BTC just passed the bull trap, get out now

BTC just passed the bull trap, get out now.

BTC just passed the bear trap, get out now.


Read the phases, BTC already went mainstream.

not going to happen this time because everyone is expecting it

i just fucked a trap, i cant get out

It's at media attention right now.

McAfee calling it to 100k and more.

it hit all time low last year on jan 11. then spiked again. it'll do it again.

What the fuck does McAfee know?

Read the phases, BTC already went your momstream.

>actually believes bubbles follow this fucking chart always.
>stupid enough to believe that crashes are not event driven and happen randomly
>Hasn't been siphoning money out at every high, so that at least 50x his initial is already out of crypto into stocks, and reits etc.while leaving the majority in crypto
probably a newfag. kek. Actually believes this shit but hasn't been around long enough to know his ass from a hole in the ground.

This is bullshit. Until the next peak we dont know if its a bull triangle or a bear flag. If the next peak goes higher than the previous one then get out.

And tell me, you that bought BTC at 10k for the first time in your life, I guess you are the smart money.

BTC just passed the despair pit, get in now.

>Trying to get one last pump before the inevitable crash

It doesn't matter if it did or not. Compare BTC with Amazon, Ebay, etc. If you bought high, just keep your bag and buy more as it dips. If this is the sell off, congrats, you held your bags.

It is a win/win situation.

BTC just passed the return to the mean, get in now

BTC will ultimately fail and will be replaced by ETH or BCH.

hey bizztards get in now

BTC just entered the stealth phase, get in now.

bitcoin have this bad habit of falling back to 100 week average after the normies bought everything and panick sell at the first dip.

Then diversify and hold the things you believe will be around in 3-5 years time. Just because the market is collapsing doesn't mean you won't be able to trade and move stuff around.

There is never a reason to get rid of your position unless you are taking profit or have accepted a certain loss on a trade.

If you're taking profit now, great. If not, just hold your shit and don't be stupid about it. If you have weak hands, stop looking at it. It's really not very hard.

I just bull trapped your wife and came inside her you fucking cuckfaggot

You sure would like for crypto to be centralise, isn't it you kike.
Sadly, decentralisation will always survive, since bitcoin is the only decentralised coin and will never die.
I hope you're going to use your central banks well in the coming decade, because their expiration date is approaching you inbred sandnigger.

Fools who believe that btc will keep growing forever and bear market is a meme are the ones generating money for us

Wow, people sure do get mad when you tell them the truth.

Just passed take off senpai. GTFO if you wanna ever cash out

Well this graph has btc breaking 20k in a year so..

There was a poll like yesterday or the day before.. Most anons clearly believe that this is still the uptrend

Argumentum ad populum.

BTC went mainstream in 2013/2014 dude

Does anyone notice the source is from a fucking geography professor

That was about how foolish the user is

this guy is right and quite frankly it scares me.
But if the end game truly does show itself, lol we sure did do good by buying a fuckton before everyone else.

bitcoin is hardly usable. it will eventually die and be replaced by 3 main coins.

1 for currency use in trading of goods and services
1 like ethereum, cardano, neo and of their kind because of the technological power they unleash.
1 for long term stocking of value outside of the physical world.

>BTC's normal is exponential growth

That you can buy prostitutes with imaginary math coins, apparently.


this chart has been posted about 20 times this past month btw


There is a huge difference between markets based on inflationary currencies and those that aren't.

Who's peni invaded which hole

Thats a weird looking chart ya got there. Here's what everyone else's charts look like.

>muh bulltrap, muh crash, muh TA

This chart has been posted again and again since 2011, that doesn't mean it's wrong.

Does ANYONE here remember the first big crash? When it went from $30 to $10? Guess what, it didn't go back to $30 in a week.

Alright you butt pirates and ass spelonkers alike.
Serious question how many of you have taken out loans to buy crypto? Im not talking about stealing your parents money you bunch of chads and basement dwelling nexkbeards. Talkin banks.
How high was it? Did it pay off? Are you paying it back? What did you buy with it?

