2018 millionaire portfolios

Thoughts and criticisms welcome

no Ven, what in the actual fook

Listen to this man op, don’t make a mistake


there you go, buy all of those and forget you can sell

If you're so rich why you can't even afford 4g

concerning lack of skycoin in this thread

don't get left behind

Why woujld OP put his money into something that is already at 1bil marketcap. You fucking coin memers are the worst and have no idea. Only spout the shilled and memed coins.

See that HST he has, thats like 80mil marketcap. If HST hits 10bil marketcap he makes like x100. If shit VEN hits 10bil he makes 10x....

just hit 6 figures today

BAT and BTCP all the way

should I put all my REQ into BAT? Be honest

because it is going to have a 20 bil marketcap soon + holding will give yearly passive income in the future + the supply will dwindle once they are locked in nodes
stay poor though. cant lead a horse to water or something like that

>6 figures
Ditto today. But in the Queens currency £1 = $1.356 USD

Thanks Doge. I never doubted you since I mined the first coin at the end of 2013

>too stupid to make any money off crypto
>no real money to invest
should I just kill myself now bros? What's the point of life if I'm not getting super rich doing nothing?

Mid Q2 for me

stop it's not fair. why can't i have any money :(

ICOs are your friend

>stay poor though
I think I know a little more than you bucko and Im betting he does too

but don't I need money to be able to do that? I'm literally too stupid even if I wanted to buy I'm too stupid agggrrrgrgrghhhh why :(

Good ICOs* which are difficult to find**

Go all in on gems.org ico if you want a good gamble, even if its a small amount

I was gonna go HAM on DIVI but I'm too dumb. All i have right now is $1k in REQ and BAT. I'm doomed. I'm doomed because I'm to stupid. I'll never have money. wagecuck it is for me.

It's all so awful.

tell me what to do

Will I make it Veeky Forums?

i have 500k REQ

Going to be liquidating the last of my Ark into something else soon. How am I doing?

I'm thinking BAT a top 10 coin in 2018.

Short term I don't really know. Don't want to miss out on any BAT moons from this point forward.


Hopefully 1million by march/april.

Thoughts on the following?
>25% SALT
>25% ETH
>20% BTC
>15% FUN
Should I add XLM? Need opinions

TAU ICO represent.

Just started recently, how am I looking?

how is eth not going to get destroyed in 2018?? Considering it doesn't really work and all... its already at 100% capacity.

The world can't build on Eth. Won't the market correct this it 2018?

I have EOS, i will get some more like ADA.

Eth is finished

Drop Salt add DRGN

what the fuck am i reading

We'll see Raiden and Plasma in 6 months I reckon

6/10 fud

Lamden is barely listed on ED yet. Super early. Just came out of ICO. For people wondering how you get on to these moon missions early this is it.

doesnt it mean all ERC20 tokens are fucked too?

>linear portfolio increase
fake asf

Too diversified. Is 5k that big of a deal to you? If not and you want to make it, reallocate that into 1-2 coins that you think will moon within the month.

And just an FYI, that could be BTC as well.

When millions? only need 5x

Why do people think old coins are just static dinosaurs that never change or adapt? Eth has massive plans for scalability. Whether that actually works out is a question, but they have a massive advantage being the first.

I own 0.9 btc and 4 eth also but I'm too much of a pussy to invest them elsewhere. What coins would you recommend to go all-in on?

>Considering it doesn't really work
>already at 100% capacity

Found the ethereum killer meme personified

Go all in on LINK

No. Youre retarded
Even if VEN pumps, you wont see much gain at all.
You dont get rich holding shit thats already high up the ass

Hey, I'm close as well! At 98K.

Then how do you make it big? Are you suggesting doing the shit coin pump and dump tactic such as PACcoin?

god i hate this attention whore so much

Add XLM, yes.

DRGN is a good advice

if all in then XRB

dump all ya LINK for XRB

After x200? You're joking, r-right?

Giff gaff 3g network
Thanks for the fake portfolio you pajeet piece of shit, back to the designated shitting streets with you

who hurt you user?

