check their twitter you dumb cunts. and buy now or regret later.

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do it cucks

Well fuck, I'm back on board.

Don't give a shit about Mickey Mouse but normies will be all over this.

fuckin traitor

Good thing I left hehe. I managed to acquire even more brains in the meantime.


I've been burnt on this fucking coin twice but god damn it I'm jumping back in. Hope I don't regret it.

I have 5k brains and titanium hands, holding since 10cents through all the peaks, will I make it?

the correction is over, pump it

i have 52k brains and lost 30k through the crash past 2 days and i still held my brains. king brain is rewarding the faithful

>had 6k brains
>held for days through the horrible drops
>sold half today to bet on PRL
>will make good money on it
>fucking Disney announcement out of nowhere

Will I still make it, brothers?

Only idiots didn't sell at $0.60, everybody knew it was getting dumped on Huobi. I sold my stack and bought back in nearly double when it dropped to $0.35. U mad?


That coin's done, hope you didn't buy at ATH

>dump 300k at .34 cents
>not sure why it's at almost .40
>see this fucking shit
What the fuck am I supposed to do now?

you had no faith
get fucked


Nigger everyone has been saying this shit is a scam how the fuck was I supposed to know?

>Disney out of fucking nowhere

im sorry u have been smited by king brain u can still repent and buy back in

Should I sell my VEN and jump on this shit? News looks promising

Rule Number 1: when there is a dip/selloff, Half of Biz fomoed in and got burned. they are literally liable to say anything because they are salty and ADHD and cant hold.

i learned my holding lesson cuz of bounty when it went to .26 and crashed down to .14 where i sold. then like less than a week later it was fuckin .91

>5 mil backed by NEO
>good team
Come on user do your own research and make up your own mind, scam coins are a lot more obvious


Will I make it Bros? I only have $600 invested in cryptos, just trying to get to $1700 to buy a kayak...

buy brain

Should I dump my link for this?

yes, also dump your fun and stellar

im all in boys! thanks for the lambo normies

normies will rush in and fomo market buy lmao!

Or you can hold for a year and buy a lambo that turns into kayak

I like the way you think.

>People actually left during the dip

lol. u guys faking. did u read the tweet. world wide disney had thousands of licensors. just one of their pajeet licensor had partnered with dbc. useless news.

Same fud post in two threads. Enjoy the curry

The bagholding on this one is serious, sorry to anyone who still has any faith and believes Mickey Mouse can fight all these resistances.

eat curry

literally the only people that bought higher than it is now are people that bought in the 12 hour period of the peak. everyone else is profiting

its just a fucking licensor not Disney lmao

>he thinks Walt Disney handcrafts Disney products in his garage and puts a stamp on it

I learned my hold lesson with DBC
I bought in 2 hours after it released
Saw chink whale messing with the chart too much, left at 16 cents

Cry... every night at missing my 6x moon

> We partnered with Nike boys
> Actually it's one of their sweatshops in Indonesia where children are paid in peanuts but basically the same thing

The tweet says they are working with "the Disney licensor". There is only 1 Disney licensor and it's the Disney Company itself. Reading must not be your strong point.

>Disney licensor
Yeah actually takes one google search to find out that disney licensor is ONE company

third time is the lucky charm! Third time is the time when you get totally joosted and can never recover!

>Disney is the world's BIGGEST LICENSOR

Same, dropped my bags at .55 came back, got more. This worked out well.

I'm currently 50/50

Both projects looks very promising desu

i'm holding 2.3 neos, and 385 dbc. Should i sell neo to buy more DBC?