Cryptopia moon missions

what the next cryptopia x5 or x10?

forgot i got 50$ laying there, wanna buy myself a ps4 with it, thanks

DP and CREA desu

CEFS, nigga, this has been the #1 recommendation for the past two weeks in ever “what should I buy on Cryptopia” thread. Are you retarded or new?

Waiting to flip some LANA atm

Don't buy PAC you'll be left holding the bag for ages

Just buy a random shitcoin and wait for it to go 500% for no appearent reason. That's how you do it on cryptopia.
CEFS, XBY and MINT have potential though.

buying some lana asap, looking nice


Obviously SUMO, monero hardfork, privacy coin, marketcap 20 mill, about to get listed on kucoin and huobi.

xby, prl or zcl

2 or 3x max on that one.
Xtrabytes is a nice coin to cash out into might do well later this year

kek sauce?
I am active in their telegram in did not see any hint of that.

>$10,000 coin
Nice. Just bought .000100k

BNB. I'm all in.

ADC big announcement coming soon

DCORP, about to be listed on some new exchanges soon

CAPP looks good

i wouldn't use cryptopia until the fix the name and logo of the real bitcoin

added to coinmarketcap today, so basically almost no one knew about it before
already have a working product
easy hold until bigger exchange pump

>later this year

Not sure if it will be that much later. In the next 1-2 months they should have patent pending status, registration, and main net. After they lock the nodes circulating supply will drop by almost 70% and price will easy 5x overnight. May want to invest in at least a little bag soon

Is no one worried about the LTC and DOGE markets still being down?


aka teh real monero

> Getting emotional when exploiting capitalism.

That's actually pretty good looking but like so many tokens, why does it exist? Why does every app need its own exclusive currency?

I knew something was happening in march. Seems to be a thing, loads of tokens should go up then

If OP doesn't buy Guncoin and Hobonickels he's a literal retard. Extremely low supply coin, not premined pajeet tokens, both less than $0.10 and of course they will be several dollars soon.

How do you know? Cause literally no one is shilling them here, everyone always wojacks cause coins always get shilled after they start the moon mission. Well today is your lucky day. These two will easily 10x and long term 100x if you are a little patient. Don't be a brainlet, we've all made awesome gains, throw $100 at each, there's literally no where for these to go but up. Also throw a little at Unitus. That's mooning very soon. You are all welcome

FLASHcoin obvi

Serious XRB competitor

I saw a +28% this week do I actually want to buy this ? or is it just a flip?

It could be March but I’m starting to hear sooner because they applied for patent status a week or two ago I believe so they should hear back pending status relatively soon. Also they’re third test net is successful and there’s only one more until release of mainnet

But yeah when the supply gets tied up supply/demand will almost instantly shoot the price up

>Why does every app need its own exclusive currency?
wasn't that the point of erc20 tokens?

Monkey coin!!


Actual new tech, super low market cap, devs confirmed they are adding to Binance soon

VRM is guaranteed 3x minimum since its price should be tied to VRC and its lagging behind now since it's on less exchanges

FLIK (It's a literal 100% shitcoin but the rapper T.I co owns it and all it takes is one tweet and about 200 thousand nigs will buy like Mayweather did)

The UFR shills are gearing up for a massive pump


if (((kraken))) goes back up I'll sling .2eth into it

Zap has circulating supply of 73.5 million tokens. Total supply is 520million, what stopping them from dumping it all???

give me an invite to /shill/


Lol market cap and coin supply mean nothing, huh.

>Zap has circulating supply of 73.5 million tokens. Total supply is 520million, what stopping them from dumping it all???
Two bulls standing on top of a mountain. The younger one says to the older one: "Hey pop, let's say we run down there and fuck one of them cows". The older one says: "No son. Lets walk down and fuck 'em all"

I'm going to bite the bullet and go for zap

SUMO 100%



PANDA coin OP!
Just getting started, thank me at 100. )

Sumokoin by far

DOT, you fucking mongs.


SUMO 100%

LUX buy 1 coin will be $400 eom

What does this mean

HUSH is kinda a meme but you know how those always get pumped..

>tries to shill
>misspells the coin

You'll get the hang of this one day, pajeet.

LTC and DOGE markets are getting their own seperate trade engines apparently. I've just read the NEWS on Cryptopia earlier. Something about going to 1 and a half million users too quick was lagging the doodacky switch,blah,blah,explosive growth,something,something.
Just bought some CEFS in case they really are turning bigtime.

i was eyeing up some for a week or so, just too expensive for me.

got some DTR instead, It looks like exchange coins might be a thing this year

UFR rocket coming Q1, buy the dip