This was one of my worst buys ever

this was one of my worst buys ever.

i would have 2x 3x 4x my money with nearly every other coin. but this shit doesnt move.

i bought nearly at ath 12 days ago. the people who shilled this shit are disgusting pajeets.


Would you? Would you srly? Or are you just screening other charts and FOMO hard every day?

yeah i think i would. just sold 50% of my stack . would have made thousands but ofc i fell for the icx meme

>worst buys ever
>Up 600% this month

Lol can't wait till this ends and you youngsters have to get used to the stock market

ur a faggot OP you know that right?

Same boat op, bought ATH just started crypto waited patiently for the promised land, even had my money in tron the night before it mooned, this coin is shilled every day in a typical pajeet fashion.
this coin is starting to smell like curry and poo

I'm almost ready to sell my ICXs with little profit, missed so many moons because of it.

OK, it may go up x2 or something in the end of jan, but not like x5-x10 like ICON fanatics said - total supply is too high for it.

Dump it all the big news is factored into the price and SK can't even buy it. Until that changes there's no point holding

Dude chill. In two weeks you'll be glad you got in. At the end of the month? Buckets.

Why? Koreans are about to be able to buy this coin with their national currency. You know like how you can buy LTC and ETH on Coinbase with USD? Yeah.


u really have to be careful on biz. too many disgusting pajeets.

Can't even wait for 1-2 weeks for an easy 3-4x? Get fucked

sell it goy

what would make it 3x-4x ?
mainnet is already priced in.
its gonna dump so hard if they dont announce bithumb or coinone at the summit

So I’m waiting for a Coinbase transfer to clear soon.

Is it ok to buy now and hodl for 2018?

This is why you will be poor forever, user.

Clearly you haven't done your research at all. If you had, you'd know that the mainnet launch is in a few weeks, which comes one week before ICON's annual summit.

Sell your stack and come back in a few weeks crying that you sold just before the moon. You won't be the first person to do that and certainly won't be the last.

I told every person on this board in ever ICX thread for weeks that ICO holders have already gone 20x and will be consolidating for a while. We all knew its wasnt going to 10x right away. This is something you hodl because you know it will be worth a lot eventually.

>Why? Koreans are about to be able to buy this coin with their national currency.

Where the fuck did you read that because I live in Korea and have not heard anything even remotely close to that.

>every bit of news is already priced in because everyone knows everything
whew, gamechanger, thanks chief

You bought at ATH faggot, you deserve to lose money.

Weak hands , get the fk outta here

>bought ATH 12 days ago
Well there ya go pajeet

i will gladly dump my bags on you before the summit. and laugh at you while it crashes to sub 3$ cuz it will be just a fuckim ama with no real info

Fixable mistake, sold ATH later and rebought on a low
Buying ATH is not the end of the fucking world just means your money is tied up for awhile doesn't mean you lose money

I love ICON so much. Did a comfy x4 (missed the ICO) and nearly everyone in this thread is so fucking weak handed that he will sell after the next 30-50% "moon".

So what are you guys expecting in reality?
2x, 3x, 4x this month?

I'm just salty I missed all the other moons, started this shit less then a week ago, bought everything ATH even sold low in one case, had my money in tron the night before the moon but FOMOd back to icx just to wake up to a bunch of tron threads, no idea what tron even was just saw the low price and figured it could only go up from there
I just want one goddamn win

What is my entry price? I was gonna get in last night but wanted it a little lower and missed it.

>bought at ATH
>blames others
Lurk moar.
Or, you know, just sell it now and then fomo back in when it takes off, repeating the cycle.

Same here. This shit was 80% of my portfolio, but while it stayed still, the other 20% mooned and now it's only 50%.

Fuck this coin.

all time highs, do not buy, newfag

I 2x’d on this and 2x’d on DBC since selling ICX before jan. hOdLiNg is a meme for brainlets. if your coin is stagnating you’re fucking allowed to take profit and catch other moons

What’s this FUD? Speculation is 6x

The moon mission for ICX already happened. So you be holding this shit for the long term right now.

I'm no expecting this shit to do anything for 3 months.

You can keep chasing the daily PnDs or invest in projects you believe

I filled 4 accounts at the Request ICO and was down 60% of that investment...who the fuck cares when you know it will be up one day. Same thing will happen with ICX...except that the trigger point will be the korean exchange listings with KRW.. When will this happen? Nobody knows, but ICX is one of the most likely ones to get listed soon. And then a 10B mcap in the crypto world right now isn't crazy at all.
So chill a bit and enjoy this comfy hodl. At least it's not going down :)

>At least it's not going down :)
But user... it's crashing.

LIterally 2.5 weeks till the 24th you mong

its gonna moon 2x and thats it, the amount of money you failed to make in moon misions in this month holding the bags is WAY WAY higher

Yeah it's are right...

But muh..the supply will double the price will half after the launch!!!!!11

x3 within 4 weeks.

The project is huge. It's FULLY deserving of a top 10 spot on CMC.

If you want a good example, look at Stellar. Was $4-5bn marketcap from Dec 13th to Dec 29th and then did a x4 in the last few days.

That's ample evidence that a period of stagnation doesn't mean shit. It can and will blow up at any moment.

Just dump the coin and move on to another shit coin, sounds like you have your mind made up.

Then why are you still here? Everyone has his own agenda and it's not helping random people in the internet

should I jump ship to enigma instead? I have also been holding this bag too long

Blah, blah, blah. Hindsight etc.
In reality, you would've put your money into some other shit like ARK and be equally or even worse off.