Ive realized I just want fame. I want people to know im rich. How do I cure myself of this ailment

Ive realized I just want fame. I want people to know im rich. How do I cure myself of this ailment

Get rich

get rich

Watch straight porn

get rich and famous, duh

Do you realize if you truly wanted this outcome, user.......you could achieve it?

Just let her go user. She's moved on and she's happy.

Stop being retarded

I want to be rich because i want to live a comfy life, i don't give a shit what people think and neither should you.

Get rich, get buff, start an instagram

but it helps with people

Why the fuck would you want fame? So some random ruck comes up to while you're trying to eat or go shopping or some shit and now you have to talk to them because they recognise you? And if you don't act the right way to them then you're a "famous douchebag?"
The ideal life is maximum wealth with minimum fame. Fuck fame.


Becoming famous for being rich is the most pathetic form of fame. Even Trump had a better stick than that.

Maybe you want friends and just think you want fame.

Its hard but we need to resist. Normies deep down hate all successful people except movie stars and the likes. Revealing richness among normiefriends means you need to soon pivot to new social circle of similarly rich people which is hard.

Ive always wondered why the majority of people want fame. I'd rather be unknown or rich+unknown.

But yeah, everyone is right. Become rich and start an instagram or whatever the trendy social app is once you become rich. Then just pay services to get you a ton of real followers and grow it with the sole intent of being famous.

>How do I cure myself of this ailment

By getting what you want. Once You Have something you stop caring about it, then you can have a new goal

Realize that the part of you that wants fame isn't really you. It's the ego program in your brain that looks for an identity in the external world. Focus on your body for 10 minutes and try to realize who you really are. *Hint* all thoughts that are of the past/future or really anything in words, isn't you. You don't need a language to talk to yourself.

Being famous for being famous is worse

listen to nigger music like 21savage saying how rich they are then play it in your lambo. Yeah my nigger.

Go visit Martin Shkreli in his little concrete box.

That's what fame gets you.

Fuck people and fuck you too

With a bullet to your head.

this gentleman gets it

this. I just want to be comfy.

I've had the same question for a while as well.

Go out for fame? That would imply people watching over you 24/7, including burglars and whatnot. However, this could maximize impact (for example during business deals, social impact etc).

Or should one avoid fame? This would return more freedom, but less impact.

Of course, money is a no-brainer. Always go for money.

Veeky Forums help me out here.

This user is right.

you can have impact without the unnecessary fame. fuck that. try and avoid publicity and retire in a secluded mansion ya feel

>but less impact

I dont know, You can be an anonymous donor or run a business with impact without being the face of it. The type of impact itll give you in business deals would be negligible. You are well known so theyll try to charge you more or they might try to give you a deal in your favor in return for trying to call in favors in the future to use your fame to their advantage. I dont see where fame gives you an advantage unless your goal is to sell products with your fame but if you're rich then whats the point of that.

Fame is good if you know how to leverage it.

If you can charge 10k just for showing up to some shitty event, you don't give a fuck about your crypto portfolio and just buy another 20 condo complex at the end of the year and after 3 years can use your fame to advance whatever fucked up cause you like and don't care about the consequences for you and the next 5 generations.

But if you just buy lambos and hookers you are fucked.

In short. Get fame, but don't be a nigger.

Act nigger rich for a week and get it out of your system.