading? I can't focus on heavy works, and can't force myself to pick them up either.

FOR Veeky Forums:
Skeleton just starting, I noticed (very small) gains in my arms, but only growth going forward and back, not expanding to the left and right. I'd include a pic but I can't really take a helpful one so hopefully you get what I mean. Basically what I'm asking is will my arms start getting bigger all around with time or are there exercises to grow the side of your arms that I'm missing?

FOR Veeky Forums:
I've been reading less and less lately, only read like 3 books the last 5 months. I'm a huge nerd for sci-fi shit, bonus points for cyberpunk. Any good recs?
>pic unrelated

>Veeky Forums
What you probably mean is that your arms are growing in size as seen when viewed from the side but not when seen from the front?

Best you can do is to hit the lateral and long tricep heads while ofcourse doing the medial head. (Not implying that there's a way to completely isolate each head but you get the idea of what I mean)

Those two first mentioned tricep heads are those which can be viewed from the "front" and actually do the job.

>That could also be a very valid reason.
so maybe adding some bicep curls in my pec day could help? i'm currently not isolating biceps

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>Not isolating biceps
>Wanting to make it

Also "pec day"? Not into your back day?

>I don't have a natty-approven video to pullups technique but to explain it: Tuck your shoulderblades together, try to point your elbows forward while holding a wide grip and keep full body tension while pulling.
I always try to start from a totally hanging position and lift myself until my neck goes over the bar then back to starting position and that counts as one rep, is that correcT?

also i noticed i tend to like lift my legs while doing pullups and kinda tilt my whole body back , but i do active effort to prevent this. Could that be part of the reason i feel it more in my biceps?

i do a split, most people i know do splits like this:

this is because pec excersise hit triceps quite a bit and back excersises hit the biceps

so in order to really be able to isolate them you keep biceps isolation out of back day and tricep isolation out of pec day.

doesnt that make sense?

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>I'm going over to a MILF's place for wine

aka sex

just drink, talk about whatever while laughing and having some physical interaction like touching the shoulder or thigh

as easy as that