Ex-poorfag thread

Anybody got out of poorfag status?
I mean real poorfag 200-300$ portfolio?
Been in this for 3 weeks and only lost money.
Its so hard when you cant diversify.
I see people saying they turned 300$ in 2000$+ in a month or two and I just cant fucking do it.
Should I just buy something like fun or dbc and hold?

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Exactly the same boat user. I turned £100 into almost £300 and a few days later I'm back down to £120. Being poor fucking sucks, everyone is earning except me, and as soon as I buy a coin now it dips, whether it's a shitcoin or legitimate use one. Fed up of it.

you could have bought ripple and tripled your money, it was 1$ a few weeks ago

Buy and HODL you fucking plebs

I turned £200 into 20k in 3 months

turned $100 into 4k. maybe still kind of a poorfag but i'm happy with my gains

>turned 300 into 2000.
Yeah that's basically me. 150 into 1.1k in two weeks here. If you want you can copy me. Right now I'm in BBT

How do you manage to lose money in the current market? I started with $1,200 three weeks ago and this is where I'm now.

i bet these guys are buying high and panic selling during dips


turned $40 to $300

we gotta ride a decent amount of moon missions to make it

I just hope the bubble doesn't burst before that though

Using what coin? I'm sick of people saying this shit, it's basically a lottery win, telling people to hodl is only a good strategy if that coin happens to do well.



Don't daytade just hold a good coin and don't look at your portfolio

turned $1000 into $600 because I fell for the hodl meme and then turned it into $800

just don't give up and never hold altcoins, buy and sell everything for 5% gains

SAME, almost make my 200 and then lost 100 and can't do nothin

you still have a lot of chances to make it. don't buy DBC, TRX, or niche purpose coins. focus on fintech coins and private coins that will actually be used with mass adoption.

right now i think VEN is a good coin to get on. obviously there are more but don't follow Veeky Forums for all your investments. look at the whitepaper and look at the team. if it looks like it could be a scam or overhyped, it probably is.

Yeah. If you count 53k as out of poor fag. Total amount I put in was 450$ over a few months.

maybe we should just hold and forget about it
but its hard because i really tried getting into this learning about trading,coins,TA
been on biz all day since starting
i was holding it when I first got in so around 0.8$
dropped it because people kept saying xlm was better and jews control ripple
then i dropped xlm for dbc right before it mooned


Started with 5k in march, u can do it op. Gamble on shitcoin after shit coin until u make it

This is actually bad returns if you started in March with 5k...

*october, not sure why i said march

Just buy a rising top 30-40 coin and hold it to top 10-20

Then this is good returns, well done

Started with 2k in summer, sitting on 20k right now. Its possible user, DYOR and don't listen to Veeky Forums

please help me how do I make tons of money I only have $1k right now Im all in on BAT and REQ pls give me advice i have nothing else

I turned $280 into 2k in two weeks trading around coins. Bought up XLM XRP and TRX before they all mooned. Sold at highs, bought back in during dips. Have done that twice now.

Buy finding a good coin and doing research
>Lottery win

Join vechain and ICX hold for a month
U welcome

Even when I do my own research and think I've found a good coin it dives as soon as I buy it. I try hodling and waiting it out but that's how I halved my money, because it didn't go back up.

>Its so hard when you cant diversify
No it isn't. Find a solid coin that's been trending down, buy in and then sit on it. It's that simple. Bought QTUM last night and I'm already up over 20%.

Turned 450 into 2k in a month. Don't chase x10, if you double your money every month for a year you'll be a multimillionaire before next january.

currently holding tron bags because of twitter TA predictions and my own which turned out wrong
if i sell now im again selling at a loss

yeah, well live and learn. It was kinda obvious that a coin backed by big banks with a legit team behind them (no chinks allowed) was going to do well.

Got 200euros in iota, eng and Ada

Hodling iota the longest but it does fuck all.

