While the Lightning devs are busy spending years trying to solve computer engineering problems that no one can say...

While the Lightning devs are busy spending years trying to solve computer engineering problems that no one can say actually have a solution or not, Bitcoincash engineers have been running the numbers on just how far on-chain scaling can go, and the numbers are amazing:
Here's how we can scale to 2,000 TPS right now, Visa-level transactions, and anyone with a mid-grade PC with 4-cores and 16gb of ram can run a full-node:
Bitcoincash researchers have already successfully mined gigabyte-sized blocks:
Here's how we can do 500 billion transactions a day, with hardware and technology and bandwidth that already exists right now, no waiting around for Lightning, this is doable now, enough to carry out all the transactions done by 10 billion people every day:
Obviously we don't need that much hardware and TPS today, but the fact that it is achievable right now means it will certainly be achievable in the future as Moore's law brings down the cost of hardware needed to achieve it and as it becomes needed.
Here's a new bitcoincash tech called Graphene created by Gavin Andresen which halves the network bandwidth cost of using BCH and will be forked in this year. Halved it!
That shows how early we are still in this industry, where one guy can release a really simply technology like Graphene that makes not one or two percent gains, but 50% gains over previous tech.
We have a LOOOONG way to go with on-chain scaling before we would absolutely HAVE to move to something like a 2nd layer solution, and anyone telling you differently has been brainwashed by people with some kind of agenda.

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BCH is not bitcoin. just kys.

BLegacy is not Bitcoin, either.

Great post! Lots of good news coming this year for Bitcoin Cash.

Nice plan OP! Can't wait for petabyte size blocks and all that decentralization

Also colored coins are coming and smart contracts.

Bitcoin Cash has a bright future. The sentiment around around twitter and discord groups is BCH will reach Parity with BitCore. Notice the physiques of Bitcores developer: Fat and Bloated much like there software.

How does Core fight centralization? Did it hardfork the PoW? No. BTC is the most centralized coin in the world, and you know why? Core never gave half a fuck about it, it was only used as an excuse all along so they could push their own 2nd layer solution.

Holy shit you're dumb.

You are so dumb if I tried to tell you how dumb you are you wouldn't even be able to grasp your sheer stupidity.

Here's something you can do even without thinking to make the world a better place - Just do the opposite of whatever Roger Ver wants and you'll be doing objective good in the world.

Another thing you can do if you want to make the world a better place but don't want to stop backing Roger Ver is kys.

barely anyone will be able to run a full node with fucking terrabyte blocks you fucking nigger, and you cucks think on chain scaling won't centralize it... lmfao
50gb/s internet lmfao hahaha

basically the way I see it:
BTC vs BCH is Engineers vs Economists

They both have very different goals, priorities and perspectives.

Bitcoin is shit and so is Bcash only difference is bcash is used by no one. Tell me why I should use your hard forked shilled scamcoin which was only created so JIhan and his bunch could benefit from ASICboost over any other low fee coin like XRB/LTC?

haha, its funny watching a bunch of cluless people just change numbers in bitcoin's codebase and think they've solved scalability when all theyre "solving" is capacity.

it's like someone in the early 2000s telling you that you could stream movie-quality video by having 10 internet lines to your house vs someone else saying in a couple of years we wont have internet running over copper.

You have no idea how bitcoin was supposed to work from the very beginning, you fell for the jewish bankers' propaganda. You never were supposed to run a node, that's one of Core's lies.

I am a Bitcoin Cash fan, but I wouldn't say that bandwidth already exists today. I mean, sure, in some places you have gigabit connections. But in the vast majority of the world that's not the case.

It's a good thing that such level of scaling won't be needed straight away, but it will be a more gradual process.

You don't see the forest, only the trees. Core makes it look like they are doing engineering while what they're doing is taking control over the network.

Nice arguments.

Gregory Maxwell and other developers are very competent, no doubt. Unfortunately the hold of Blockstream is so strong that all their work will go to waste. I really don't understand why they are still with Core.

Also bcash shills say there is no reason to run local as only miners should be running them. But tell me if i'm a small shitty miner with 5 asics in a backwards ass shithole country with slow internet how am I going to even process the blocks If they're mined before I can download them?

Nobody knew about XRB at the time and LTC has always been a joke, so...

late adopter, did you read the bitcoin whitepaper? im guessing not, because you probably didn't find out about bitcoin until it was too late, and why you're so desperate to shill shitcoins.

bitcoin was designed to be decentralized peer to peer cash, but the code wasn't that of p2p cash but that of p2p "gold" or value. 10 minute blocks, fixed supply, deflationary, limit (even if not as low as 1mb) of tx rate causing pricing out of txs. none of this is a p2p cash but simply a p2p value transfer.

the problem with bch and it's little followers are they don't understand that you can create a p2p cash on a p2p value transfer network, but you can't create a p2p cash on top of a centralized payment rail.

