Inverse cup and handle forming super clearly

inverse cup and handle forming super clearly
get the fuck out now and buy back below 1k if you believe in this long term

you've been warned

You can't have an inverse cup and an ATH at the same time, user.

Sold at 1200 bought at 992.
Let's do it again!

it's been in bear mode for 2 days now

Are you actually trying to do TA on 5-minute candlesticks? Kek.

see you at ~900

this. also ID

>You got to dip

die ETH die and we will resurrect you

Ethereum has won cryptocurrency. See you at 20k

Cup and handle takes weeks or months to form retard.

Also why not wait for the handle to be sure? It should move up to about its current price and in the meantime it could be any number of other patterns or simply noise.

this thing is extremely overbought
people are madmans

ID: fHEi56HT
He is shit

i'll be there with my stack at least 20% bigger

Or 40% smaller

Way ahead of you dude, I jumped out at 70k.

>inverse cup and handle
>5 minute candles
hooooly mother of god.

>implying I didn't sell at 1350 and buy back at 1100 already
I'm certain this is going to test 1k support level later today

Talk in sats, I don't even know how much ETH is worth in fiat since it was $300 desu. Who pays attention to that shit.

>Talk in sats
Sats are irrelevant for ETH.

They're relevant when I go to trade in and out of it.

Ethereum's biggest pair is the usd pair, thats why no one talks about the btc pair

fucking brainlet

What good is that to me if I never hold fiat to trade with? The only thing that matters is the trading pair used, and I personally don't use fiat.


No one cares about your shitty pair

Ethereum's volume comes from usd, followed by gook currencies

Its completely irrelevant to talk about the btc/eth pair

everything moves faster in crypto
not to mention I believe there is head and shoulders reversal pattern on the 1h chart too

How ETH is doing relative to BTC is extremely relevant for investing decisions.

Not that I think BTC is actually hitting 30k+ but would you really be saying "ha, fuck that shitty pair, ETH is worth twice as much money now" when BTC is worth 100k?

even if you really hope for this to be a bullflag, next rally won't happen before testing 1k support

If you go by Elliot wave theory it completed the fifth and should be seeking a correction to retrace down near 1k. I’d just wait to see what it does

there goes the handle, failed to break 1220 support again, next stop is 1k

This is what I believe, I have some fiat on deck for a correction.

1k is still expensive as fuck

If it dips I'll buy some more but I've no intention of selling

This, imagine missing out because you sold and it went up and up after you sold. That shit hurts

This is the correct attitude to have for good coins in this market desu. Really wish I hadn't sold mine expecting yet another dip only for it to do the opposite THE ONE TIME I sold.

Never sell.

>Never sell.
so how are you supposed to make gains?

You can do TA on any timeframe, even individual bars.

I don't understand the question.