ITT: Coins that actually have a really good reason to be worth 100x what they are now by eoy 2018

ITT: Coins that actually have a really good reason to be worth 100x what they are now by eoy 2018

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BAT being over $1 defeats the whole purpose of the token. If you knew anything about the project, you'd know this.

Use your brain people. Are you seriously going to fucking buy this over $1?BAT being over $1 defeats the whole purpose of the token. If you knew anything about the project, you'd know this.


If Payfair does what it's setting out to do, then 100x seems pretty reasonable



ethereum of raiblocks


>monero hardfork
>privacy coin
>excellent team of devs
>marketing A1
>getting listed on Kucoin and Huobi in the upcoming weeks

easy x100



Honestly, it's better than btc and eth, backed by IBM, being used in the real world, relatively low market cap. I'm balls deep. I think stellar will be the one true king.

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Hawala is the only coin i know that could make those gains, regarding the small market cap it still has in comparison with the product they're providing


Unironically LINK.

Granted at least two or three banks/insurance companies announces plans to utilize smartcontracts through LINK. And with PSD2 coming right at LINKs mainnet launch, it's looking extremely likely.


Why? From what ive seen the coin looks fairly legit.. I could be wrong just curious

>wants 100x
>posts 1000%
not going to make it

This fucking Pasta

it's only so low because it's been out for only a month btw

XSH. I will keep telling you people about it, and you will keep ignoring me. Mark my words, it will be worth 100$ one day

VRM and VRC actually could do this with how low the market cap for them currently is

introducing the first binary blockchain and have spiked recently without even being on a major exchange

Aigang aims to disrupt the insurance industry by creating decentralized insurance contracts based on prediction markets and IoT sensors.

The current circulating supply is 17 million tokens. With the total supply at 29million, the remaining tokens are to be released next year.

This low supply puts the market cap at ~$50million at the current price, which means it has the potential to x10 in the coming weeks, as this project is clearly a top 100 coin.

The coin just got listed on its first major exchange Kucoin 24 hours ago, and its trading volume made it second highest on the exchange.

There are many more exchanges planned in the near future which will mean more price increases.

This is an excellent buy in price right now and it wont be at this price for much longer before it increases.

The roadmap is as follows:

Phase 1

MVP development v1.0 Complete

Phase 2

PoC development v2.0 Complete

Phase 3 - 2018 Q1

Beta version. Release for Prediction Markets platform. Opening beta version of Insurance Prediction Markets platform. Blockchain environment: Ethereum Testnet.

Phase 4 - 2018 Q3

Release v1.0. Data providers integrations. API development. Stable and functioning Prediction market. Blockchain environment: Ethereum Mainnet.

Phase 5 - 2018 Q4

Release v2.0. Machine learning, real-time pricing algorithm, analytical platform, tokenised Insurance risk pools

Phase 6 - 2019 Q1

Release v3.0. Insurance Investments OTC trading platform, Insurance products development SDK.

Phase 7 - 2019 Q2

Release v4.0. Fully autonomous Insurance DAO.



Stellar, XBY, and link are the only ones that have the market cap space and use value to actually go stratospheric.

You'd be stupid as fuck not to hold 50 of each just in case one of them goes to $500+

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Sorry, you aren't going to make it

theres only one coin that is worth buying it wont x100 this year, however it might in 2 years.and that is ADA

you should be buying this up at every single opportunity because from a computer science aspect there is no other coin like it and there is no team like the team it has

Remember, you never HODL bags with ADA


came here for this

I genuinely believe that Kucoins shares KCS are about to do another 10x as the new wave of normies pile in . The exchange kicks back 50% of users withdrawal fees to Kucoin shareholders. This means KCS is actually tied to real income. the exchange is still fairly new too, daily trade volume around 200 mil, still has room to 10x to 2 bil by summer. This would also mean 10x returns for shareholders. I honestly believe we will see KCS shares at a 10 bil market cap (6x) by end of month. As soon as the smart money starts to realize they can make money off people speculatively trading bitcoin, while holding some of the coin themselves, they will be in. Don’t miss out and FOMO a month from now. Get in now on Kucoin (don’t forget to use the invitation bonus thing K7vuRx)


Would be nice but it's a tool




this is a scam. google the guy that made it. it's not his first scam

you as excited about it as I am?


ODN (Just look at Stratis' and Status' market caps. Then look at privacy coins market share. Now look at ODN's)

RLC (by far the best "blockchain-backed cloud computer/distributed OS. Could be Ethereum 2.0.)

PFR (if they properly manage to do fiat crypto and then more general purpose escrow)

Link and Req long term if they truly deliver.

