Vechain Thor

Are we looking for a potential moon and whats the price prediction when it comes?

They said rebranding is on Jan 15.

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source that the rebranding is Jan 15?

His ass.

They said mid-January.

Rebrand starts at 15th Jan and goes on until end of Feb. Fucking dyor once

If Sunny was being truthful about how big January will be for VeChain then $40 or $50 even without PBOC.

All it takes is one big name to send it to 10 or 20 billion. BMW alone would do it.


god damn you guys are thirsty as fuck

VET is going to be the token called Thor Power?

Also, how smart is it to try to get a strength node or higher?

Should I dump all my ETH in VEN? Currently only 40%ETH 40%VEN 20%SHITCOINS

>Should I dump all my ETH in VEN? Currently only 40%ETH 40%VEN 20%SHITCOINS
>implying VEN isn't a shitcoin
top kek

60% shitcoins then

if shit gets expensive we still love it

I’m in the same boat homie. Could have bought 10k back at $1.3 but pussied out and only bought 2k. Now I’d have to all in to get 10k.

I’m really only going off NEO/GAS relation assuming this shit will float around 40% of VEN price, in which case those extra 30% VET would be bretty fuken juicy

i love golden shit

Shitcoins is how I made my money, I just NOW am finally holding some bitcoin. 1/4 mil. in shitcoins, ~80k in BTC and some cash. VEN is giving me serious Antshares vibes when it was sitting at $5.00. Not saying VEN will hit $100, but $20-$25/VEN is possible.


Walton is at least slightly better and has a smaller market cap.

I sold 1000 ANS at around $6.5 and still don’t forgive myself to this day

125k is a lot of money

i'm gonna stay easy and stay with 40% VEN... Sold all my other coins for this (XMR, BCH, SIA, ZCL, XRP...), I'm not able to watch my cryptos everyday so I'm in for the long run.

I'm a bit hesitant about ETH, I've bought at 40$ around April and I gained enough from this, time to put it somewhere else.

Probably with billions in institutional money flowing into the project because the person shilling and investing in Ven is a forbes Billionaire who invested in Facebook and ETH while the people fudding it are poor indians and middle-aged cucks.

I hold over 1k VEN aswell and can definitely see it hitting $50 one day. Shitcoins is literally the only way to make good money in crypto.

All these infographs going on about the value of Thor being 1,2,5,25$ are unrealistic. Even if all partners use Thor, it will not have this value. Just because a companies value is 10 billion does NOT mean it will spend 10 billion on Thor.

- Most VEN is held by a few people, aka, the largest nodes with biggest bonus generating Thor. This means that they can sell it a lot cheaper then all lower nodes.
- Do a calculation of all Thor being generated with current VEN holders. Then calculate how much ALL partners would be willing to spend on Thor realistically or even optimistically. You think a 10 billion company is going to spend 2 billion on Thor? Yeah, that won;t destroy any profitmargins they have... With these calculations you can find the true value of Thor
- That being said, there is one saving grace. FOMO cryptokiddies fomo buying Thor on exchanges and driving the prices up like crazy. The VeChain marketing machine can make it happen.

HurrrDurrrDurrr, my Coca-cola kid..

>Breyer is a believer! He totally won't dump on us!

Get real, he will of bought in low and probably got a huge discount as well. He's probably dumping/already dumped on dumped on you.(who did you think was putting up them sell walls. muh whales cause they want to buy back in, lmao)

sure thing retard.

Yeah either that or just long term hold a top 5 and forget about it

I get the same vibes with this one, I aint selling til EOY.

>When your only recourse is conspiracy theory

Flawed logic. Whoever told that a 10B company has / will buy 10B worth of thors. Your whole argument is based on a wrong assumption. This is fucking pathetic. It's like explaining the the theory of relativity without taking the time into account. I mean wtf? Do you even try to make a fucking argument or just hit random keys to produce a wall full of bullshit?

Whale here. If you’re really invested in Ven and can hodl it long enough, you’re not only going to ”make it”, pay up your student loans and take a trip to Maui and shit like that. We’re looking at real money here. You’re going to be able to pay bitches to do some really nasty shit. And I’m not just talking about sex. With this kind of fuck-you-money, it’s a power thing! You can make those whores do some nasty dark evil shit.. I’m talking fisting and self-mutilation just for starters. And why would you do that? LÖL let me tell you why niggers. Because after the sex, the booze, the coke, the crashed lambos, torture is the only fucking thing that can make you feel ANYTHING!

y BILLIONAIRE spends his time on crypto to make a couple millions, real? This fucker only plays with big money

wow just bought 100k cuts with all that edge

great counterargument

Say he put in a million, he would literally be 100x by now, only a retard would not cash that out

Should read this article, gives a pretty good analysis

Because it is so easy cashing out millions without causing a market crash

Are you retarded? Their has been multi-million dollar sell walls been put up for months now and you retards have been buying into them.


>Their has been
>you retards

That kid weird


Please enlighten me on what your theory is behind the sell walls. Don't tell me it is so whales can accumulate because whoever is putting up the walls is clearly not buying.

They are rebranding from "Vechain" to "Vechain Thor"

Rebranding to a two word name, which includes the original name.


Can someone explain to me in simple terms why teaming with PBoC would cause this coin to go to $500 overnight?

I have the same question. If I were trying to cash out a huge sum, wouldn't it be advantageous to do it a bit more spaced out? Or is it reverse psychology: they know an obvious sell wall will be seen as a bull sign by small fish and amateurs

They will be tracking the money supply of one of the largest central banks in the world. If you can't understand why that wont take it to the moon, get JOOSTED


It is spaced out, the walls are in increments. At least they were, there seems to be less walls now than there was earlier this/last month.

