Comfy Ark thread

How soon is this rocketship hitting $100. Just flirted with $10 two days ago before btc dump. Another 10x is needed which is doable with all the development coming up. So how many do you havE?

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i have 10k

how does it feel knowing you are going to be a millionaire? Also must be nice getting close to $20/day from staking alone.

Best community in crypto. They have the most comfy slack I've ever been in.

I'm jealous. 210 poorfag here.

the biz_classic discord is also based

man I voted for dutchdelegate and now it would cost 2 ARK to change fml

0.1 ARK. If you send to a new wallet and then vote for biz_classic we refund your 1 ARK voting fee (so you only pay the 0.1 ARK to transfer to a new wallet.)

It'll only cost you 0.1 Ark to change because we refund all transaction fees.

Here's what you do:
1) Follow the instructions EXACTLY as written here:
2) Send your ark to a new address (0.1 Ark fee)
3) Vote for biz_classic at your new address (1 Ark fee, refunded)

You don't have to pay 1 Ark to unvote and your 1 Ark voting will will be refunded. Any future transactions you make on the Ark network will also have the tx fee refunded so you can make a 2nd passphrase for free essentially.

Only 14 here, send some ark guys help a poorfag trying to make it :(


When will you learn, ARKies?

Seriously? That's awesome guys. I'll do it tomorrow (about to have dinner now) :)

This shitstain of a coin ain't ever hitting $100 as long as it continues to be manipulated. Don't you brainlets realize the whale was able to accumulate more in the pump & dump a few days ago?

Ark will be lucky to hit $20 EOY

2000 ark here. Biz Classic Discord has some great bantz.

1900 here, hope it'll be enough

You'll be able to afford a new Ford Focus, congrats


sent ;)

It keeps trying to moon but then BTC shits the bed and takes alts with it. Give it a couple more week and we should see 20k+ sato.

Same here.

Why are you getting daily payouts?

I have 2. will i make it Veeky Forums?

lol this coin will never go anywhere

Get out now and get into COLX. The staking rewards are way better than ARK and it's a coin with an actual purpose and potential.

That's a very old cap, I changed it to weekly because TX fees but right now it's on the exchange because I don't trust the whales not to DDOS the delegates during the pump.

Ty bb