Skycoin gonna be listed on Binance

buy? or vapor=?

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Source on listing?

complete shitcoin

heard they have a few exchanges line up.Anybod hear binance??

This coin is the real deal

SKY doesn't give a fuck, it is in its own league. Imagine Monero years ago, the same. Is by darknet for the darknet. You can buy if you want - you will have very little profit in the short term. But it will survive the crash, and it will be a big player for the future.

>Looks at vaporware Substratum
>Looks at Chad SkyCoin
>Thinks.. hm people really are oblivious to this huh?
>Substratum crashes and burns because of the obvious mistakes they made and their token-centric approach which renders it useless
>SkyCoin = Privacy, fast speed, 0 fee and plays an integral part in the new decentralised internet.
>SkyCoin is actually backed by bandwith, the real digital gold
>Wow.. I must be a genius I'm thinking to myself
>Buy Skycoin at 10 dollars
>Skycoin bullruns to 50$ and not even considering selling for a moment.
>Skycoin bullruns this year to 1000$ and now I'm a whale
>Wake up in the morning, see the clock, its 8AM
>Sit on the balcony watching people leave to work
>I feel blissfull
>Life is amazing, coinhours give me a passive income and still I'm nowhere near considering selling.
>At age 27 I get kids and the passive income sustains my whole family
>After a happy and fulfilled life I die peacefully at age 83
>I leave the SkyCoins to my children
>Coinhours are now an accepted payment method everywhere, SkyCoin was the coin, its now a million dollars each.
>For the next 20 generations my family doesn't have to work, I taught my children everything about investing and the next generations after these 20 still don't have to work because they are smart money.

I’d buy it if I were you. I don’t think we’re going to have another dip like the one that it just recovered from when it hits such a popular exchange.

>In a hallway that I designed so long ago still hangs a portrait of me on the wall.
>My children pay me respects every once in a while for everything I accomplished and taught them
>Some people envy my kids because they well remember the days of internet monuuhhhhh and how they missed out.
>My kids aren't selfish and decide to donate coinhours to a local school.

Thats it, i'm all in.

>Life is peacefull for my offspring
>The decentralised internet opened so many streams of information that people in censored countries quickly learned that they shouldn't fight eachother, but fight the opression.
>Cultures learned about eachother and saw the bias of religious leaders and politicians
>Ethereum now runs a governmental program to decentralise governments and uses SkyWire as they're medium.
>A golden age started for humanity, early adopters of SkyCoin are adored world wide, even though they are long passed away.
>Every year there's a day to remember the bloody fights that broke out as people collectively fought opression.

You forget a minor detail, if you never cash out like you claim, you never have wealth. You just have digital coins.

>I quickly gaze this comment and can't help to smile at the obvious ignorance of it.
>I quickly go to my skycoin wallet and see the Coinhours I have generated. Peace comes over me, my mind rests and my heart sings.

Skycoin pay dividend, yall
Coun hours

I wish I had more SKY.

Concerning your thread title:
Do you have a source?

Concerning your question:
It's said that dumb questions do not exist, but come on man. This is dividend paying digital gold and that's even the least interesting part of the whole Skycoin project.

do I have to put it in a wallet like neo to get the extra points?

Yes, and like NEO you don't have to keep it online.
By the way, I don't understand why you'd want to keep it on an exchange otherwise.
You're just sitting there waiting to get GOX'd, and that goes for every coin.

well you need an exchange to accumulate

What does GOX'd mean?

Mt. Gox was an exchange that went down with 70% of bitcoin volume, everyone got fucked. Google it.

Well, Mt. Gox is a pretty cool exchange.
Check it out here:

When you get GOX'd, you will find a page
just like that instead of your funds.