Shill me the next 10x on cryptopia i have .5 btc to waste

NO ufr

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Looking for something as well


UFR is the safest bet

Condensate (RAIN)

It has a great team, the product is going to be released very soon, and it's about to get into more exchanges. Buy the dip or regret it forever.

have u thought about UFR, though? rocket is refueling.
and my portfolio is unironically 35% UFR, coz it's actually a legit project, despite all the shilling that is happening. and the shilling doesn't hurt. its publicity, and their project doesn't have any marketing budget.
put a fraction of that .5btc in UFR, thank me in a month.

Hopefully PROC

Linda, audiocoin. I won't shill shit DYOR




LanaCoin (LANA)
2 Mill M cap..
20 sat on cryptopia
Small sell walls


Ignore the ufr pajeets

Ok anons....
Have u even checked out SEND?


Sumokoin, better than Monero but has 350x lower market cap



>urrr durrr everyone who talks positively about (insert coin) is a paid SHILL

take that dildo out of your assholes, please

I'm balls deep in ufr, but since you don't want that I'd say check out bulwark. Solid privacy coin with a 27m market cap.






creativechain (CREA): multimedia blockchain P2P marketplace for distributed intellectual property. more power to artists by avoiding intermediaries and abusive content distribution laws =>

> 10mil market cap
> low circulating supply
> volume increased 10fold since yesterday
> actual minable coin, not a poor erc20-scamtoken (top20 is all coins)
> has had longterm organic growth
> website and platform look just beautiful
> active github
> platform testnet finally started just a few days ago, full launch end of jan
> cash-in cash-out directly through ATMs ready
> marketing literally just beginning
> similar to POE but with 40x smaller market cap
> telegram already has 1000 members

imagine instagram/patreon/vimeo on a dezentralized ecosystem for content creators with blockchain proofed timestamped licensed copyright. the creators can sell their content or their copyright (or just parts of it), they get royalties, microdonations from likes/upvotes, popular content gets extra revenue through a fund, due to creativechain's decentralized nature the creators can't get censored. look how easily polarising figures get banned from patreon, youtube or twitter. look at the viewerbase of those polarising figures. then look at this project.

and: no middlemen like shutterstock who take HUGE fucking cuts from the creator's revenue and are billion $$$ companies.

Lux & Blockcat

Lux, solid coin, good project, they have marketing phase 1 in 4 days + a big coin burn in 1 month, supply is already very less




This shit already up by a motherfucker though???

just getting started


does not even have a team on their website. Scamcoin


inb4 some uploads childporn to blockchain and this gets taken down

Ufr has a discord where people get points for shilling dude. It's blatant.


Tfw got into lux at 15usd and then at 30usd sold half for sumo

I cant believe that im literally earlier than the mainstream biz on some coins

You need to buy EGAS and hold it long term, it has huge potential. 13M Max supply and it costs pennies right now. Great concept and active twitter. mooncoin material.
Take a look@

LUX you idiot. It has the potential to be the next Dash.

Proof or gtfo


It's called /shill/. Look it up yourself, dipshit. 10 threads in catalog for one shitcoin isn't organic.

absolutely horrific branding

like it, good community. give it time to grow..



Dude you cant see the steady accumulation on electroneum??? $6 million 24hr volume and not a change in price? Its about to explode. HELD COMPLETELY STEADY DURING BITCOIN DROP.

XLC. I cba to shill it.

RimBit (RBT).
It was number 5 on the fastest %hr column just before the SK news.It was growing faster than anything else around it by a wide margin. It's quickly catching up to where it left off.

EGAS. Likely a shit coin but its getting some shill and the MC is so low right now that its very low risk. Likely worst case is its flat, best case its a 25x. Middle case its a 25x then dips and you make 10x

mah nigga
this is best best performing asset in my blockfolio



>4 mil marketcap
>Not just another WEED LMAO coin made for transactions, actually have planned tech for making the distribution and acquisition of marijuana related material
>1mil maximum supply
>5% stake interest
BTC volume

Easy 2x or 3x, get it while it's cheap

EGAS has a 13 mil max coin supply and the price is sub 10cents right now. Even if it turns out to be a scamcoin it will definitely get pumped to $1 before then and that will only put it at 13m market cap.
Take a look@

CEFS is the only answer


Ethereum without the premine or ICO or dev fees. Fully open source and community driven platform.

Market cap 12 million. For now, it will be the next top 100 coin in the coming weeks / month.

Currently on cryptopia but new exchanges soon.

there's literally a 700+ discord group whose sole purpose is to shill UFR on Veeky Forums


Lux you tards.
Get it now


-Old coin that got rebranded and remade
-New release of website late Jan
-Lead dev is not the creator of the coin
-25 billion coins in circulation, about half is gone

No need to thank me fuckers. Join their slack. Get rich and buy your bitch some nice tittays