Most undervalued coins of 2018

On January I start with LBC

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LBC? A fucking streaming app? You're deluded

30 cents right now during pre-ico

going to hit $10+ when Binance lists it.
They already have 2.5M MGXL in their wallet.

Shit is going to let me retire.

>implying anybody care about the tech.
Just look at the charts.

Waiting until June for trading is going to be painful but it’s worth the wait


user you KNOW this is going to hit $25 each on binance





nice self portrait

This gets me excited

Reminds me of gnosis days

You're welcome.

bitcoin unironically

What does it do? Theres no whitepaper

Gnosis was my favorite ICO

Been seeing this shilled more and more and its been gaining
What's mywish about?



POE is fueling up

Costs and kcs but possibly not for long


Enjin coin is looking to be a crypto payment system for virtual goods in the video game industry. It will allow a user to actually own their virtual goods and have them attached to a blockchain address that they also own. This will be a massive platform for owning digital assets online and reselling them. This could be the project that will take gaming as a hobby into gaming as a profession.

Problem Solving?
Enjin looks to solve the age old issue of scammers taking digital goods, black market trading of digital coins aka Real World Trading, and mending the ties between real world currency and digital items.

Enjin already has a massive user base and currently hosts thousands of communities in an online environment. They will be releasing a wallet in January of 2018, if you’re reading this early it could be in the next two weeks. This wallet will compete with the likes of Jaxx and Exodus as they support ALL ERC-20 tokens, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. I imagine they will take strides to adopt future coins as well. They have a Minecraft plugin coming out sometime in Q1 2018 if not early Q2 2018. Minecraft has over 100,000,000 registered users and Minecraft has been bridging the gap between PC, XBOX, and other platforms. If Enjin begins to capture a small portion of that environment it’s going to blow the fuck up.

Enjin will also be releasing additional APIs for Unreal Engine 4 and Unity. Which means that the mobile gaming market will begin to see Enjin as well.

Unless other companies begin making moves soon Enjin will completely capture the entire market because of their massive funding, development team, and already existing audience. The only company I can see competing with Enjin at this time is STEAM but they may not be looking in this direction. If Enjin does not begin leasing games and doing a resale of game keys I could see STEAM or GOG taking that part of the market in the near future. Hopefully not EA, because fuck EA.

GVT is about to skyrocket on Binance


Why the hell isnt Kin on Binance :-/

I have no idea what to think of this anymore. I see millions on sale on EtherDelta but it's impossible to say what will happen next.


read the website.


REQ is unironically going to $10 by the end of March. Screencap this if you must

DRGN, BNTY, BLT, check them out.

BitClave (CAT)


More responses like this please.
Not touching ENJ though. Fuck gamer coins.


I fucking hate microtransactions so I will not support this nonsense in the gaming industry.


How is this any different from BNC?

agrs probably wont see it mentioned again on here until next year

ENJ is releasing a mobile wallet tomorrow


DBC = 2 memes in 1

ENG. only 500m marketcap at 5.71 a coin. potential three digit coin. you do the math.

Whitepaper reads like shit. Typos and written on a college freshman level