$100 Coins

Post the coin CURRENTLY valued under $100 that is most likely to be trading at $100 by EOY 2019.


NVO is a P2P decentralized exchange launching its mainstream platform in Q1 2018
Beta Wallet has already launched - GUI is better than EXODUS (perfect for normies)

The multi-asset wallet is stored locally on your desktop. P2P transactions are made using a validator.
The whole system is modular, allowing for new coins to be added quickly.

Token supply is only 15 million. Market cap is still below 20mil
- - - 50% of transactions fees are shared with NVST holders in the form of NVSX. - - -
If you haven't figured it out. Tokens are designed to be held. Thus raising its value.

>the coin CURRENTLY valued under $100
What is market cap? Might as well as post the coin that begins with the letter C that will be worth more by EOY








Ven icx req xlm


it's $96

dying to get up to 100+ already

I believe PoSW will hit 1000 in next two years. Here is why. PoSW just came out with revolutionary trustless pos technology. This is the first step in cold storage staking and other forms of entrusting money to someone to manage.

Second, PoSW is also heavily invested in lightning network. They announced they are positioning to be a major participant and look to create one of the biggest lightning payment channel platforms. This is done as a business.

Third PoSW also have Join the Group-Stake Movement with a POSWallet Online Wallet which allows you to stake other coins without being tech savvy. Staking as a service will be huge as more and more coins moves to pos like eth.

Lastly, PoSW is currently trending and will trend even more with upcoming marketing efforts such as rebranding, community engagement article, and bounties. There are many ternary projects going on by the community while the devs are focused on lightning network. Posw will grow more than 700% this year and is only under 20 mil market cap as of this post. My price target by end of 2018 is at least $10 per coin which makes it a 20x increase from here.

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Those are all billion dollar market caps that have mooned huge already.
You fucking pleeb. If you haven’t made it yet off those then you’re too late.

It's broken $100 numerous times though...
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I'd finally get my million if true.

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If it's ICX I'll send out tips on biz

Oh I only need it to be $7 for that.


This will be the new crypto world. Screencap this.

Why are ppl naming all these shitcoins? The right answer is ICX.

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The only one I realistically see being $100 is ICX. Makes most sense.

The difference being that I only have 11,500 DBC

Chainlink obvs

thats a worthless piece of paper and franklin would be ashamed to be on it

OMG 100 dollars by March. Screencap this.

No need to worry /biztards about PoSW. A few smart investors from this site have bought in, and understand the technology. Most are just chasing bullshit tech or PnD.

PoSW is the most undervalued coin in the market and TPoS will be a fucking game changer. PoSW will for sure hit $10 in 2018. Comfy as fuck


for sure: XRB, ICX, ZRX, LINK
maybe: REQ

Also, that rebranding. Its gunna fucking liftoff like falcon heavy



it's so obvious, get in now while you can

Bump for KCS and COSS

The answer to both of these questions is CAG - Change

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>only under 20 mil market cap as of this post.
>literally 40 million at this exact moment

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What's so great about OMG?

I dunno but CEFS is at $3500 coin that WILL be worth $100,000 (only 6300 in supply).


This was written back in the middle of December

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EOS will be well over $100 this June, don't forget to register them though


Shouldn't share this with you fags but here it is.
Privatix. In August the price should easily be above $100 when the product launches. Only 1,200,000 Coins in total and currently it's $8

well what shit exchange can i buy this piece of shit, fiend ?

EOY 2019? ICX