What's the best fighting skill to learn to stop this happening?

What's the best fighting skill to learn to stop this happening?

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ahhh he has master the face to the ground technique

damn that dude broke his own neck

post the one of the black kids fighting that do the same thing

found it


...did he just kill himself?

"my neck is broken, making me the victor"

what the hell is the source of this? this is disgusting throw.

also judo. a well place ippon would have fucked him right up.


that's tru tho


White people


Every time I watch this shit its the literal ragdoll motions his head makes that get me. Straight gg life

honestly m8 i want the source of this. i want sound dammit.

Just imagine a bunch of high-pitched, nasally nu-male voices screeching "Dude!" over and over again, and maybe some car noises in the background if you're the artistic type.

What about after? I wanna hear the suplex-ees terror as he realizes he just pummeled a dead person.

Drunk teenagers in finland. Cant find the source anymore

Help me, is the guy who initiated the throw the one knocked out? I can't tell what is going on.

the guy who picked up the other one is the dead one

fucked himself up

Are you retarded? Its okay if you are, ii'm asking for a friend

The one that initiated the suplex made the stupid decision to lean too far backward, wedging his head between the weight of his opponent and the hard ground, and instantly snapping his neck irreparably. I don't think he died there, but I'm positive he wishes he did if he's alive now. Guy's quadriplegic.

You're honestly retarded. The OP gif was just teh guy knocking himself out not breaking his neck

It doesn't look like he broke his neck, just hit the side of his head on the ground and knocked himself out. The bending of the head back could be caused by the opponent moving on the ground after the throw.

fuck what a way to go.

Why don't they cover their face? It irritates me

The guy didn't die and is actually completely fine


He used the wrong kind of grip for the other guy and fucked up a suplex.

It's a common wrestling move, both freestyle and graeco-roman.

just noticed the filename, kek

Welcome to Suplex Ci... I mean Snap City


Krav Mage if short
MMA if tall and built
Some Asian martial Art if tall and lanky.

>Krav Mage if easily conned

nah hes dead look at the angle of his neck

Holy shit I didnt notice that a first.
Dudes neck is completely fucked

How alpha must the other guy feel, killed or paralysed a man by just standing there

Does anyone else kinda feel like he deserved it for being such a faggot?

I don't know anything about him but I'm kinda glad he's dead. I can't tell whether I'm picking up on something about him or I'm just projecting my rage.

He did more or less attempt to kill the other dude but dunno the context here. As far as we know the rest are trying to make a gangrape video.

Ehhh the video is shot like a dingus, and it moves offscreen the moment of impact. If his neck goes sideways than yah he might be fucked, but at the moment we see his head and neck its backwards so he might be "fine"

>I hate jews but this isn't /b/ so i can't into edgelord

It's still funny to me desu

it's a hell of a way to go because he literally fucked his own shit up by breaking his own neck in what's meant to be your average bar fight. You fucking retard. Fight me irl.

This was my fighting style in school.

1. Scream
2. Bear Hug
3. Slam against locker or floor until broken up


IMPOSSIBLE to guard against


LITERALLY retarded

That's actually enough to win most fights against normies. Of course you would get your ass kicked against anyone who knows what they are doing, but that's only like 5% of the population. Congrats on being alpha.

kek, dafuk is wrong with you mayne ?

Scandicucks and niggers can't do anything right as usual.

if you don't belong to the top 5% you can hardly be alpha...
You are beta, but in the true sense of the term, ie, a male that is gravitating around alphas with high chances of being alpha one day.
The world isn't 10% alpha 90% betas....

>suplex city.webm

Nice quads

He attempted to body slam a guy onto hard concrete and seconds later his lifeless corpse was eating punches having only succeeded in breaking his own neck.

didnt guy in red shirt have a heap of friends so they basically had to take a beating or they wouldve been bashed by even more guys?

What the fuck?
Whats the story, if any?

Meh, they look like junkies.

russians beating up some emo kids if i remember right
looks like angrymanlet.webm to me though

That fucking file name

Yup. I remember that video.

The guy in the red has a horde of gopniks with him. Gopniks always have knives and shit, so it was pretty wise of the hipsters to just take the beating.


you just pulled that out of your ass completely. show me where hes quadriplegic

The guy that threw the guy to the ground landed on his head

rumors say he got paralyzed

isn't that a rubbish attempt at an ura nage?