Should i invest in stellar or BAT? both have bright futures

should i invest in stellar or BAT? both have bright futures




BAT if you prefer coins that stay under $1


i'm going all in

thanks i bought 100k both of them

XLM if you prefer coins that only go down.

Then I would say xlm short term. Only because bat saw an uptrend more recently. They are both frustrating as fuck - big potential yet stay pretty low.

Mid term I would say bat as it's an application of the tech rather than complete fuck you to the markets. Both have the potential to be disruptive (xlm to crypto, bat to advertising), but I can see bat coexisting with the status quo better than xlm.

Muh paradigm shiftz

because when bags get this head they break through the crust of the world and fly out the other side at speeds far beyond terminal velocity.

Will BAT really never go past $1 or is that a meme

Some retard said that in a thread and got torn apart so hard it become a shitty meme. The value of BAT has nothing to do with the project

It's a meme, though it breaking $1 would defeat the whole purpose of the coin. Read the whitepaper desu

Its a meme. It will be $50 eoy. $100 with the coinbase listing.

It's a tired meme.

I have both, nice coins. I like BAT better long term.

>bat is low enough and now i've bought 20k. let's pump it


It's a fucking rocketship, retard. It's going to the moon.

>tfw can’t buy more BAT until Tuesday, when it will be back up to nearly $1


just take out a loan, goy

Should I invest in BAT or ZRX for the long term?

A meme to create an artificial sell wall so it would stay low... sometimes people gotta wait for a paycheck or whatever to buy.

LTC is 12b marketcap and you think Coinbase listing BAT makes BAT 100b marketcap?

My sides

I like BAT

i sent a crypto tuber some BAT for telling me to buy XLM

LTC is a dumb meme. BAT actually has a real use case. BAT will be above LTC within a year.

I choose the cnbc shilled rocketship

i want to believe that's real

>if you prefer coins that stay under $1
so XLM?