Fell for the rippetoe skullcrushes

Fell for the rippetoe skullcrushes.
>Worst DOMS I ever felt
>Can't lift my arms above my head

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That's a pullover.

It seems like skullcrushers merged together with pullover....but yeah, it's mostly a pullover OP. What were you doing going heavy on pullovers OP? You fell for autism not for rippletoe.

What's the deal with Rippetoe's absolute hatred of anything bearing an isolation movement?

These are great, I love em. Great bench assistance.

Someone killed his parents by stabbing them while using an isolation motion

He is a strength coach.
Strength is applied through multiple joint movements.

If you want a bodybuilding coach, get one.

So are Louie, Boris and Joe De Franco. You do isolation movements to fix weak links in a lift's kinetic chain.

The long head of the triceps is connected to the scapula. I might be autismo, but atleast I'm not a retard.

He's an old man set in his ways. He means well but fucks up a bit.

Yeah. There are worse places to get workout advice than him.

That's a good thing surely.

Just pushing through the anterior plane is well-known to not be enough to fully develop the triceps.

>first time doing an exercise
>"lol guise i got le doms:DDDD helb xDD"



Rip doesnt hate isolation exercises. Beginners who misinterpreting his stuff do. Rip even has a big section in his starting strength books where he explains lots of isolation and assistance exercises.

Not as a healthy beginner, no. In fact not at intermediate or advanced either, everyone with a brain does partials. People who are injured or ill do isolation.

Redpill me on pullovers. Ive been doing them with a plate in my hands because i dont have access to flyes and they seem to have improved the shape of my pecs.

Beginners dont need isolation exercises as their strength is limited by technique, not muscle strength. However that does not mean they cant benefit from isolation exercises, but they should very few of them. Typical are biceps, pecs abs.
And people who start to lift want a well rounded physique. If you do SS, which is a very good beginner program you will be lacking bicep and peck work as they are trained 50% less than everything else. So just add isolation for those two instead of ignoring them and letting them becomming weak points in the future, both strength and size wise. And intermediates and advanced lifters defently can benefit from them. But they should still only be a tiny part of your program. Compound lifts should be the absolute majority.

Isolation exercises also have the benefits of getting a lot of volume without taxing the body, like compound lifts does.

Pullovers are horrible. You simply perform a tiny part of a chin up. Ifyou want bigger pecs or chest isolation exercise then the peck deck machine is one of the best. As it lock your body in place and let you focus on using the pecs.
You cant change the shape of your pecs. Its determind by genetics. You MAY slightly alter the volume of upper lower and lower part. But it wont make much difference at all. The best way is to simply make them bigger.

This. The other half of newbies see the SS routine and get scared shitless because it doesn't have three variations of bicep curls on the end of every day, and they can't possibly get toned abs that way. Then both camps go into other threads and start replying to questions as if being experts on the matter and that's how memes are born

>mfw realized that quad and bicep accessories are the most useful accessories for powerlifting

retard alert

sorry, not accessories but isolations, there are several other accessory lifts that are more useful, lol

It's a cardigan actually, but thanks for noticing.

Rich Piana skullcrushes 2plates

>that subtle dumb & dumber reference

This is a dead horse that has been beaten to death, revived and beaten to death again. Isolation exercises should be done by everyone to add hypertrophy where it is needed without taxing your recovery too much. If you are doing volume benching and you need pec hypertrophy what seems more sensible - adding even more benching/bench variations or dumbells and machines?

Even the almighty God of specificity Boris Ivanovich Sheiko has you doing dedicated pec work, triceps work, ab work and unilateral leg work. About 40% of Westside and its offspring have isolation/bodybuilding work.

Where people fuck up is when they replace the hard stuff with isolation movements. Pec-decks don't have the same effect as benching and Bulgarian split-squats don't have the same effect as the almighty barbell squat. It's about balance.

You've made the same thread for three days in a row, at least that I've seen. Wtf is your problem?

These are the GOAT and are much more comfortable for my wrists and elbows than traditional skull crushers with a straight bar. Plus, I get a much deeper stretch in my triceps.


Somewhat unrelated, but if you have DOMS is it a bad idea to work that muscle again until it eases a bit? It's been 2 and a half days since I last did squats but I'm still feeling it pretty heavily, should I just power through and do more tonight or would it be counterproductive?

>regular skull crushers only engage two heads of the tricep
>extending the bar past the head to create shoulder flexion engages all three heads
>DURR why does he teach these?
I wonder. If only he explained why in the video, the mystery could have been revealed. Guess we'll never know.