Where are all of the titanium forged hands? Oh yeah, Pro-DBC Thread as well. We shall come together as brothers...

Where are all of the titanium forged hands? Oh yeah, Pro-DBC Thread as well. We shall come together as brothers. We will all be rewarded soon.

24k reporting for duty

Got in at .10 sold at $1.00 I don't hold shit coins for longer than 10x profit

80k, still at about 10k profits. Bags are getting heavy though, I want all this money back in neo asap before the elastos ico.

Let us come together as brothers and HOLD!!!

BNTY is going x3-x4 in 6 weeks give or take. If you're selling this coin without having even looked at the roadmap you deserve to never get rich.

I'm getting pretty nervous about both my BNTY and DBC but I'll hodl for a bit more. Thanks for being there for me Veeky Forums

Honestly the growth in this coin is going to surpass the growth on Eth over the next few weeks.

That alone is the best reason to hold it.

Eth MAY hit $2k. For a 100% gain.

This is very likely going to bounce back to $1.. MINIMUM... and far more likely to strech toward s $2-3.



Man, the markets are being manipulated by the whales. I'll eat my own dick if BNTY doesn't reach 2.40 in 4 weeks. 2.0 in 4-5 weeks and official release soon after.

I’m getting nervous. All this FUD about both these coins being dead and won’t recover...even TA fags who urged us to go all in are now gtfoing after TA results. Give us hope, sheriffs and brainlets. Tell me there will be a rebound and breaking the ATH

BNTY being over $1 defeats the whole purpose of the coin. If you knew anything about the project, you'd know this.

Use your brain people. Are you seriously going to fucking buy this over $1?

please leave this thread and this board brainlet

Kno this, Before this rebounds, most if not all of you will have sold. stop wasting time and get to it.

Hey plankton. Whale here. This coin is mine. Don't expect it to go anywhere for a few more months.

I'm deep in the profits so I'm not selling any time soon

Dont listen to whale fud!

i put about 900 bucks into this when it was 8 cents. would be nice to get 10K back out of it but should i just take my 6K and gtfo? not sure if it's worth waiting for 2 months just to hit 10K when i can catch some other moon missions.

i was all in dbc from 14c
randomly jumped into bnty and it just kept going on when dbc wasnt doing anything yet then i took my bnty profits into dbc and now

here we are

still up $2,000 tho

hes not a fucking seer pal, he doesn't know how long it will take to hit 1 dollar

no one will care when you die and your family will be relieved