There are people still holding this

>there are people still holding this


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I'll be totally honest

I bought it because when I started crypto I saw someone's portfolio had it and was doing really well


Bought at $1 , super comfy.

It's ok little one, what stage are you in BTC inevitable demise? Denial?

>LN hurr durr

All this FUD is just making me realise Raiblocks will be a good hodl. Thanks user

BRB lemme dump Rai for some flashy gem like TRX which is all hype and no utility.

>There are still people holding the most revolutionizing crypto that actually has the potential to replace fiat currency which could be worth 60 trillion in market cap if that happens and each XRB would be worth $500k
>Holders are sooo dumb

Yeah why would I hold a coin that got me x10 and probably atleast x3 end of january.
Thanks op sold my stash

Just sold 100k

thanks just bought 100k

This made me chuckle because I remember doing something very similar in 2016. Just make sure you learn your lesson.

>the most revolutionizing crypto
kek you're retarded. XRB was a normalfag P&D, the hype is now over and the normalfags dropped that shit. it's never going to pump again.
XRB is a literal shitcoin just like BTC. It has no function, no use case aside from being a cryptocurrency, which suffice to say is fucking nothing.
you want a revolutionizing crypto look at LINK, which, if succesful, will enable mainstream smart contracts which will change the finance world forever and more
if you're still holding shitblocks you're a real kind of retard

shoo shoo linkshill, shoo shoo

Raiblock is real bch

>2 man no name team
>1 guys a faggot the other is a socialist russian
>1 slack moderator is the only "official" news outlet
>no working product
>no confirmation from SWIFT that they will use chainlink 100%
>all they say is "smart oracle" maybe they are developing their own system?

i boought this shit when it was like 13 cents a while ago and dumped it when it reached 1$ lmao

I don't know if this guy is trying to troll or is serious

I got in crypto only a month ago and heard about Veeky Forums only two days ago

My entire folio is right now xrb and I am thinking to sell it at around 40$

I am a poor man from a third world country and would be devastated if xrb goes to shit

is xrb a good coin or another pump and dump

anyone please tell me

xrb is legit, theres a lot of retards on this website who want to shill their bags because they followed stupid pumps and got fucked

>> 6330157

thanks man

>links marines

xrb is dead
bought at 8$, sold at 34$ when it started going down for the first time
it was over a week ago, now look where the coin is

this is extremely pumped shitcoin without a future
only argument of holders is
>mmmmmm muh 1000000k transactions per second, feeless

so what? NEO is instant and feeless too

XRB is a solid coin. The initial hype has died down, and they have run into some issues with exchanges, so the price has gone stagnant for the moment. Once the issues get worked out, and xrb gets listed on binance (which will be soon) the price will rise again.

Potential to be the main trading pair is useless?


NEO is instant and feeless, yes. However it's not meant to be a currency. NEO is shares of a platform that pays dividends to it's holders. So really the 2 aren't even in competition with each other. I consider both projects to be very strong, they are actually my 2 main holdings

it'll be the coin to replace BTC later on in the year

Just buy EGAS and hold it...13mil max supply and the price is sub $0.10 - at $1 it will only be 13mil market cap and even if it turns out to be a scamcoin thats still 10x returns.
Take a look@

You're delusional. After BTC dies ETH will be the main trading coin. By the time plasma/sharting is released XRB will be 10 cents per coin.

>over a week ago