Are altcoins dead now? Literally everything is in the red at the moment

Are altcoins dead now? Literally everything is in the red at the moment.

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>what is xlm

Fuck off XLM shill. That coin is shitty vapourwave and all you Pajeets shill it on Veeky Forums to get more money.

Not xlm
I'm 50% xlm right now
Feels comfy man

We wont fly to the moon, but into the sun!

Found the British cuck
Gtfo and buy xlm

Not RLC. Im half in RLC and half in the swamp

Greener and greener.


you would be in the green if you invested in REAL coins like ripple and xlm friend :)

Fuck off faggot, us Brits used to own America at one point. Our tiny island owned your whole country.

What are you gonna do about that faggot?

PS XLM is a massive shit coin

doin great ! heheh

11% SIA
64% SNM
7% CND
12% CMT

right, and now pajeets own your whole country. deal with it. :)

>What are you gonna do about that faggot?
Throw your shitty tea into the sea and you along with it, kys.



Kill yourselves XLM cucks. I hope you enjoy losing money because that's all that's gonna happen if you own XLM

ICX ADA both in the green. The hell are you smoking OP?

This guy didn't get in during the dip.

>What are you gonna do about it?

I dunno, anally fist you so hard that you abandon your designs on half of the fucking continent to lord over a sparsely populated expanse of inuit, quebecois, and mouse-brained sheepshaggers while the only thing you do in response is burn down a fucking HOUSE in a fit of autistic rage?

>Literally everything is red

Maybe stop buying shitcoins

>what is Matchpool

What you posted didn't make sense at all, and I feel like I lost a few IQ points trying to decipher it.

KYS my man.

stop larping you fucking faggot


I dunno man. It seems like getting blown the fuck out in two wars, losing any ability to project power into the territories of the United States, and having to settle for Canada is pretty easy to understand.


jealousy every one

Why would I Larp about Micro Gains?
Today is a shitty day but if you can't find anything that goes up you're just bad at this

When were altcoins ever alive?

TRX you homo

literally all last year newfriend

QASH literally stayed the same price the whole time these past few days. stable as fuck

>buys trx
Really shows that you're just a low iq cuck

>hey guys. Everything is in the green? Guess because that's what's happening at the very moment it will be like this forever and it's not going to flop between them regularly or anything like that

The mayor of London is a Muslim... you failed. Your ruled by the goat fuckers now. London is half Burkas and kabaab shops. BAKA.

>what is xlm
Still almost 30% under it's price from a week ago?

Just because some coins lost massively and now gained a tiny bit back in the last 24 hours doesn't suddenly make them a great coin.
Just like a coin that lost almost nothing during the hardest crashing or even mooned and now dropped back a bit doesn't make that "red coin" a bad perfomer, OP.

Well said user. XLM is a shit coin.

> vapourwave