Before I came to Biz

before I came to this fucking website it used to be about the actual "tech" and supporting the "blockchain" but now I literally just place my money wherever I know there's going to be a pump or if the fucking graph looks good. I started in December and got on Biz January first and already I feel like this bubble isn't going anywhere and no one actually gives a shit about cryptos. Y'all need to understand that Normies on reddit have no idea their coin is just being pump and dumped by whales and discord groups and although it's awesome for me because $$ I can't help but feel jaded. Does anyone else feel this way and can give me a reason why blockchain is even worth anything at this point? Or all we all here just to make money cause for fucks sake, some of these coins/projects shilled on biz are so unbelievably worthless and I don't have the computer science skills to figure out whether a coin's whitepaper is strong or not.

I can see through the bullshit and shills but now I can't even decipher between a legitimate trustworthy shill and just another piece of shit pump

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watch us get rich and kill yourself

I give you .5 BCH for the girl.

Emliy rajtikovski or something. Look her up on insta

the potential for DLT is still massive. getting jaded by cynical neets and shills on Veeky Forums is a mistake.

the market is pretty irrational but that is to be expectes given institutional presence is still minimal. over 2018 and 2019 that will probably change.

also biz is to discuss the market of cryptos. there are plenty of places where the tech is discussed.

DLT got shilled about a week ago and I put no money in as I watched it get dunked on
I actually liked it before then

lol i can't tell if you are trolling or not

distributed ledger technology

This board truly makes me sad. This board is filled with people trying to deceive others into buying useless internet numbers.

One example is they will tell you "we'll all get rich" or "we'll all make it." That's not possible though because this game is zero-sum. If you want to cash out you need to sell and for a sell to be made there needs to be a buyer. Somebody bought DGB at 2200 sats. Did he win? No, of course not. He got tricked by people who told him "it will moon bro."

Another example is someone will tell you "buy X coin, bro, it's totally undervalued." This is another scam phrase because the current valuation of these coins is not based in anything predictable. There is no way of knowing what a "true" value of a coin should be because the price is heavily determined by manipulation, insiders, hype cycles, speculation and pump and dump groups. There's nothing in economics theory that tells you the real value of Monero is $400 or whatever. So when someone tells you a coin is undervalued or overvalued, in reality they have no idea and are trying to trick you.

Also, are you thinking of "long-term HODLing?" Know that these coins mostly have no real world use and these more than 2000 cryptocurrency companies and teams will not be around in 5 years. Do you really know why these companies need to use a blockchain rather than a centralized database? Let alone a cryptocurrency on top of it?

Just know that when it comes to making money - it's purely about getting other people to transfer their wealth to you. This makes people turn into liars and cheats and you shouldn't believe most things posted here.

yes this is correct, the sooner you just trade on graphs and realize all this "solid whitepaper" is newbie bullshit you will earn a lot of money

and don't chase pumps, jump out when you did 30% move to next

not that fucking difficult

omg I'm sorry I thought you meant DLT coin
holy shit

Best thing Poland has ever produced.

Before the manipulations I saw on Kucoin, I used to trade using TA really easily but if you just see the shit that's going on with high market cap coins anything can happen now. Whales pushing down the price, bots, just all around stupid shit. How is this supposed to help foster projects? if some retard decides to put a 100btc sell wall up just to scoop up some more coins

You stupid fuck... you basically described every speculative market in history (stock market, commodity, housing, art etc)... fuck off with your “muh zero sum” bullshit..

yeah. The past couple of days on biz have been honestly shit

>goes to business forum to read about tech

>replying to stale pasta

hahaah of course I'm here to make money,
but it used to be 50% money 50% belief in the coin
now I literally stopped giving a shit if the coin even works

i've seen this pasta but I replied anyway because maybe this user doesn't know how to speak in words only in pasta

Stop being such a pussy, are you not here to make money holy shit

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>is block chain even worth anything?

Clearly not a dreamer. Are you even worth anything?


More like Sobieski & Luksusowa.

I turned $20 into $3,800 over the last four years and cashed out $1.2K for myself because I wanted to buy a few guns.

Worked for me, my dude.

What cheap guns did you buy user

I only invest in projects with good tech, they never fail. If you can't tell scam coins like Tron from a coin with great technology Monero or QTUM then you're just an idiot. It doesn't take any computer science skills to figure out a coin with privacy or smart contracts or fast transactions or is being integrated with a cool project is better than a coin that does nothing.

You guys simply will not make it. I hope you leave soon. Thx.

>posts pasta
>acts like a faggot

>I don't have the computer science skills to figure out whether a coin's whitepaper is strong or not
You can learn, you can join their telegrams and see what questions people ask and how they're answered. And you still can figure out important things
> do they have a working product/prototype?
> are they doing anything new
> is it going to beat its competitors?
> if this is the solution, what's the problem?
> is it written towards investors or is it closer to a scientific paper
Most of the dumb money will get siphoned into real things.

I was writing a longpost and I also thought he meant Allegro. I still like it and have a small position with the idea of holding it for 2 years, what made you change your mind?

The audacity of you fucking retards. You come here sharing tips and analysis of crypto, when it's just a roll of the fucking dice. You're like a sad old booze hound that thinks he's got a great method for winning the coin slots. You all think you're Jordan Belfort. If you weren't £1000 deep in crypto by 2014 you're a fucking victim. If you haven't already lost most of your money, you're going to at one point. Even the photos you post of your "14k portfolio", you're not kidding anyone. Spend 10k, up 4k one day, down 4k the next. This should not be a business and finance thread it should be a help thread for problem gamblers. You're fucking pathetic. You're lazy. You have nothing going in in life. That's why you choose crypto currency. You're all too lazy to invest in real business ventures. Take me for example, a real entrepreneur. I've been buying and selling cars since I was 17. It's paid my bills for 6 years. Just this morning I bought a "spares or repairs" listing for £150. Got it running after a quick reference of the hanes manual and an hour on YouTube. Same car, similar age and millage are selling for £4500 on autotrader. Night just sell it for £4000, for a quick sale. Even if I buy a car that is truly fucked, it still has scrap value, real physical value. What do you have? Nothing. Ive also put the deposit on a car that cost 3300 but will sell for 5000 easily. And all that took was 15 mins looking for a good deal. Last year I used only £8000 to buy my uncle a van and tolls for his landscaping business, for which I'm getting £1200 per month cash for zero effort. No sleepless nights. No spending hours each day following trends (100% pointless task) and now I'm looking to buy a small piece of low grade land for forestry operations. You idiots really have no idea about business or finance. I hope bitcoin crashes to 1k most of you fucking hang yourself. Worthless posers.

No you didn't

thanks bro, just bought 100k in btc

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thx bought 1mil