Are people serious that this is a crash? I'm down 5%

This seems like a pretty tame 'crash' to freak out about.

im down 25% after being up 100% in the past 2 weeks
this is pretty normal for crypto

I'm down 20k but I've seen worse

yea I am down like 10%. I think its the people that bought the retarded shitcoins. Some are correcting more than others.

I think this is the shitcoin massacre. It's finally happening :^)

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There is like 10 threads about how we should get out of the crypto market and it's all crashing down.

Are they joking? They are joking right?

I'm in this even if it crashes. After researching what blockchain means. I don't even own Bitcoin by the way, I'll hold ETH and good shit through a crash.

Technically it's not a "crash" yet.

>babby's first dip
This is nothing user. We're coming off a month-long bull run

People have been predicting a crash for the last two years. It always goes back up and the next time, maybe BTC will fail but the others will rise.

Its not a crash its the start of a Bear market. Nothing bad happened, its just that over the last couple of months the market was in a fucking frenzy.

I've been since October and I have experienced many 'crashes'. This one is by far the tamest one.

ETH just pumped from like 700 to 1400. How is this a bear market? Seems like a BTC bear market not a crypto one. The exchanges can't keep up with demand.

you honestly believe some faggot LARPers on an anonymous image board saying that the entirety of the crypto-market is going to bottom-up? why don't you just sell now

>tfw 60% in btc still
I didn't listen
Give me one more bull run that I don't deserve.

this is only the beginning my friend
there will be more "crashes" or whatever the fuck you wanna call it, the market will continue falling

Yea it's not a crash. Just a minor correction after a great bull rally.

tfw when to intelligent to be affected by crash

what the fuck?

Crash? Even if it goes to zero I'm still in the black. Invested $3,500.00 ... Cashed out more than that, sitting on a $360,000.00 portfolio at current price

>ether at 1.1k and soon to be 1.5k
This is just a perfect opportunity to move assests into crytpo's most promising and stable coin. Ether is the antidote to pink wojack panic attacks

wait a minute, this isn't /v/

>tfw no capital left to put in

This is the cruelest thing of all.

I made so many calculated decisions over the past week on best buys and now everything is just on sale anyway.

I actually have four coins in the green.


If crypto was 'crashing', I doubt the three small marketcap coins would be in the green.

every time a dip happens there will be some people saying the bubble is popped

Invested $125k into this between the 28th and the 5th.

Atleast I got some alts even cheaper than they are at the moment

All green here. I’m up 21% with VEN and BNB

nah can't be crash
just a reaction to korea's justice minister's autism. it'll blow over soon and BTC will rally. you want to know how i know? everyone around me wants to buy BTC! they don't know shit about it only that they read about it in the WSJ and Fortune. My former Saudi employers are talking about it and circulating introductory videos about it in ARABIC over Whatsapp.
i should probably set up an offshore hedge fund and get some of that khaleeji money into crypto.
does anyone here have that sort of experience? fund structuring? back office admin for hedge funds. they've never heard of triple digit returns let alone what the alt market is.

The problem is that you have to be registered as a financial advisor and all that shit.

If I was, holy shit, I would make a killing trading crypto for boomers. I could take like 30 percent and they would still be happy.

4k only
Wanna buy me some cheapos?

They still have to vote for or against it no? I bet members of their government have crypto.

But yeah, my coworkers too, they talk about aurora and ripple so they are scraping the surface.

Crypto won't "crash" if anything your alts will slow bleed until they are worthless and leave you there wondering why you didn't sell at the top

Most of my alts are going up.

What is this "guy with beard and glasses going :O" meme?

Yea ik right. My binance was wortg 4k last week and its still worth 4k. Cryptopia went up 200 percent and now its down 30 percent if that. Still way in the green ytd.

Numales make that face all the time when they take pictures especially and especially when holding a Nintendo product

can you please post the version of this image with his mouth open?

Christmas was worse. Only faggots that are down that much right now are the greedy fucks who didnt switch their alts to btc.

>Go from 50k to 160k
>Now down to 100k
Anyone have that wojak bleeding out of his nose wiping his brow while pink wojaks are screaming behind him? That's me right now.

>switch neo for btc
>neo grew 200%
wew, good thing i'm not a greedy fuck amirite