I have 40k ven, I am fully expecting 100-200 usd per day after q2. Just from thor.

Ven found a floor, the next good news will put us to 9-10 dollars imo.

they control trillions of dollars in assets

ez x10, this coin will make me retire

It might make me retire too. At fucking 24 years old, not even out of uni. lmao

This is a useless shittoken shilled hard by a discord group called "/shill/". they get points for every post and comment they make here, if they don't post every day they get banned. That's why there are VECHAIN posts here 24/7.

it's not because so many ppl like VECHAIN; it's jsut because 50 retards have to shill for it. ...most of the comments being positive about VECHAIN are all from the same group.

It's obviously nothing than a scam.

apart from the $1 trillion mc delusions, thoughts?

t. brainlet.

too stupid to dyor for 5 minutes

oh look another one

im getting nervous, you guys realize that if they dont announce good news when they rebrand we are getting dumped on so hard we are gonna be homeless right? Everyone has huge expectations for the rebranding and if they dont deliver we are homeless.

And will they be putting those trillions of dollars in assets into VeChain automatically, or is the fact that it's PBoC enough to get a ridiculous amount of people to invest in it to drive the price up that high?

Poorfag, only own 136 VEN myself, so it would be pretty nice to see it go to $500 as it would give me a solid running start, but I just don't see that happening. Even with BTC and ETH, the rises were gradual over time. Even if they announced PBoC during the rebrand, how can it get that high so fast?

they're not on VEN moron I check that discord from time to time to see what to avoid

The benefit of being a poorfag is that I'm also still a wagecuck, so I'll at least have a job and ramen to eat. :^)

Nice copy pasta faggot. You just switched the word UFR to VeChain. Waltonfags BTFO

>He thinks everyone who fuds his shitcoin is a WaltCuck

>Even with BTC and ETH, the rises were gradual over time.

Sorry where you even in crypto this time last January?

Why does VeChain have more over-the-top copypasta responses than any other crypto? I don't even remember seeing copypasta responses to crypto investments until VeChain came around.

18 here, lets swap details and fuck some bitches in vegas, shall we?

I know about 60% of this, but it is absolutely unreal.
You can not go wrong by doing what he does.
50x from here.

You’re just a poor pajeet
Calm down

to use vechain, PBoC has to buy thor. so either they buy a shitton of thor whenever they need it, thus pumping the price and making staking more profitable for vet holders OR they buy heaps of vet nodes to produce their own thor. + just the wild speculation of a blockchain being used by an entity that big would do most of the work for us

I want to snort lines and eat sushi from a naked asian prostitute. One line, 2 nigiri, one more line and so on.
Then have an orgy fuelled by coke cialis and testosterone.

Waltonfags and FUD groups out in full force attempting to scare all the newfags away kek



I literally crashed VEN almost 10k sats when I sold my stack yesterday

yes, yes, excellent choice, sir. very eloquent indeed.


Ok pajeet, if you’re saying, must be true

I've got a stack of about 1750, planning to travel to Japan if this actually takes off

have fun, because it will.

Hey there, VEN bagholders!

It's time for me to share the bags with you.

Rest assured it will start climbing now. Obvious buy.

Gone balls deep on VEN. Millionaire or fucked

1,2k here, want to go to new zealand

There is no fucked. Worst case you make a lot of money, best cast you will be rich as fuck.

You don’t have shit pajeet

guys. should i drop my icx and put the rest into VEN?

As a general rule the FUD isn't for the people responding. It's for the people lurking.

>Reverse the wall

With that much + THOR theoretical passive, I think it could be a world trip

That is my plan, 40k ven.
I want to spend the rest of my life traveling the world, eating the best food, working out and doing drugs.

Fuck off we're full
No Amerifats allowed

just hold, retards

nothing major is going to happen day to day

this is a fucking hold coin, accumulate and hold

This 100%. Walton (WTC) is a proven coin for better buy Walton dont buy ven

Kek, I swear that when people have money, they want to travel. I guess it's a freedom thing and/or the experience. I want to fulfill the dreams I had as a kid.

It doesn't matter how much I am buying, only that I am buying.

I am not on this game to lose.

thanks, just sold all my ven to get me those wtc coins.
Who needs gains anyways. But those poor guys at wtc look like they need the money.

Again the walton retards, fudding to protect their little 500$ investment. LOL Actual smartfag here, either get in VEN now or you'll just fomo in. The market will decide ;) reeeee fuckin' reeeee. And I'll give you some credit, walton will probably end up 1/10 of ven eoy, enjoy those gains big bois

I have money but I don't want to travel around the world, the world sucks everywhere and then you die.

walton shills feeling smug today because their coin got bumped 10%, so they come to vechain threads to gloat and fud

I am heavily invested In Walton, good to see others making money on Walton with me.

Not wrong either, but fuck it I'll end up in my coffin with a few stories to my name

you don't travel the world to see new places, you travel the world to meet exotic women and creampie them

Good choice I am going to buying Walton too, Walton coin to the mooning!!!

Why didnt i buy walton , fuck you ven faggots and your shitty coin being sold off by the devs

I am heavily invested In Walton, good to see others making money on Walton with me

I don't want to travel all the time.
I would just pursue my hobbies 24/7

But I would travel through all of europe, especially Italy and greece, see where all our knowledge came from, And get a taste of our history.
Egypt too, Japan for the food and crazyness. Thailand for crazy night life.

And that would be it.

Then I would get loads of growth hormones, work out twice every day, play the piano, read.
And do acid with my gf every 2 months or so.

Traveling and bodybuilding are hard to mix.