Call it shitcoin for all I care. The triangle is formed and is on the verge of breakthrough...

Call it shitcoin for all I care. The triangle is formed and is on the verge of breakthrough. If the previous surge is of any indication, we can expect an easy 200% increase in value.

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Also HEX

200% would put this over 3k sats. I highly fucking doubt it.

I just made this thread and it got buried. Trying to help these people is a meme.

Based Chinaman thinks otherwise

> 6333333

Holly shit, this GET can not lie



Im hodling this long time .. nice gains .. and im sure it hits 5k sats Q1 or more

3000 way to high maybe 1750

Can't you guys make up any hype? At least the DBC bagholders pretend they've partnered with Disney but after the expected happened with Wraith you guys don't seem able to contain your sadness and it's making everybody uncomfortable. Post a roadmap or something, make them interested you know? Just remember you would make your families sad if you killed yourselves once you see it can't break 17 cents for longer than 1 hour so please live.

Good luck with DBC. But I will be selling Verge for a profit at ~1400

This coin is proof that you can make insane gains even with pure shit.

Correct. I hate this coin, but I don't hate money. The first rule in this racket is don't let emotions (hate) control your decisions.

this coin has been the same price for literally years

Glad I meme'd myself into a good shitcoin instead of buying Ripple at $2...i mean I have some Ripple but I'm not spending $100 for 50 bitch ass coins


Feel like I can't go one day without someone loving that absolute scamcoin

That's where you are wrong

Fun fact, I had 700k of this coin during Nov 2017, you can do the math.


Dude why do you hate money

Who cares stop being a /pol/ fag

If anything you should buy in because the jews are winning with this shit...i have other coins too fag

Lol I guess I deserve that. I'll try not to FOMO buy at $2.40.

guys what's the future of this shit? i am still holding my bags since x-mas

This is a high risk coin.
You have to believe in normies or just take your loss.
This coin has insane supply, shit tech, and development hell. It's miracle that it has made any profit at all.

People called it vapor since 1 sat
Now the coin is better than Monero.

I never listen to /biz and it made me tons.

If you're rich af do as you please...I WISH I could drop 10 bands on Ripple and Stellar rn....poorfags have to move differently with this investing shit

day trading. look at its patterns. buy high sell low

meme magic please be true




What do you people do when you want to invest in a new shitcoin? Do you put new money in or do you sell off some of your existing stash?

Don't care about hype, shit will come and price will go up, its just waiting for now and I'm planning on holding the whole year anyway most likely.

>200% would be 3.3k
>those repeating 3's

Kek wills it!

This will replace monero by the end of the year.

$0.50 by Monday

holy shit. do you know what you just did?

Holy shit, check those numbers

the literal state of biz

also Verge is shit and leaks IPs and location, XMR is superior.


But that literally only happens to Monero. Why do you like lying?


member me?
didn't work out that well tho

This is a proven scam from a scummy discord group I'm in. What happens when they suddenly decide to switch coins? There's no tech here. It dumps on all you fag bagholders that didn't believe us that it's a scam. Buy at your own risk and don't cry with your bags.

When will Vergies learn that their coins are soon going to be worth nothing?

> a proven scam
>from a scummy discord group I'm in

t. the pajeet of poostreet

>his port isn't at least 50% XVG

It's like you hate money

>20 shillpoints have been added to your account

>20 shitstreets have been added to your account

XVG and XRP are like the two most hated crypto. Digibyte used to be the most shilled, now it is Chain Link again.

Even though XRP and XVG are so hated they are going to give their long hodlrs each massive gains, just you watch, and if smart get in on it, early!