Okay we get it. You nasty lanklets are taller than us. Good for you, string bean...

Okay we get it. You nasty lanklets are taller than us. Good for you, string bean. Doesn't mean you have to laugh in our face about it ffs.

Also master race 5'7" reporting in

>laugh in our face about it ffs
lmfao. How would that happen if your face only reaches our crotch?


>master race


you only get one

manlets using lanklets as a condescending term.
That's cute.

if connors 6'2 that guy must be 5'2 or even shorter

ITT butthurt string beans.

Have fun training and making no gains lmao

>implying I'm not 5'11 God-Emperor of Manlets
>implying not /fraud/ing anyway

fuck up manlet impersonator

Why do you posting these threads?


So im tall and all that but wtf do i have to do to make sure my tits dont end up like that?

5'7 reporting in. These threads make us look like the raging gnomes they make us out to be.
Train for yourself, who cares anyways, not much you can do about height. Also...
>not posting lelf Connor

fucking manlet niggers with inferior genetiks

incline chest press

I got u baka senpai.

eh,close enough...

nigga just admit you're short and get over it like the rest of us

1.84 cm is the ideal height

Now, walk over here and suck my dick

That tall guy is 192cm something right?
How tall(short) is the manlet?

lanklets are insecure deep down. they think theyre completely worthless and every small success they get is only because of their height.

>TFW I need to combine heavy squats and heavy deadlifts on one day to me the ideal height

Being 186cm sucks.

>((MY HEIGHT)) is the ideal height

1.8 or there abouts.

I'm 6'4 and I feel like normal height sometimes. Is the USA the land of midgets or something?

6'3" reporting in
Also, I'm pretty much average height in my country

>not posting the original

He honestly brought it on himself. How little self-awareness do you have to be to have that kind of body and try to flex standing next to a guy like that. He's looking right at the girl trying to grab her attention while there is a 10/10 standing mere inches to his right. Boy played himself and I don't think he even realizes it.

t.5'7" user

kind of agree with you i am 1.9 m and i think that is a bit too tall id like to be around the 1.85 range

also bitch tits

roughly 1/16th of an inch under 6'0

Did you not even see the video? He WANTED to get cucked, its his gf and he asked him to take off his shirt so that he could "make her day"

>that's his gf
>he put himself into that situation
You can't cuck the cucked. He's been corrupted by the jews and the marxists and the feminist already.

question for both of you
How is it that a bitch like that who wants his gf to be cucked even has a gf to begin with?

Ive always been told girls want alpha males, who are strong and fit but it seems girls more often than not go for super cucks so what gives?

Some people just have their nipples high that their chest looks like girl boobs

>Ive always been told girls want alpha males, who are strong and fit but it seems girls more often than not go for super cucks so what gives?

because the majority of people who discuss what girls want simply dont have enough experience.

>to have that kind of body
It's funny. This is just a screenshot of a video. A really unfortunate screenshot for him. Because normally his chest doesn't look like that at all.

>normally his chest doesn't look like that at all.
Not at all was a bit exaggerated. But still not that bad.

Lmao manlet
195cm is the optimal height, you should kill you are self

because cucks still have money and offer emotional support. For some girls that enough. For others its enough in the short term; who doesn't want more money at their disposal as they go through college? But girls worth having, imo are womanly in ways that necessitat a strong husband or at least support from the community (not welfare, but neighborly interaction).

could you do anything else to sound more fedora?


>Let's try to prop up my height as more important than it actually is

1.84 is lanklet territory and would be no gains territory

lmao, I've seen poor little guys who smother women (who are clearly out of their league) with gifts and compliments.
At first, women outright ignore them or play nice. After a while, even said women realize that these pitiful men will do whatever they say and just go with it. Who wouldn't?