Gains while deployed

Found out im getting deployed to undisclosed haji shithole. Anyone here had experienced with trying to access the markets while down range?

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Go all in VEN, come back a millionaire (if you come back) let me handle your coins just in case.

just buy long term hold coins
monero, bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum ect.

Bump, thank you for your service, stay alive user.

mein nigga. thanks. I'll be good. just want to keep the gains flowing

>going to turkey
>get combat pay and no capital gains while working my usual 7-5 hours

Sucks to be you.

If I were in your spot I'd just buy btc, xmr, eth and ltc. Unrelated, I've always wated to serve but ultimately also don't want to serve Israel. You have an opinion on that. Should I just do it before I get too old or give up on muh patriotism. I don't really need the money or benefits, doing good on those ends; would just be doing for my own sense of patriotism.

thank u 4 ur cervix
hope you have some good longterm HODLs

trust me. It's a dilemma. you'd honestly be surprised how many redpilled /ourguy/s are in the infantry though.

nice. just put most of your money into decent coins like eth, and a bit into volatile ones. By the time you come back you will have more money, no need to access it overseas just hold. youll prob make more money holding anyway

i got banned from cuckbase for using it in afghanistan. In the end, they did me a favor.

not sure if you're seriously supporting nazis or whatever. As a serviceman, you should know that the nazis were our enemy, and also that if someone finds out you are in support of that kind of thing you will get kicked out and ridiculed no commander will support ya. I know you didn't state anything for sure, just saying

May your wife have a baby by a coastie

pick up some links too.
people say its some chink scam coin run out of a nail salon in san francisco..
might be able to pull some gains out of it.


OP, get polonibot and run it somewhere.
Come back and you'll remain green.

Trading bots are your friend.

the wrong side won and Hitler did nothing wrong. I unironically say that, and my commander is a bigger closet nazi than me. eat a bag of crispy dicks coastcuck

>if you come back

really? is it on an IP ban there? thanks for the heads up

Look at this fucking cuck.

Best of luck OP. I hate the idea of fighting for Israel, but a self aware US soldier is OK in my book.

ok. So what do you think of fellow non-white servicemen? There are plenty of good black, hispanic, jewish, etc soldiers. If you really think that the US should be modeled after nazi germany you're a dumbass.

idk really. I also logged in using a US vpn a few times (nordvpn). It could have been either one, CB gave no explanation. I only used that account for buying and holding, never withdrew any coins to another address, so I assume it was an IP ban. Had no issues with any other exchange

Here lies user
His last message

"fuck this shitcoin, seriously"

>Good black, hispanic, jewish soldiers

eth, ltc, xmr and, unironically ven and coss

Good luck btw. Please don't die user.

so you've never met a good serviceman who wasn't white? We both know that isn't true.

>dying for the interests of others
Imagine being this much of a cuck

Thanks man, food for thought. I'm already damn near 30 so I'll either sign or not before then.
>((Our enemy))

Dear waifu, please invest all of my SGLI into pajeet ICO: zykloncoin (ZYK). 6000000% easy

Even Luffy would undertand the mans romance in service
6gorillion perecent gains

Lol deployed what a KEK

Yeah, enjoy getting mutilated/killed

Do we still send troops to places with no WiFi?

>>going to turkey
>>get combat pay

I spent moneyto go to a cheap Turkish resort in Marmaris a decade ago. The food poisoning and constant scam attempts gave me PTSD. I would refuse combat pay to go there again.

I meant to say I would refuse to go there again even with combat pay hurr

German Bundeswehr fag here, same story bro basically, difference is i get to go home during the weekends.

Half the servicemen in the US military are nazis. You wouldn't know that though because your a clueless faggot who wandered in here from Reddit.

Good luck out there user, hope you get rich

I'll be in the same position and plan to let my brother handle my portfolio while I'm away. Also to the fag here shitting on nazis yes I'm an /ourguy/.


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You need to buy EGAS and hold it long term, it has huge potential. 13M Max supply and it costs pennies right now. Great concept and active twitter. mooncoin material.
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