Friendly reminder you dumb XLM normies

this kike is behind mt. gox, ripple, and now stellar lumens.

everything he touches is left in destruction with himself as the primary beneficiary.

invest at your own caution.

now watch this thread get ignored and slid out of the catalog before any replies

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He sold mt gox before it was goxxed

He got out of ripple because it was shit

He created xlm to make a difference

He’s not the developer we need, he’s the developer we deserve.

>He sold mt gox before it was goxxed

hello kike.

no he awared karpeles of the missing BTC after the fact.

>He got out of ripple because it was shit
he will still profit the most out of it behind the scenes

>He created xlm to make a difference
right. i bet you dont even own any bags. you just want to watch the world burn. how do you sleep at night

make a difference in his bank account
people who bail on things consistently don't have higher purposes

I own plenty of bags

It's called being an entrepeneur

>no he awared karpeles of the missing BTC after the fact.

then educate yourself before you lose it all.

BTC will remain throughout the generations. this jew shit will not. its a transfer of wealth from plebs (you) to jews (jed and the jew shillbots that convinced you to buy this for profit in the shortterm and more btc for jews in the longterm).

i dont feel sorry for any of you

I got my XLM for free in July for holding some BTC on bittrex

i dont give a fuck about your personal gain idiot im doing this to spread awareness

Nice and juicy fake FUD, anyone could have typed that. Shilling like this though means it's definitely going to 2$

this thread is getting slid so fucking hard holy shit its actually true. this board is compromised

probably, but at what cost? the death of all of this.
disappointing only brainlets can respond

nobody here gives a damn about keeping it all afloat as long as they can get a measly 2x for their money before it all sinks. the absolute state of this market. i wont bother to make this thread again. jews win because they are smarter, simple as that

How does it work? Jews flood market with xrp and hoarding all the btc in exchange? And then what?

>everything he touches is left in destruction with himself as the primary beneficiary.

yeah but before it goes to hell, it becomes one of the most profitable companies in its industry

its been the same as its always been since the beginning. everything that came after btc and ltc is in competition to take away the market share.

btc will always remain at the top. PoW and mineable coins will always retain their value per satoshis vision. the bankster coins are the complete opposite, above PoS cryptos for the most useless coins going into the next generation. the inevitability of these going to 0 has no timeline but its certain. like i said, invest at your own risk while it looks cheap, take your profit. but most likely by doing so you will be bagholding and stuck with a lot of it when it goes to shit. btc will remain

jews profit. mccaleb being the primary one. because they are buying your btc at the expense of their worthless bankster currency. this is the point of these operations. ripple will fail, then stellar. mccaleb will stay in this business long enough until enough people realize for him as a fraud

So how high do you rkn this coin is going to go before the inevitable?

I have a lot of friends who are Jews and they are good people so kindly stfu

truthfully i've been talking with the guy and he's really nice, thoughtful and obviously works way harder than anyone on his forum

>boasting about jew friends

youre missing the point. just understand that Veeky Forums is not your friend. no different from /pol/. compromised and the agenda is for everyone interested in crypto to sell them their btc.

Almost fell for the ripple meme last week. Bought ZCL eventually. Also, can you briefly explain why PoS isn't a proper alternative to PoW?

>in the end everyone is going to DIE

oh vey I guess I shouldnt live my life to the fullest right NOW

hey actually i think i know who you are, what just happened that got on this forum to bitch about him?

>no different from /pol/.
What does this even mean you schizo?

>btc will always remain at the top. PoW and mineable coins will always retain their value per satoshis vision.
Oh it's one of these guys. Do you feel threatened by cryptos that don't waste resources?

same reason why physical gold and silver can never be replaced by fiat. because of the intrinsic value that the work done to mine them. PoS and xrp xlm will will provide you juicy incentive to invest in the short term. but if you dont put these profits back into the coins with real value before the next crash, youre stuck bagholding. nobody can tell you when that will happen. personally, i made 2x in the last xlm run and will have to sit this next one out. too spooked.

there are shitcoins that will provide you better returns than this. xlm is a safe way to make some dough right now pending that btc does not keep going down


psuedo wallstreet yuppie NEET kike

DYOR faggot you dont know who i am

yeah you were the creepy guy eating all the snacks and you were pissed because you were blown off

do you know shareblue? do you know JIDF?

its all a coordinated effort. any new blood on here will get fucking kiked if theres nobody like me to aware.

this is bigger than making a profit on cheap fake crypto right now.

i guess that shut you up pretty good

back to r/stellar, fag. grownups talking here

sjw bullshit difference? faggot? lmao

buy zcl, btw.

listen just don't shoot up a school okay?

OP is a pol brainlet, go back to your shithole

preaching to the choir. theres more redpilled people than sjw's here. nobody wants your kike bullshit inflationary money. when the price reaches a satisfactory point, it will be dumped and never seen again.

the blockchain will not fall, your bags will

Jed mccaleb is a fucking legend. He’s one of the main reasons I’m so bullish on this project. The fuck op? Either shitty shill or plain retard i don’t even know.

alright people im out.

hodl long on btc


Opinion discarded

Good thing i got in a 950 and just sold at 5k :)

lol they all crash once he leaves!

Jed is actually Satoshi.

Jed literally wrote the wallet software that was hacked and after Karpeles replaced it with software of his own there were never any coins lost. When he sold Gox, they had already been hacked many times and were 80k Bitcoin short he just got Karpeles to sign a non-disclosure agreement so if Karpeles ever talks about it he goes to jail. Its kind of hilarious. Enjoy your Ripple bags and XLM boys. You are putting your trust in the man responsible for the worst thing to ever happen to crypto.

Jed is responsible for writing the code that got the Gox wallet stolen. He simply didn't encrypt his wallet. Granted back in the day you couldn't encrypt your wallets manually as it was an option in the Bitcoin wallet itself, but I can encrypt a file manually. Jed ran the largest Bitcoin exchange in the world and decided to do it without encrypting the wallet file. It's laughably retarded.