Wish I had more to spare :/

nice work user

This. Once you start fussing over making "sick" trades is when you lose money. People don't understand how to hold. If your losing half your portfolio and its staying that low it means those shitcoins your in are falling past previous support levels. Meaning they're actual shit coins and only used for pump and dumps. Look at any coin with soild funamentals it falls a bit but always finds a new high.

Stop trying to day trade its the fastest way to lose money besides margin trading.

don't leave me hanging like this you were once in my position

Don't fall for the "don't diversify" meme. Diversification can protect you from making huge losses, especially in a market as volatile as this. Going all in with your last 100-200 dollars is truly gambling it away.

Learn about what you're really doing when you invest in the cryptocurrency market.

Feel out the community and pick up signals as you go. Research the ones that sound the most promising or are at least being mentioned a lot.

Buy at a low point; few coins that I've seen keep on rising after hitting a substantial high. Patience is key. Don't become the "buy high/sell low" meme.

Speaking of which, don't sell at a loss. The value of your currency may have gone down, but you haven't lost money until you cash out.

I'm a poorfag myself, so I followed this method and found BURST. Bought in at ~500sats, and I watched it lower to about 350sats for a full week. It killed me, but I had confidence it would rise way past where I purchased it. It hit something like 750sats today.

I made a profit, however, I didn't check the volume when I bought in. If I had just done so, I wouldn't have been a pink wojack for an entire week and made way more in the end.

Just think for yourself and don't follow everything Veeky Forums says.

read, read, read more. went from 850-8000 this month. about 1/3rd of that was on literal gambling but the 2/3rds was legit all ins on certain coins at certain times, because research and getting the news first.

If you're not willing to hold the coin for a year, and buy the dips, you aren't really confident in your pick. I bought Neo at 40$, then 30$, then 20$, because I knew the platform was going to make it and understood the china fud keeping it down. Iron hands my man.

*finds a new support

Buy and hold a dependable coin
Still a poorfag but turned $200 to $2000 in a few weeks

Vid related

I started with 340, now have 3,070.

I began December 22

I invested 246$, now I have over 1000$ and it will rise even more.

turned 120 into 11k in 3 weeks

Not if you do your research on shit and time it right, not at all. I all in'd xrp, then xrb, then xlm. Easiest shit of my life and I didn't even reap all the gains off them. I pulled out of xrb extremely early on its run, only 2x'd. XLM I missed the run from .75-.90. All I did was read, research and wait for certain news + look at the chart.

XRP stayed under .30 for MONTHS. As soon as it broke and ran up to near 40c, I all in'd the dip at 36c and held til .75

I made most of my money so far on all ins based on timing/news. I just diversified recently and it's doing sweet fuck all for me in comparison, but BTC is acting up. Gonna let it sit for a while like this

This makes too much sense for these plebs to accept

fucking how
what coin mooned x10 in a few weeks

Shit i turned 16 dollars into 40 and im fucking estatctic

>mfw i actually started before you

there have been many, including those which have done far more than that

This. You just have to work harder and do more research. It IS easier now that I have $11k in crypto, I can still hold a decent amount of solid coins while affording to throw a grand or two at a promising coin that looks like it's about to moon. Got lucky af doing this with verge, then took profits and bought Blackcoin and doubled again, and again two days ago when I put $1k down on Myriad and it's up 150% already. You can do the same thing user. Just quit being a brainlet and actually DYOR, there's a reason people keep telling you this. If you wait till a coin is being shilled hard it's too late to get your 1000% gains. And yes, you can still get those kinds of gains. I put $15 down on Bytecoin four months ago... It's now worth $300. That's not a ton of money but it's a start. It isn't hard to turn 300 into 1k. Once you have a grand you can start to diversify a tiny bit. I often put just $200 down on a shit coin if the charts on it look good. You don't have to be a genius, even a dummy that knows even the most basic TA can at least make 50% gains.

