Shill me your gems available only on our favorite normie haven

Shill me your gems available only on our favorite normie haven.

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bought DOM - domaintoken
bought PLC - pluscoin
>what the fuck am I doing with my life

PLC claims to be partners with:
>Burger King

seems legit


>Decentralized escrow. Escrow has a huge market cap.
>Not much competition.
>Soon fiat crypto. I know I'll personally use it to cash in/out (solves a real problem right away).
>Tiny market cap, about 16m right now.
>Site redesign + new whitepaper coming soon.
>Devs are super communicative on Telegram, seem to be working nonstop.
>You can get passive income if you run an escrow/trust node, and it's pretty good returns too. Check Telegram, someone has done the math.

This is an easy x10.
Could do x100 by eoy, taking into account how increasingly more regulation is going to make cashing in and out harder - and not to mention all the other possible uses for escrow, including physical goods crypto.

Already balls deep in PFR user, looking for 1-2 more moonshots

inb4 fbi

TAU. Picrelated


>163 mcap

Looking for less than or around 20m

BitDegree (BDG)
>Just listed on EtherDelta today
>First education platform on the blockchain
> Huge team and big advisers (Co-Founder of EA is on the board)
>Current market cap of around $150Mil, (50c * circulating supply 336Mil)
>Working product, they have multiple courses already on the platform
>Partnerships with other coins, Ethos and Zcoin
>Currently only 4x on the ICO price, great time to get in before it gets listed on other exchanges.
You can get it here


All of these coins have 10x-100x potential depending on how bitcoin and ethereum perform in the coming months.

why does this even need a blockchain

Their main idea is to turn the online education system on its head. Students are rewarded (in BDG) for finishing courses and businesses can be sure their employees or students who take the course actually finish the thing. Main problem with online courses is there is only a 5% completion rate. BitDegree aims to incentivise students to learn and to give businesses platforms to hold their training courses for staff/applicants to the business.

Integrate SAP and CRM ERP and SCM system. Partnership with Electric General. Tldr it's a coin specialized in business application for traditional (=non blockchain) and modern companies (=blockchain)

>150.000.000$ cap
Too much, no thanks


It's a first starter in its area and similar websites like Coursera and Udemy have market caps of 1.5Bil+.
If you don't believe Education + blockchain can attract normies it's your 10x loss my dude.

holy shit.
can anyone FUD this or i go all-in??

>Partnership with Electric General.

Telcoin is avaliable on EtherDelta if you add the contract address.

It was released today, so a pretty solid buy. But DYOR

How the fuck do I reliably use ED? I get continuous errors about not having enough even with 0.2 ETH left in my wallet, and sometimes it just suddenly works after like 10 tries. I always set the gas price to the recommended one, not even the lowest safe one, and yet the same thing happens.

Coins always dump hard a day or so after they are released.

That's a cute picture

wtf is telcoin


Are there any good cheap masternode coins on ED? I have several thousands of dollars to burn

I own 60k PFR and I truly believe in the project so I can offer you some healthy FUD to show you this isn't some stupid PnD like UFR:
>Website/whitepaper are kinda rough around the edges (web devs have been hired though)
>Nothing flashy about the team, just 4 hardworking guys in a basement
>Virtually no marketing (but a promotional video is in the works and should be done this month)

DYOR nigga.

If you think that's true, wait for it to dump and then buy

shitcoin that scammed ico holders by increased the price after people bought. There is like 100bil supply about to dump hard lol.

EDT, EtherDelta ICO token

ethbet EBET

Salty you missed the ICO?


Hi everybody, I am doing community work in the region where I live, in case I want to contribute, I will be very grateful.


Any indication as to when it's going up?

INS only available through smart HUGE ico 19k on telegram

this thread is for low cap coins that are only on etherdelta you dumb fucking faggot do you not know how to read?



Accelerator Network

EXRN bruh

You need 40-60


>50 Mill Market Cap
> On KuCoin
>A crowdfunding, payment ledger, and lending platform.
>So basically does the functionality of Request, SALT and Kickstarter
>Dope Name

Buy the dip.

this one looks interesting, is dev team anonymous?

guys if you want us to buy your shitcoin at least add a sentence or two about what it does/why we should buy it. PFR has been the only good shill on this thread and I already own it cuz I'm not a retard

You better get PFR, these autistic devs are working so hard they’re forgettint their marketing. This shit is gonna moon so hard when the word gets out.

Don’t go all in, go 50%. But yeah it will probably go x10 soon. Be safe.

when will they drop marketing piece ?

fuck yessss


Whitepaper is in size 16 font. That kept me out honestly. Also a bunch of 20 year old russkies are the team.

>EXRN will be distributed to the address from which you contribute (up to 4 days).

If I sent ETH from my Kucoin ETH wallet, how do I exactly retrieve my purchased EXRN?

you need to send from a wallet like metamask
and buy from ed, it's cheaper.