THE NEWS IS HERE and Asian markets are going to drive LINK into Andromeda

THE NEWS IS HERE and Asian markets are going to drive LINK into Andromeda

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elaborate man

>this just in, this just in
>Sergey won the weekly bigmac eating contest
>he didn't even try
congratulations, senpai.

We testnet now.

??̴???????̡?̧ ?̡ ?́

That's old. That's been up for awhile some of the links are purple for me.

i-is this new famalam!!?

Go run an oracle, user

The page itself may be old but instructions on running an oracle are new for testnet nigga

i'm too much of a brainlet to handle an oracle, but i'm excited for testnet. true if big.

already priced in

So what you're saying is... It's an old stinky turd that Sergey dredged up from the depths of the toilet bowl, but this time he polished it a little in an attempt to trade it for more bigmacs?

Can you fucking elaborate or ELI5?

I'm not a programmer/coder/developer/tech guy. What the fuck does this mean?


Sell the news

if you want people to talk to you like you're a child, go to /b/.

I didn't realize everyone on Veeky Forums was a programmer. Fuck you.

settle down pervert, this is a family board.

Veeky Forums has so much reddit and normie spillover jesus. It's not like this on any other board.

Ironic considering normie is a reddit buzzword that replaced normalfag which has been used here for nearly a decade

Who cares? Link will never get past $2 stop wasting your money on this shit and start buying dcorp

>go back to r.eddit you piece of shit

He looked confused when they handed him the trophy. I don't think he realised there was a competition going on

so there was an actual update?

As far as I'm concerned ___fag is pretty outdated now. Rarely see it, I don't venture to many boards anymore either.