I'm acquiring tons and tons of TRTL

As soon as this shit hits an exchange I'll have hundreds of satoshis. Hundreds.

Started with $300, up to $212k now. I started two years ago though.

I also did the math and I made more money this route than simply holding 1300ish XRP from .36c

So day trading is profitable if you make the right decisions, otherwise stay away. I fucked up a lot day trading too the past month, threw money away with bad timing or weak hands, however the gains made up for the losses massively.

I turned $400 into $27k. it can be done with patience and if you learn.

reality is people who are making bank today put good money in before the oct-nov-dec wave, now their shitcoins are mooning, mostly due to luck.

youre too late for 10000% returns, now your “moons” are 250% at best

Put in $250 last week, up to $950 now.

>mfw I bought 30 dollars of COLX at 2 sats

Just gotta find the right coin user. Come to Veeky Forums and see what’s being hyped and do a little research into each. Not poorfag but I was late to the party. Combined bought 1500 worth of ETH and LTC late December. Wish I would have gotten more. Transferred 1100 worth to Kucoin and bought 5K DBC at 14 cents and 100+ VEN at 3.60 3 days ago and I’m almost doubled up already (thanks BRAIN GANG!). Put the rest on Binance and bought ENG and that’s up about 20%. This seems really easy I got 5 more ETH coming but coinbase takes a fucking week + to get them to you. Any anons have any suggestions for what to buy next week?

I started with about $2,000 three weeks ago, and now have almost $10,000 in crypto

I'm a big poorfag with like $50 don't know what I can do with it
Especially when people here have the money to buy shitloads of crypto

i just pulled out just over half of my 9ishx since dec 9. Rest invested is gravy money and much more than I put in to begin with. It definitely can be done. I traded a bit in 2014 and learned enough to jump right back in last month and immediately profit on trends and hivemind dynamics.

These things come in cycles, if you've been on the board more than a couple months you'd know people were saying this exact thing in the summer except replacing oct-nov-dec with early part of 2017. Altcoins weren't through with crazy pumps then even though people were saying they were and they aren't through now.

Do you realize how fucking long 250% takes on the stock market? You cannot get these kinds of gains anywhere else. Nowhere. Jesus christ man you can make millions from 1000-2000 here (if you make amazing calls and are also really lucky) from 250%'s in a row. My god man.

the thing thats fucking with me the most is constantly scouting telegrams,biz,twitter for info and then falling for all the fud and fomo
im just going to hold until i make some profit
at least 2x

well first thing you could do is stop fucking crying about how poor you are ffs. it will come with time, what the fuck did you expect? you get fucking x10 for doing absolutely nothing still you bitch like a little faggot that you are, go fucking hang yourself

I turn $50 into $15k in the past month alone; my big break was XRP which I sold and diversified into REQ, XLM and shit coins like POE and TRX when they were pennies. Dumb fucking luck really.

I was playing the HODL game up until XRP boomed from when I bought in around 20 cents each but I'm making the majority of my money flipping now. Things are popping left, right and center.

Buy the dip of top 20 coins and hodl, it's easy

ya this is legit the way to do it. All in something good til you have a bit of a stack and then diversify. I all in'd up to 8k ish, pulled a bunch of cash out and now i've 30% on two and diversified the rest in smaller amounts on higher risk/reward coins.

You're not likely to make meaningful returns if you diversify 100$, even if something moons you will lose it on fees.

i wanted to invest in prl
would make me 300€ to around 2,5k € in 1 month, put it on delta but it was hacked at this time.
PRL went from 3ct to nearly 3 dollar. so 100. I wanted to buy around 5-6ct.
That is why i wouldn't trust the shill threads about prl rright now.

But i'm wondering in this thread where are the big bag holdners, did they cash out last christmas? I only see newfags to crypto with max 3 month.

unironically if you put 100 dollars into the dip of all the top 20 coins you will 10x your money in a year at the very least. guarantee it

>see people saying they turned 300$ in 2000$+ in a month or two and I just cant fucking do it.

