What coins to buy in the current dip?

I want to buy some more low mcap coins during the current dip. Already have some UFR which gave me good gains so far, thinking about getting more while its cheap. I looked into their website and whitepaper and for me it sounds very promising, what do you think, could it get me to moon?

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The dip was yesterday , you are late faggot

mooned quickly, retraced, on the way up again, this shits a winner winner chicken dinner

creativechain (CREA): multimedia blockchain P2P marketplace for distributed intellectual property. more power to artists by avoiding intermediaries and abusive content distribution laws => www.creativechain.org

> 10mil market cap
> low circulating supply
> volume increased 10fold since yesterday
> actual minable coin, not a poor erc20-scamtoken (top20 is all coins)
> has had longterm organic growth
> website and platform look just beautiful
> active github
> platform testnet finally started just a few days ago, full launch end of jan
> cash-in cash-out directly through ATMs ready
> marketing literally just beginning
> similar to POE but with 40x smaller market cap
> telegram already has 1000 members

imagine instagram/patreon/vimeo on a dezentralized ecosystem for content creators with blockchain proofed timestamped licensed copyright. the creators can sell their content or their copyright (or just parts of it), they get royalties, microdonations from likes/upvotes, popular content gets extra revenue through a fund, due to creativechain's decentralized nature the creators can't get censored. look how easily polarising figures get banned from patreon, youtube or twitter. look at the viewerbase of those polarising figures. then look at this project.

and: no middlemen like shutterstock who take HUGE fucking cuts from the creator's revenue and are billion $$$ companies.


Still not too late to get more UFR,
But other good ones are CREA as mentioned by CanYa on kucoin too, really all the coins being shilled on /b/ will be going up

DBC. Easy 3x in a week


You should get Drgn, REQ and UFR to be safe. All good tokens. Good luck


fuck off andrew

You should get more UFR I guess lol.


BTW if you need more alts, You can get DFS and PRL.

>> cash-in cash-out directly through ATMs ready
Okay how?

Take CREA! Huge potential


ELIX is having a pretty nice sale atm

This. CREA is by far the best lowcap opportunity right now

Do you want to follow pump and dumps? Shit everyone's shilling here.

Do you want to follow a good long term? ZRX.


this senpai

also GNX but long - term

LINK is forming the handle on its cup. It's about to blast off in the best 2-4 days.

ufr is ready to pump again, stage 2, along with the rest of the market, and cryptopia is open to registrations now too


Definitely going up to 10$. It's not over yet...


DBC best dip to buy ATH is 4600 currently 2600