Do you understand how LN functions or are you saying what others have told you? LN is designed to be decentralized and private: Either of us will be able to fun a LN node.

BCH's blockchain will grow twice as fast as BTC's and centralization will go to the miners. BTC will see the same outcome but now at the same rate. Both are still roughly the same vision for a network Satoshi set out to make: One CPU one vote. And both will eventually have to use a 2nd layer solution.

Ironically, BCH will likely be using LN in the not so distant future.

I see it as people who are completely oblivious to the rest of the space

ETH is just better and more ambitious - hop aboard before its too late

BCH is closer to the original whitepaper than BTC is.

Blegacy is the one with the fork

Segwit was agreed upon. Those who did not agree with it FORKED away from it. It's not like segwit was forced upon you ,support for it was signalled by everyone. Only reason it exists is so Jihan and bunch can use ASIC boost because segwit fixed that.

> Do you understand how LN functions or are you saying what others have told you? LN is designed to be decentralized and private: Either of us will be able to fun a LN node.
I know how the LN is supposed to work a lot better than you, and what you don't understand is that it has A. so many downsides, B. no use case today, C. the LN requires huge blocks to make a difference on fees

"Businesses that receive frequent payments will probably still want to
run their own nodes for more independent security and quicker verification."


sure bud, whatever you say. the fact is you won't be able to whether you want to or not, which will be bad, and not even fucking close to satoshi's true vision you fucking idiot


Nice fud, this has already been debunked.

If you’re buying btc, you’re being manipulated.

You should have to read the whitepaper before you repeat that tired rhetoric.

Satoshi's whitepaper is concerned with the network and trust, aka One CPU One Vote. When a contentious hardfork appeared, overwhelmingly BTC's users and miners voted against it.

BCH is its own coin. Accept that and be fine with it.

> "Businesses that receive frequent payments will probably still want to
> run their own nodes for more independent security and quicker verification."

> ~Satoshi
You either are a paid Corecuck shill or BTC bagholder, otherwise you'd know Gavin Andersen is working on a solution for the 0-confirmation for businesses. Businesses will have a midway node option which will verify tx's without running a full node.

so bchs vaporwace 0 conf vs btcs LN vaporwave?

LN is actually working right now...

not to mention those faggots can't even figure out how to change address format, and they couldn't use LN even if they wanted to because they're so fucking bad at programming

Post the debunking proof then.

I'd speculate that the conspiracy lies much deeper than this. When you start to understand how Lightning will hurt Coinbase and Bitpay, it's easy to see how big money can easily gather and colluded against it.

If you want to fight against centralization, siding with BCH is the opposite of what you want to do. The BTC community, at the very least if you can see past your hate, is far more concerned with improving the technology than executing a brand takeover. That's important, because I feel these next few years will be the most important ones for crypto, and BTC's woes haven't even begun. The technology needs to be solid. BTC makes the mistakes first so we can improve, and that'll be invaluable in order to take wealth out of the hands of the corrupt banks and governments and back to the people.

And it works like magic:

> Ironically, BCH will likely be using LN in the not so distant future.
But exactly the same could be said about BTC since they share the same base layer tech, every advancement in BCH could be used by Core.

I didn't say it was done. It is at least working, unlike your vaporware.

If it's wroking then why are Corecuks paying X100 fees more? BCH could clear the BTC memepool in 3 hours.

Because Roger Ver who has absolutely no technical background said so on TV? Without segwit transaction malleability is not fixed so how exactly are you going to implement LN? Just copy core and change blocksize to 8mb?

Assuming BCH team develops anything useful. They don't strike me as the most... forward thinking team. Even BCH itself is the laziest form yet performed.

>BTC makes the mistakes first so we can improve,

BTC is a stagnant piece of shit

even with LN (which is a complete pipe dream btw), you need on-chain scaling, which means you need sharding; you can't have sharding without PoS, and PoS is not even in the pipeline, so BTC is fucked

dump your core or cash bags before money skelly finalizes sharding, the writing is on the wall

I feel retarded for participating, but OP is a paid shill.

Difficulty adjustments are soon, and it's time for the BCH crew to flood into /bitcoin/ and Veeky Forums and start the FUD campaign.

Expect more thinly veiled attacks like outlined here:

this shit stole all my BTC from Coinbase!!!

Bcashers need to fuck off back to /r/eddit

Hoffman is a paid shill.

look forward to seeing what the BCH dev teams will bring to the table desu