Turned 600$ into 4k$ in 1 month only investing in shitcoins. Get on my lvl noob

There's your problem.
If you decide to invest in something, it should be because you believe it will go up in the mid-long term, not because some pajeet-shill on biz told you. You should understand and know about what you're investing at least to a minimum degree. If you do that then there's no sense in selling your coin in a dip because you know it will go up in time.

>TA predictions
TA is BS, what are you doing? This market is heavily manipulated and irrational.
Answer me this, what value does Tron provide?

>One week
>only hodl and feel comfy

>too late

2018 will be bigger than 2017.

Turned $400 into $1600 since the December. You will make it user. Buy low sell high.

so, like, tron right now?

I put 200 into coss and turned it into almost 4k.

Honestly with only $50, the best thing for you to do is to pick ONE altcoin you can get a lot of volume of and HODL it until it surges (if it ever does). You don't want to diversify until you gain capital.

This is a waiting game and you stand to learn a lot! $50 is peanuts to lose and I highly doubt you'd even end up losing it at whatever volume you'd be buying in at.

Patience is key.

TA is not BS. like I said above I all in'd XRP because it finally broke .30c and shot way above it for the first time in months. EZ ta call to all in right at that moment and it carried on to 90c. Anyone who says TA is BS is dumb


You dont even need to do that
Everything on binance fucking at least x5 this month
If you picked literally ANY coin on binance 20 days ago and went all in you would have x5 your money now

Turned 30k into over 200k. I lost probably double that in all the dumb shit I did with coins that blew up later. You have to be a retard to not make money.

I went from $250 to now $4000 since September (I only really started trading in December though). I just need to do this 3 more times and I made it.That's what I tell myself every day at least.

I said to gamble on a shitcoin and wait

I know user I was just trying to catch moons so Im not a poor fag anymore
the thing is good projects rarely make x10 profits unless you get on early
but like this user said looks like its time for a different strategy

>Anyone who says TA is BS is dumb
It has been proved that it's bullshit. It's astrology for markets.
You probably think it works because you've see it working by coincidence some times.

ark and eth didn't

Just pick a coin and hold it until it costs more than what you bought it for. only then sell it for another coin if you want.

Don't stress out and look at the chart all fucking day. Do something else cuz it'll most likely take 2 weeks or more.

Let me tell you a story OP. It invloves some scrub fgt who tried to learn day trading. At the time XRP was 19-20cents, Verge was 0 cent - 1 cent NEO was $5-$10. Instead of holding i thought it was a great idea to learn how to trade even though i made some decent money trading i didn't nearly make what i would of if i just held. I had endless amounts of verge, 100,000's of XRP not so much NEO but NEO at $10 is a steal. All which i threw in because i become a BTC elitists and wanted to margin trade it. Now here i am sitting with my dick in my hand wishing i just held, moral of the story OP don't trade just hold in the long run it will make you much more money than trading.

Man you guys can't keep your stories straight.

One guy is like

Another guy is like

Another guy is like

Make up your fucking minds

I turned 500 into 6k in a month.

You just need to get lucky and choose the right coins. Most coins Shiller on Veeky Forums have some merit to it.

I started with $250CAD Dec 9. and it's now $2500. My initial investment was LTC, sold at $550, bought into XRP and DGB, been hodling ever since. I have a feeling I'll be at $10k by mid 2018, and once I've hit that, I'm gonna take half go all in on a shitcoin Veeky Forums shills. Its high risk, but also high reward.

Turned 1k into 100k

now im stuck for weeks

>Put in $30
>Now at $350

Don't be a retard and daytrade. Don't listen to Veeky Forums and reddit. If it's on Veeky Forums and reddit it's too late for any big gains. Do your own research and invest appropriately into lower cap companies.

Think about how much of a hit is it to fucking move money around with low capital and then fucking tell me what should you do.