There's one other coin far above all of these in potential, especially considering its still tiny market cap, but I'm not done accumulating.



1.- Very low marketcap (as of right now less than 30M).
2.- Very low circulating and total supply.
3.- Listed on only 2 exchanges (Cryptopia and Etherdelta, still not on Kucoin).
4.- More exchanges coming soon.
5.- Alpha release in February.
6.- Good dev. Communication (check reddit).
7.- Subreddit growing fast (hype is important).
8.- No competition at this moment.
9.- It’s directly tied to a real existing market:
a) Right now there’s no incentive for file sharing. Upfiring solves this.
b) A centralized network seeding can be risky. Upfiring solves this.
c) The quality and speed of the seeds is usually insufficient for the enormous ever increasing demand. Upfiring solves this.
10.- Good name and logo (for the chads who don’t like reading whitepapers).
11.- 100% white. (Founder of UFR: )
12.- No pajeets and jews allowed.


1.- Constant FUD by retards who missed the moon mission.
2.- (Yes, that’s the only con).

IoT Chain, youre fucking dumb if youre not in it

Payfair maybe

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>it’s a tool
what did he mean by that

Unironically Iota. Screencap or ignore, it's still fucking coming.

Unironically? ARK. The devs are doing everything right, keeping their heads down and pumping out great tech. Smart bridge is literally the most game changing idea I've seen a cryptobiz try to do since smart contracts


UFR could realistically be 1000%, it actually has enough room to grow with its current market cap to that extent, unlike most other coins.


I wish you idiots would stop pushing that temporary 50% number in your referral code shitposts


Thanks bro see you in lamboland



The only right answer.

You can get 10 million TRTL for like $230 right now. Or maybe just 1 million for a pizza, hop into their discord.

As soon as this shit hits an exchange us TRTL whales are going to be so rich. I"m sitting on a comfy 30 million TRTL -

Mfw I bought some for 20 dollars late last year and now it's almost 200 dollars last I checked

What about its yearly inflation mechanic and the fact that the majority of coin supply hasn't been released yet? You're saying it will x100 in spite of all that?

>BAT being over $0.10 defeats the whole purpose of the token. If you knew anything about the project, you'd know this.
>Use your brain people. Are you seriously going to fucking buy this over $0.10?BAT being over $0.10 defeats the whole purpose of the token. If you knew anything about the project, you'd know this.

This man got the right idea

their team is literally amateurs compared to RLC staff. look it up.

thank you pajeet.


Devs have been making consistent progress as evidenced by their weekly updates. Assuming this trend continues and they stick to their roadmap, a functional app and webapp will be available to the public by the end of the 2018.

Thanks brah, sitting comfy at 2x returns already, and that's with the current low dip.


Gulden NLG

yea it can take mass adoption without turning into trying to buy 1$ worth of stuff for .0000000000001 of a coin,

y r u raping cows? S; S;


This one






Yes, I'm trying to sell some bags to accumulate more and be max comfy

This will go x10 in 2018

Fuck man just check them out. They're great. I've even had contact with the devs, they're total bros. You can read their whitepaper, but the tl;dr is
>quantum computers will fuck crypto's shit up with Shor's algorithm in the near future
>they counter this with tech (to be implemented in 2018
>hasn't mooned yet
>limited supply so will hold value well
>no ICO, no premine, no scammy shit
>extremely fast
>no fees (but obviously that's to be expected)

UFR is extemely undervalued at this moment. 30M marketcap and Alpha is getting released on Q1 2018. Lots of FUD by those that missed out on it last week but it is still not too late to get in. If you are looking for a coin with a great idea, no competition, low market cap, and one of the most communicative teams then UFR is for you.

Hey that does sound pretty good.
Please don't say buy on etherdelta tho

Fuck off pajeet





That is a very good idea user, do you think the project will actually succede and isn't vaporware? If so I will legit buy 100k

Render Token.

Uses GPU mining to render photorealistic 3D animations. The company behind it, OTOY, is pretty huge in the VFX and VR space. Only ICO I've seen that's actually useful.

Where can you buy though?


>XSH hasn't mooned yet
>50 sats one month ago
>2000 sats today

already mooned you idiot. nice try pajeet

literally an ICO

OriginTrail $.10 at ICO, $10 is possible but more likey $1-9 compared to similar coins

dis man knows da wae


>30 cents each
>10 million supply
easy 20x

throwing in a few ETH into this is the best thing anyone can do right now if they don’t hate money

PayFair easily, although I think it could potentially 100x way before EOY depending on how fast the dev team progresses.

I chuckled as well


same shill pattern every time

gotta love these fantasy numbers that people pull out of their asses

so what if they mean that a coin will be worth trillions more than the entire current crypto market?