So far I've only used my own earnings from salary, but interesting to know people's approaches to initial capital input.

This chart again. mfw

OP is pic related.

So XLM and REQ, ETH, and BTC?

This is the future my noggers.

the chart has looked like that plenty of times before, dumb shit
learn what a log scale is


It does look like one op, but we said the same shit in december a week before Christmas and then we exploded again, overall this year will see greater money pouring into the market, we'll probably hit 4 trillion before a bubble bursts.

but it actually is

Are you fucking kidding me? You have no idea how that chart works.

He puts it at 60k by the end of year. He also says it will hit 5k this year. He doesn't know which will happen first.

20 times a day

You honestly think BTC will grow exponentially forever?

Guess what buddy, the world GDP is only $78 trillion. It can only grow AT MOST 100 times, and that's if A THIRD OF THE ENTIRE WORLD CONVERTS THEIR MONEY TO BTC.

Meh, that was during a time when a group of kids could crash the market.
Not saying that mega whales wouldnt be able to do the same right now... But the market has actual liquidity compared to back then and theres no 'first time panic' kinda dealio.

guess what buddy
its a deflationary asset

You and your silly math facts

Last december invalidated the meme chart. Whatever we're doing now, it's not gonna follow that one graph just because.

Only if enough people see it as valuable in the long term.

In all seriousness if BTC drops below that 12ish k support level we are going down to like 6k right? I'm honestly okay with a 60% reduction as long as I can keep trading shitcoins

Has anyone tried trading in a strong bear market? Is it possible or does it mean crypto is done for the next couple years?

old fag what happened to peercoin and namecoin

It's a Sigmoid curve. Stupid fucking retards.

And what happens when you draw that curve out further? IT BECOMES FLAT, or at least very close to it. Exponentiality does not last forever.

no u just copy paste another 1 on top of it dude

and what happens after its flat

This user gets it
More fiat gets printed every year so the charts gotta keep going higher

It becomes a global reserve. Volatility after that point is very, very small and is effected more by the human fertility rate than anything else.

Shut the fuck up you fucking fool. People will use USDTethers and CNYTethers, etc... They won't be using $100 Trillion fiat bills to buy the groceries.

Fucking moron.

It's a money printing scam that will fail. It's already gone from $1.02 to $0.99. Once it passes $0.97, all bets are off.

its harder, but doable, or you just sit and ride pumps, or HODL, no big deal

buy good projects and its not even noticeable

btw this chart is speculative bubble but you have to cherry pick a chart for it to resemble that POS

bitcoin may dip to 6k, if it crashes to 6k, we gonna hurt a bit, if it slowly descends as it has been, alts gonna tear shit up

BTC will be 100k in a couple years if not next year, so the harder it hits bottom the farther and faster it will go

don't let any of these newb fudders diss bitcoin, its a beast, will always be the beast, it literally has 666 tattooed into its core

alts will take marketshare, but btc is never going away

I'm talking about government issued currencies "tethered" to BTC. This is all post-Hyberbitcoinization. When the Sigmoid curve flattens. Which is what I already stated.

I can't do this board anymore. Too many fucking normies that require explanations and educations. Impossible to have an actual conversation here anymore.

bro just copy paste another 1 dude no problem

how many times does this have to be repeated until faggots like you finally understand it?
market cap does not equal money put into an asset.

ETH looks like it will overtake BTC, but ETH’s rising transaction fees are starting to worry me since this is the thing killing BTC in the first place.

how? I CANT CASH OUT!!!!

not yet, but next days will show it
50k ready to re-invest when crash comes

I still don't understand the fuss here, I don't use coinbank I use an Australian service, we pay less than $20 on all btc fees and it's instant, I can buy btc and get it within 5 minutes, I can also transfer it to a cold storage or exchange in under 5 minutes.

Are Americans just being screwed over?