Sexiest Muscle

The most sexiest muscle is obviously the chest, and if your chest is shit you're probably one ugly ass bitch. To compliment a sexy ass chest would be upper back. If you lack both of these, you're ugly.

Forearm is definitely the sexiest

That crease in guys' arm when they fold their arms is literally 100%

top left ab

there isn't one, it's everything together

upper back
upper arms
who fucking cares about legs, just do squats once a week

if you aren't well proportioned you will look like shit

Triceps, I'd say


the balls

1) Shoulders
2) Core
3) Back
4) Neck
5) Arms
6) Chest
7) Legs (lol don't act suprised, nobody cares about your legs)

Its obviously delts guys

Why isn't anyone already posting this. Let me help you Veeky Forums

Forearms and chest are nice too I guess

I have that. nice

guys tends to ask this on /adv/ pretty often, one thing that come often is forearms (veiny), arms and shoulders, a nice ass is a plus too.

Rest is still great, but girls absolutely love forearms/arms and shoulders.

>arms before chest
>arms before any muscle
You killed it you fuckin curlbro

Had reconstructive breastimplants and surgery yesterday morning. Woke up in my own piss not able to get up this morning. But fuck it looks great, i actually have tits now and not tubular breasts.

post pics

serratus anterior

grls play them like a xylophone

Mid and lower chest are near useless for aesthetic purposes, and if you overdevelop them even slightly you will look like you have gyno. That's why you never see models with overdeveloped pecks. It's all about being shredded with a V shape. That's really all you need if you don't have much time for working out.

100% the Serratus.
Anybody got tips on how to train it?

Lying down dumbbell pull overs

Would have posted more if i didnt need to have on the support bra for 1 month 24/7

Pushups with the full range of motion.

nothing stopping you from posting ur asshole then mr. qt pie

delts traps and forearms, rest don't matter as much

t. female

Meh. Small breasts are better. Unless there is some deformity where they're small AND saggy then I prefer women relatively flat.

Looking great, what made you get the surgery in the first place? were you in an accident or something?

Thank you sweetheart, had type 3 of tubular breasts. A not so flattering deformity. Was hurting alot in the breastglands aswell.
So happy that it turned out normal and a natural breastsize!

I hope you will have a swift recovery. What was the operation like? Did it hurt?

Don't care, would still kiss an suck on dem boobs



#1 chest
#2 shoulders, arms
#3 forearms, abs, back
[power gap]
#9001 legs