Looking for the next x1000, this will change your life

It's time for me to retire so in order to give back to the community that introduced me to cryptocurrency, I decided to write a short concise handbook before I cashout all my earnings and enjoy my life.

If you plan on investing to have a return of investment of over x1000, keep reading on.
Here are the main features I used to classify ICOs that never failed me:

- the team behind the ICO must be part of a company, even better if the website has a green bar with the company on it
- check where the company is registered, if the team is from one country and they registered it in another shady place (e.g. hong kong, panama, british virgin islands, and so on) then they are in it for the money and don't care about the idea they want to develop
- do not fall for the advisors meme, as its only for publicity and do not bring any real value to the idea after the ICO
- check the development team, they must be real people and part of the company behind the ICO because they are one of the core components of the growth of the coins you will invest in
- check the founders/ceo if they are active and passionate about their work by getting involved everyday on all aspects ranging from contact with investors up to participation at events
- make sure their idea/vision/platform/product is somewhat unique and the roadmap (both development and adoption/exposure) is achievable
- check for ICOs to have market cap under $5million, best would be under $1million but these are very rare
- preferable low amount of tokens/coins in the order of millions, but not tens/hundreds/billions

You only need two up to four x1000 ICOs and you are set for life. It took me one year to achieve this, you can do it too, good luck and invest well my friends.

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finally some good fucking insight got tired of all the pajeets, shillers, linkers
gl user enjoy your life

Any good ones in the current or upcoming ICOs?



Here it is.


Beware. This is only LINK FUD.

>preferable low amount of tokens/coins in the order of millions, but not tens/hundreds/billions
A lot of good points but are you sure about this one? Normies and niggers probably like lower price per coin. Just like penny stocks, the chance of multiplied gains looks higher.

Here's the next big thing:
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This is true. Theoretically the price shouldn’t matter if the supply is super low, but normies see more potential, as mislead as it may be, in cheaper coins. You have to put yourself in the mind of the average person who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

How do you check where a company is registered?

Pls respond

not interested anymore
if they don't have money/people for a professional website, what can you expect from them? definitely no
it's the psychological effect of low value of coin(under 1 dollar or around 1 dollar) correlated with a low amount of coins (millions, can be extended but not billions and also the total resulting market cap must be low as mentioned in the original post)
this has nothing to do with telegram, the links in description point out to external websites available only in russian, most likely a scam
as mentioned in the original post, if they have a green bar, the country is included in the name between brackets, for instance if you visit apple.com/ you will see 'Apple Inc. [US]', that's what i am talking about

Your advice isn't worth shit unless you give a concrete example of a good ICO to invest in

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Fucking pajeet do your own homework. user is giving some good insight here.

That's not the original video link, I forgot what it was.
You can read the news about it on Coindesk or wherever.

x1000 ICOs are fucking rare. Shit.

I'd accept a 50x or higher

But don’t you need like $25k to be a credited investor to buy ICOs?

Also, what ICOs did you participate in?
How much did you start with, and when you started a year ago, were you a complete idiot like me or did you know exactly what you were doing?

for crypto you just need like 1 ETH to buy into ICOs

find one you like, buy in, hodl for a year, profit.

Ah, I thought it was a huge minimum entry price

That's for some pre-sale not all ico have that

Won't happend. Most coins atm are pump&dump

only a few will survive in the long run