Can't believe you bastards tricked me into buying this shit

Can't believe you bastards tricked me into buying this shit

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shill me on this

You're welcome

I’m wainting for the $10 on req lol.

Who's that?

>beached whale

Someone needs to put that poor beast thing out of its misery.

I've sadi this at .15 cents, .20, .25, .30, .35, .40, .45, .50, .55, .60, .65, .70, .75, .80, .85, .90, 95, $1, $1.15 & $1.25... Anybody who buys this worthless shit token that will NEVER gain any value is a fucking idiot! Hahaha enjoy your heavy ass bags faggots. LINK SUCKS, you'll never make any gains. hahahaha faggots.

Its the domain name that keeps me in, that shit must be worth billions alone

>said this at 20, .25, .30, .35, .40, .45, .50, .55, .60, .65, .70, .75, .80, .85, .90, 95, $1, $1.15 & $1.25.
>you'll never make any gains

good sir could it be that you are one of the ..special kind?

top tier ironic reverse FUD familial

Sorry for your ATH bags I got in at $.20



>tricked me into buy link

You ungrateful Piece of shit, sell that fucking link and I'll buy them right now faggot

>talking shit about owning LINK
Get the fuck out of the rocket faggot, you don't deserve to be with us during liftoff

$0.25/$0.30 to $1.25 is fairly solid gains for a month or two, who cares what coin it is? I Don't really get that statement

this. thread/

basically what LINK fud sounds like to me. Im biased thought because I spent 20k on LINK at .15 cents. it can drop 75% and I still made gains.

Im being sarcastic faggot.

should've bought MGXL


cmon man

Regardless of your sarcasm there's people that think the project is dumping but it's continued to rise

I volunteer to harpoon this whale

I know those people deserve to stay poor. Two things that matter in this universe. Memes & Tech.

Scam Coin

Most obvious cup and handle ever, which people called on here all day. Engage thrusters.

>t. low test soyboy

who is this

What are you going on about you weak handed pajeet, hold till the end of the month and stay of biz if your fuding that bad

Yeah totally bro you should join my discord @ dd.gOFucKUrseLF where we pump coins like crazy dude

We told you already, didn't we? It's called rent free, steady growth, priced in, you name it. You will be rich. rich.

This is a useless shittoken shilled hard by a discord group called "/shill/". they get points for every post and comment they make here, if they don't post every day they get banned. That's why there are LINK posts here 24/7.

it's not because so many ppl like LINK; it's jsut because 50 retards have to shill for it. ...most of the comments being positive about LINK are all from the same group.

It's obviously nothing than a scam.
>20 shillpoints have been added to your account

It isn't called /shill/, it's called Delta Lloyd.

now i feel kinda bad in joining in the memeing.

i really thought everybody knew that it is a meme and i might have memingly recommended an user to invest his uncle's 30k into LINK

fuk, hope he is ok

Some French actress

jesus christ, user. I just finished fappin

Literally who?


This FUD is so desperate

If you bought above $.30 you are a giant sucker. I seriously can't believe people are buying link +$1

Everything is selling off now.

Chill out and come back in 4 days.

I got a fever, and the only prescription, is more link

You told me to wait 4 days 2 days ago

Anyone have any link conspiracies?

I don't get the same vibe as other coins something feels like it's going on behind the scenes with chainlink

Yeah, major corporations are working with sergey atm behind the scenes

lol this shitcoins only got value because Bitcoin gained value.

Don't really care to speculate, I just know that when main net is released and the partners are revealed, it's going to blow peoples mind. To the point where I think that swift will be insignificant.

whales bought sub 20c and are shilling LINK on Veeky Forums to form a artificial cup and handle so that biztards fomo in and we all get dumped on shortly after that

It's rumored that the reason Sergey has saved so many coins for the team is that they're planning to partner with mcdonalds and give one chainlink free to everyone who purchases a big mac.
He showed this feature off by eating 2 big macs in the restroom while live streaming at SIBOS and claiming the chainlink codes.
Dont tell anyone

This cold hard reality of this situation. I was scammed out of thousands by these fucking discord groups. I fucking hate my life.

implying Veeky Forums has enough equity to dump on.


Biz does have the equity... It's just all in link.

100% Link since pre-Sibos.

Fuck pajeet fud. Link is the Chosen one!

Can somebody pls tell me the origin of this maymay

The majority of LINK isn't even in circulation. Tell me how the fuck Veeky Forums could be anything but a small factor in LINK's price

>cancer: roastie edition
Can we have execution chambers for "people" who try this hard?