What's the best way to get past the curse of being shit at cardio?

What's the best way to get past the curse of being shit at cardio?
>Inb4 gains lost
I still have a good amount of muscle, but I have way more fat than I'd like. Lately I've been trying to bike a lot, and I can pretty easily do 20+ miles no problem. The other day I went for a hike, and my heart was racing because it was such a steep incline. I felt like I was going to pass out. Whenever I try running I get this loss of breath like runners asthma lately. Before I could run a few miles no problem but since I've gotten to be so lazy, getting back into shape has been a hassle.

Please Veeky Forums I miss being in shape. If you have any tips I'm open to suggestions. Lately I've been trying just bronkaid an hour before cardio and it helps a little, but the heart still struggles.

stop being a little blog bitch is a good start

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I'm asking for help and giving details, go be a cunt elsewhere.

Did you whine about not squatting 150 kg the first time you went to the gym too?

Treat it like lifting i.e. increment time/speed every time.

you could always try eating less

There's your tip.


The advice i would add is to use a exercise bike and just cycle for 20 mins

Dont take the piss and put no effort in to it. Just stay on the bike and try as hard as you can for 20 mins, look at the distance travelled and then try to beat your distance on the next try. Also when you get better keep a constant pace.

Rinse and repeat

easy for you to say when you literally have to outrun lions on the daily

Seriously how do you get good cardio?
I've been riding my bike for 8 months and I think my cardio is still shit.

I want to do high intensity the entire ride but I can only do it for like 15 seconds, and then I barely ride for like 5 minutes while catching my breath.

Also I only breath through my nose when a car is passing by so that they don't notice I'm breathing hard, which makes it even harder.

>Lately I've been trying to bike a lot, and I can pretty easily do 20+ miles no problem.
>The other day I went for a hike, and my heart was racing because it was such a steep incline.

You've found the magic formula - doing more work raises your heart rate, and once you're working hard enough to hit 200bpm-ish, you die a little.

Get a heart rate monitor and do what it says. Add some hills to your cycle route, or do couch to 5k or HITT.

The only cardio worth doing is leisure walks in a safe part of town Imo

>not walking on the wrong side of the tracks for the increased heart rate and natural test boost

I have this issue too. I try as much as I can to breathe through my nose but I never learned proper breathing techniques.
I usually bike from downtown San Diego places. My harder routes are either point Loma or La Jolla because they're pretty hilly. My easy ride is the long way to Coronado because it's pretty much all flat, but there's a good amount of wind resistance giving me a little extra work to do.

dont start out with running. Start with rowing machine (erg), stationary bike or elliptical. Determine a pace you can keep for 20 minutes. Then keep that pace for 30 mins. Gradually keep increasing the duration tot an hour. Every now and then do shorter workouts with a bit higher pace, then keep working that faster pace to an hour. Before you know it you'll be a cardio god. Dont start running till you get below like 190lbs and have good base cardio. Do a very gradual program like couch 2 5k.

Woah you've been riding your bike for 8 months? You must have some large ass quads

Why my cardio endurance seems to have no fucking logic to it?

On some days I can jog 4 miles. Sometimes I freeze after half a mile and feel fucking exhausted.

Also my improvement don´t follow any sense. At first I could not jog 3 miles. Then I stayed like a month in 2 mile territory, walked the rest. Then just one day I was able to go 4 miles and stayed there for a week and crashed.

Today I´m trying 4 miles again. My routine is very strict and diet almost same every day

Sigh, I have pretty big quads and my genetics made them come really close together when having my feet normal to the ground. This causes my thighs to rub against each other. Do I need to use some kind of lube or is there a special kind of underwear that stops these rashes? I did lmao 8km/h for 45 min

HIIT is alpha cardio

I used to do this when I had a trainer. Worked well but nearly killed me, always felt dizzy after.
Baby powder. I got some that can be sprayed on. Works wonders for the balls and thighs.

By the way guys:
Cardio is down slow and long, the aim is to keep the heart rate low and then over the months to increase the amount of work (for example distance in a 30 min ride) you can do while keeping the heart rate low.

Cardio is not "hurr durr imma go hard until I puke lul, godda go as fast as possible!!".
1 out of 3-4 sessions can be HIIT though.

That's all.

Thanks. I'll be looking into a decent heart rate monitor again as my old one broke.

Fat is lost by being in a deficit faggot. You will only lose gains if you are to fatigued to do your lifts optimally or by bulking and the cardio puts you in a deficit or maintenance

You are probably running too fast for your ability. Go slow as shit until you can run atleast 10k

This is good advice. When I used to run outdoors my Pace was never managed so I would over exert myself quickly. I've learned I can run much longer on a treadmill because it forces me to keep a certain pace.

If you prefer outdoors I'd recommend an app that monitors your speed to help with that.