If you are going to buy ven make sure you buy more wtc than ven since it has better tech and is an overall better project (both are amazing)

Rate me please

Any ideas?

Its a UK network you total faggot

what app is this

>that tron

oof i also FOMO bought and am getting fucked.

never heard of those coins.


Just hold, looks good.

I bought it at 360 sats, so I'm holding

Think i will reach 6 figures by EOY 2018?

>so much BTC
y tho

Want to buy more REQ. But ICX will moon after the Mainnet launch end of January and IOTA is a Coin which has its problems, but still has big things to come.


Its just a safe hold for me and i made most of my crypto money from it.

I do realise now that i need to transfer more into other coins though. Any suggestions from looking at what i have already got?

Goal is 100k by eoy, help a brother out

take a gander at my trashcoins

ENG since MIT shills and working (alpha/beta) product. Open beta in february? + unironically potentially top 10 coin
REQ since ETH is trash.
FUN since gambling n shit altho not sure about this one.
The bottom 3 are there cause I really think Kucoin is gonna take off seeing how nice of an exchange it is to use.

No, keep your BTC. Once lightning is in use on main net and we are beyond the critical mass of adopters the sky is the limit. $500k per bitcoin easily.

If you sell a big chunk of precious btc you will be kicking yourself in 3 years time.

No ENG, no NAV, no BURST.

Try again.

>Are you suggesting doing the shit coin pump and dump tactic such as PACcoin

No. But im suggesting goin onboard thigns that arent pump and dumped but have big growth potential

I started 3 weeks ago and make 35k with my initial 3k. How? I invested in gems.

>ETH is trash

user, I....

Took $200 in fuck about money and turned it into

180 XRP
632 XLM
250 POE
270 BNTY

Now what do I do? I'd like to turn this ~$1,300 into $50k by EOY. Is there hope without winning the ICO shitcoin lotto?

ICX has its Mainnet launch on the 24th. I think it will moon, don't know how much.

>nice of an exchange it is to use.
dude what

Goldrush fag here. Came in mid-december with $20K initial investment. Am I gunna make it?

TRX and XRP are shit

How long will it take?


Well I got in TRX @$0.04 and XRP @0.29 so... not really shit to me so far. Also seeing a lot of bogus FUD around both here on Veeky Forums which means its a good hold from what I've seen so far :-)

These shitcoins have no actual products behind them.
These high supply/low value coins are flavour of the month cancer, propped up by normies who think they'll hit 10k. Bubble will pop soon.


Got in mid 2015. Been xmr comfy since dec 2015. Started staking decred this year. Mimic my coins for comfy mid/long term holds.

>no xmr

Ok well my stop losses are in the green so, eh? Thanks for the pro-tip, but from my understanding Ripple is being piloted by JBC until Jan 31st and has been piloted by SWELL and others already. Just because it isn't in production doesn't mean it doesn't exist, user. I might be new to crypto but I'm not new to investing in emerging tech.

Old pic. Here is updated

Am I gonna make it?

Whats your magic number, user? When do you cash out at least a significant portion of that?

Ripple doesn't have much room to grow. It'll hit $4, maybe, but the gigantic circulation will prevent it from hitting $5 or higher. Best bet is tossing dosh at coins like DBC or SKY that haven't gone anywhere.


Well if it gets adopted by several big banks a significant portion of the circulating currency would be contracted off the market for burn and internal exchange only so how do you think that would impact price? Also, where's your folio, or are you just here to FUD?

I don't really have a magic number honestly. Most of 2017 I just cashed out what I needed in order to pay my bills. If I wanted to buy something I tried to purchase it with crypto or gift cards purchased with crypto. This year I am def going to focus on diversifying into real estate and other physical assets. But first a trip to east europe for a couple of weeks. Gl user

>Can afford to visit every place on the planet
>Goes to Eastern Europe



I want to just fuck off and come back in a year...what do. Goal is million. I figure total mcap gonna have to reach around 3-4 trillion for me to make it

Well also the Netherlands but I am not really in a rush to see everything

0x is juicy, would increase the TRX though. Jealous of your NEO, did you get it at a good time?

Any suggestions you guys can give me would help. Stagnation is killing me