Ratings and investment platform live demo

ico in 3 days, buy or cry

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Link me cuck

Stfu dude don't shill to after ICO... This shit is gonna be huge

this is why you poor...lucky i feel sorry for you


It's ignite ratings... It isn't talked about much on here because biz is no longer a place for hidden gems. Just people who are constantly getting others to buy bags now.

In all honesty, me and a couple other people are constantly telling Veeky Forums to buy LUX when it was 1,50 - 1 dollar... but people laughed and called us fags, its now over $40...

But I agree to much topics here are getting people to fomo buy other peoples bags.

That’s the actual platform??? Whoa, another ICO that doesn’t suck. ICO season is back baby

Yep, right there with you man...Well since you were honest I will be too. The ignite team already finished most backend development elements of their platform... They are polishing up the front end UI and the ICO hasn't even started yet. They are going to release a demo during the ICO and that's how confident they are about the product they have. It's gonna be wild. Their website pictures are all from the platform and not some bs photoshop.

I am racing for the 1st day 10% bonus.

Somene got a referral?

Yeah dude... They've been covered all over the place and getting interviewed by popular crypto heads. All the pink wojacks on here after not buying lmfao... Gonna be hilarious.

This makes cindicator look like a little bitch and cnd pushed a 200mm market cap. Ignite only has 10mm circulating coins and of those, many are locked for a few months. Do the math...

Try fiddy that's what I used from telegram chat and seemed to work. Their team answers questions nonstop in telegram

This, apex, dadi and others will force me into early retirement. Be quick anons only 1/3 tokens left for sale

The team looks suspect as fuck.

Can Americans buy or do we gotta wait for EtherDelta

Just so people aren't scared... Most tokens that were sold in private funding rounds were contracted to lock ups.

Team has been interviewed all over the place.. They are good. Nasdaq has even covered them as they have stock market connections. It's also how they got Partnered with SpeedRoute to use their trade route technology that not even exchanges have right now in the crypto space.
Americans accepted... KYC is optional

Referral ID is just username.

Mine is Gajinza

Let's make it together.

Going to be contributing 5 eth to this bitch.

whats the estimated gains?
also thanks user

Easy 10x in the mid term. Only 10mm tokens... Market cap will easily hit 200mm. Team estimates about 30mm raised in ICO, but only 7 will be used for operations. Anything extra is going to fund the ignite index which benefits every user.

Staph, u gunna make Mr. Moneyz FOMO.
Fine, dumping 50 ETH in. third of portfolio, better make it 80% soon.

How much more obvious can you shill something? At least make the conversation seem natural.

joined telegram, lets go x20


They would need to be native english speakers. much more expensive.