Craig nakamoto transferring his BTC to all exchanges preparing for dump

Craig nakamoto transferring his BTC to all exchanges preparing for dump.

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Pump or dump?


> Still unironically holding BTC in 2K18

I feel it

4 years ago Bitcoin hit a high of $1,200. It then went into a 3-year bear market as the normies piled in and wrecked the coin. The same thing has just happened. Once the ignorant niggers find out about an investment vehicle then it's too late to get in, just ask John F Kennedy Sr. One day in 1929 a young black guy shining his shoes told him to buy stocks, so what did JFK Sr. do? Sold all his stocks that same day, before the market crashed. Ended up putting his son in the white house because he did the opposite of what niggers told him.

It’s the antique collectors edition hardfork.
This may actually increase in value in a couple years.

The only thing I feel is the pull of gravity on these bags.

You're sentimental research and fundamental analysis belongs in the nursery.

Will be honest, I lol'd

Just day traders giving you false hopes

In all seriousness if BTC drops below that 12ish k support level we are going down to like 6k right? I'm honestly okay with a 60% reduction as long as I can keep trading shitcoins.

Has anyone tried trading in a strong bear market? Is it possible or does it mean crypto is done for the next couple years?

what are these meme lines, stop posting them youre going to look like a retard tomorrow when its over 14k

comfy here because i didn't trade it for stupid eth and never will

I was daytrading all day today and got totally buttfucked

well you're not wrong. how long will the bear market last tho? i hope crypto it not too late from an investment standpoint. I would be very disappoint if $0.8 tirllion is the all time top

>comfy because you missed out on an easy 4x while btc did nothing

I knew btc cultists were dumb, but come on now

I'm in fiat my retarded friend. I'm only going to buy back in if the trend reverses for good. What's my risk? Losing imaginary gains? What's your risk? loosing real money...

it's like you don't even have a plan user.


Same, I cashed out before Christmas.

I hate everything about ether and people who shill for it 24/7 like it's some new tech never seen before. Sorry eth fag but I don't care about that shitcoin, never did.

Are you the same user from the thread the other day who predicted the dip one hour before it happened?

>went to sleep at 0.08628
>wake up its 0.08885

I'll be hodling this one bois real comfy like

BCH pairings first, then slow decline for Bitcoin Legacy.


last 5 digits confirms BTC price in 48 hours check em

Usually not a good sing when the price is going up but the buying volume is going down.

YES! The dump of the king has officially started.

Watched the video you recommended about the 9's and read about it, great stuff.

FIAT here too btw, waiting for a trend reversal too. It feels like right now you're betting on making maybe 20% and risk losing 40%.

He also gave his daughter a lobotomy and left her mentally retarded


This is my favourite meme

It's not a perfect indicator.. but it's a very good one if you're starting to trade. But you have to be rigorous, set a stop loss under the 9. If the trade did not go your way, well it happens. But most of them do.

Also, consider at least 3 indicators before you trade... check the 30min ,1h, 4h charts, RSI, stochastics, check the volume, news feed.

Might not go 100x but steady climb is good too.

I feel it comin baby

What video's?

4 hours looks better. Should know by tomorrow morning if we have some solid ground.

wow you got me there

Yeah, the time of the great flippening is upon us. grand daddy is tired, time to be sent upstate to a farm

1.8 btc here


took profits from alts 3 days ago, sitting on 70% BTC - 30% BCH. i'm feeling it as well my man

What does that mean?

Thanks again user

How much does that trading software cost? I want it!

not sure if OP feels pump or dump

This is called accumulation.

If you saw this when i posted it, then no, it was me.

It's free

Trading view... get a Tom Demark script.

I think you can have up to 3 scripts before paying.

around 12k could be a good catch

It's really impossible to tell. Trading is all about adjusting to contingencies.

go on trading view... type tom demark where BTCUSD is, get the most liked script.

Fack no. I bet we will see 10 trillion. Just wait until the masses finally start coming in wave. No self-control and the fomo will be too hard. I don't think we really realize how big this is all gonna get. It's really gonna be a global thing unlike anything ever before it. Once Asia and inda south america and even Africa start getting.more involved. The amount money being made is fucking retarded and is not normal but look how normal it is to us now. We toss around 1000s$ like nothing onto stupid investments. We all make bad trades lose money but if you just wait long enough it comes back. This is really maybe one of the largest human experiments ever done. For the 1 st time ever we are all so interconnected via cell phones and the internet. If enough people say something has a value and are willing to pay for it the rest of the world just kind of has to accept it. It asks the question of how many people are needed

The doctors gave her a lobotomy.

This, I went short at 13750

So as alts kind of go down with bitcoin. How does bitcoin dominance play a factor now at a lowish 33.3%?
Will alts move up and close the gap further or are going to suffer the same doom as bitcoin plummeting?

Can this piece of junk just crash already? We can't have a trend reversal by going sideways. Everyone is just waiting for it to get it over with, but it continues to limp horizontally on pathetic volume. It is physically painful for me to watch these bitcoin price movements.

I feel like the downtrend is over, we've hit bottom, and the panic selling will lessen.

Are you feeling it now Mr. Krabs?

plummeting. Considering that most currencies are trading with BTC as a pair, they will suffer just as much

It's either going to bounce to 18k which would be the formation of a bear flag, bounce to 16k which would be the formation of a bullish pennant, or do a last wave of a 5 wave correction which would mean crashing to 8k. In any case it shouldn't go lower then 8k, or maybe a panic wick down to 6k. But once we rip that bandaid off and wait out a few weeks of bear market we'll hit new ATHs again, the market cycle always repeats. Or if it's the pennant then this area we're in now should be the low.

Gravitational pull is the same regardless of mass, retard. No matter the heaviness.

btc going to 11/10k possibly 9-8k ( hopefully), your fuckign shitty alts going to bleed hard and then we will have a bullish reversal and road back to 20k while your fuckin alts bleed even more. The only time you should be trading alts is when bitcoin is done mooning and is in the dip phase, this is not the dip phase this is the correction phase. Now get rekt and please buy tron you nigger piece of shit greedy pajeet.

Remember this, bitcoin bleeds once, alts bleed twice. Alts cannot win, soon the stinky linkies that bought above 1$ are going to learn their lesson

panic didnt hit yet, panic is when 90% of biz is pink wojak. We're barely at 30% yet, newfags are still making threads about potential alts moon missions.



yeah lol for the people sitting on fiat. Looking to buy back at 11-10k. Margin buy at 8-9k