How do i become a monster like Mike Tyson?

How do i become a monster like Mike Tyson?

Do you even box?

Fuck someone until they love you, faggot

There are no shortcuts. You gotta sip.

I wish people like you would just die.

Racism is a bannable offense on blue boards and should be reported. Just don't announce when you report a post, because that's also against the rules.

Are you mad because he said nigger or because he referred to the facts that almost all slave owes engaged in some degree of selective breeding and that slaves with weaker genes/lower test had a lower rate of survival

I wish people like you would run back to plebbit. Faggot. I'm not even /pol/ but wow are you summerfag cancer.


Not him, but I don't like (1) the use of the racial epithet and (2) the lazy and intellectually dishonest attribution of his spectacular talent to genetics+steroids rather than genetics+steroids+hard work.

Does your gf know you call people that?

how long have you been on Veeky Forums?

You don't know what the word talent means. Talent is innate and has nothing to do with hard work. Tyson worked hard but that's not why he's talented, that's why he's skilled.

Since August 2005. I remember when we laughed at newfags reacting to words like nigger. Now the boards are filled with the SJW brigade from Plebbit wondering why they can't downvote posts that offend them.

Anyone else not having to do the captcha prompt when reporting posts?

Train hard, snort coke

Yeah I worded that poorly. I should have said "success" or something similar. Talent, aside from recognizing and developing it, is definitely innate and attributable to genetics.

I rarely do. It's almost always just checking the box.

>lying on the internet

But it was purely provocative back then. Now it's just lazy, distracting, and often indicative of actual hatred, which is just foolish and counterproductive.

So I mean toss it around all you want if you're just being provocative or exercising your rights or whatever, but you're only undercutting your argument if you're using it in a serious rhetorical context.

Also stop calling anyone who disagrees with your ideas about language a """SJW"""". That's no less categorical and stupid than actual SJWs calling anyone who disagrees with their ideas about language """""racist""""' or whatever.

Be born a genetic freak xf

>actual hatred is foolish and counterproductive

Pure ideology.
You really have to go back. You aren't intelligent enough to post here.

This is an anonymous image board, do you actually get offended by the word nigger on an anonymous image board?

hours of calisthenics and boxing training everyday, eat a diet that consists of mainly steaks and side vegetables.

>tfw too intelligent for reading comprehension

Not an argument.

But congrats on learning how to green text that usually takes at least a few months.

Found the redditor.
roids & genetic anomaly. Absolutely roids though among other admitted drug abuse. Still impressive despite my disdain for his character.

>newfags can't greentext

An argument is not an appropriate response when your opponent's response (1) wasn't an argument either and (2) indicates that he read no further than the second sentence. There's nothing to argue in that situation.

Also "not an argument" is, itself, not an argument. Thus it makes no sense unless you've made an argument and someone has failed to rebut it. Jesus dude. Think this shit through.

>implying the word itself is what's offensive

And that was in 2013, things are way worse now.

Lying nigger. Everyone disregard what this dumb nigger is saying. He is wrong and will always be wrong.


>self-hating cuck detected

Everybody knows he worked hard as fuck that's a prerequisite we're not women

>Bohoho you hurt our fee fees
Face it with it /pol/ this site would have been shutdown long ago. It is one of the biggest boards and most influential.