Binance 1 year hodl

shill me the best coin for 1 year hodl on binance, LINK? XLM?

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eng you dumb fuck

LINK obviously. Call us stinky linkies all you want - we are literally going to be among the richest specimens in the species.

shhhh that one's actually good

CVC ENG XLM 100%good shit and OMG maybe

Obviously LINK



Rai has had it's time faggot, down the shitter it goes

OP you want a piece of Cardano for sure
ENG is a good one too

ops sorry we need to accumulate more before the norms get in

Look up GVT.

Just look at the charts for this week, $150M Market cap, and their potential is in the trillions.

ENG is 5 dollars is it even worth an investment if you have

BNB...the bots will never let it die

Xrb. Obviously it's going to be 50 dollars when binance and the double to 100 when rebranding. All in Q1.

I second BNB. It won't be going up forever but I don't think it'll crater the way most shitcoins are bound to. Plus, smaller fees if you decide to move it in to something else.

> user doesnt undestand market cap LOOOOL

Back to /reddit/.

Who cares how much it is?
Think it's gonna go up? Then buy
Think it's gonna go down? Then sell

> another user who doesnt undestand market cap REEEE

Unironically REQ. Why?

REQ is currently working on adding ERC20 tokens and Bitcoin support. Fiat is after that.

The point of Request Network is that you can demand payment in whatever you want (for example USD). And the payer can pay in whatever they want (crypto,erc20,other fiat) and through 0x and kyber they will get exchanged in real time with the lowest fees possible (an order of magnitude lower than the exchange rates of credit cards).

>I'm selling my anal virginity on Ebay
>It's priced in USD, but Ebay has embedded the REQ payment system
>You get to pay with cryptos, ERC20 or fiat, and no matter what you pay with, I still receive USD as requested.

Put simply, REQ tokens are what fuels the network. The REQ tokens are not currency.
Buyers and merchants will never interact with the tokens at all. They will simply use the payment system and experience it as an instant purchase/currency swap.

Aside from its intended usage, which is what everyone is basing their valuation estimates on, it will tap directly into a $750 billion crypto-market in which it's currently hard to cash out of, and expensive to buy into.

And as for competition, YCombinator, which has a high stake in Coinbase, also have a high stake in REQ. Since REQ's very functionality will pose a threat to Coinbase's entire business model, it is only logical to assume that REQ will eventually be implemented in Coinbase to ensure that both platforms survive and thrive. Owners never let one business kill the other when it is perfectly logical to merge the two.

See picture. If REQ handles just 0.1% of the global transactions, it means $5B worth of DAILY transactions. And $912M worth of REQ being burnt annually, which increases the price of remaining REQ. With a 10% marketshare, that number increases to $500B of DAILY transactions, and $91.3B worth of REQ being burnt annually.



speculating that binance will be added within the following month

>Put simply, REQ tokens are what fuels the network. The REQ tokens are not currency.
Can you clarify why we need the tokens then? And what would make them go up in price?

The tokens are what fuels the network, much like how Ethereum is what fuels the Ethereum platform. Except in REQs case, the buyer/merchant does not need to have REQ tokens on hand to perform a transaction. When the REQ network is used to perform a transaction, a small fee is automaitcally which goes towards purchasing REQ, which is then subsequently burnt out of existence (basic supply and demand, and to avoid being labeled a security).

The tokens will also be necessary to create advanced Requests and reward various parties who will help build the request ecosystem.

REQ being a payment system is just one of its uses. It also aims to revolutionize accounting/auditing, which is worth billions on its own.

It's the one crypto that has the potential to unironically blow both Bitcoin and Ripple the fuck out.

As soon as it gets going it's gonna have sooo many normie shills pushing it. Just imagine how much it'll shoot up once they get the big youtubers to use it.