DBC Suicide Support Group

Eventually Brian will come along and convince us not to end it all...

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it's been 3 days faggot

The liquidity isnt there anymore dont worry.
All exchanges are seeing lower volume just wait for the volume to come back or wait for dbc to be listed on binance.

you guys got ADHD or something? it's not even a fucking week yet!

NEO conference is where we will put fuel in the rocket. Moon after. I bought in at .16 so im chillin either way.

I bought in at 12c and wish I sold at 60c but hindsight is 20/20 innit

feels like bounty, sold bounty for this. feels like bounty all over again

Shitcoin, run by chinks with no working product. I'll pass.

Hello, this is Lain.

I tried to warn you. Why didn't you listen? I posted charts showing this exact dip days before, even though I was no longer holding, specifically directed as a warning to Veeky Forums.

Why didn't you listen? All you had to do was listen. You could have been saved.

I bought another 1200 DBC a few minutes ago


I sold 75% of my dbc (not at a loss) to get into aix and now it's down too

I placed a sell order for 75% of it in case it moons while I'm sleeping but something tells me it's not

it's not really a big deal because I don't plan to cash out until I've made millions but I'm just kinda low on dopamine right now and need to see a really big green candle

actually, I guess I'm gonna get my cash together and go make a deposit at the ATM so I can go a little deeper into bearmode

Fuck off retarded faggot, you only make 1 call out of 100 hit the mark. Stop LARPing, cryptomarkets are too volatile and affected by unpredictable things that it can't be fucking crystal balled with your autistic TA. Whenever you're wrong (most of the time) you don't mention afterwards your shitty calls. After you make one right call you start spamming it everywhere.

How are your TRX and CAN holdings going faggot

drop all of your bags here
t. whaleman

TRX will moon hard if BTC ever allows it. It already dipped to a full 61.8% retrace and people are still drooling over its last moon and prices will soar once gets a good starter pump.

CAN looks like shit, but there aren't many coins on Ku now, and the user base is constantly expanding. Once alts start going again and volume increases, CAN has plenty of room to grow as it has yet to see its big pump. HODL.

Its just waiting for alts now...waiting.....waiting.....waiting....waiting....

EGAS has a 13 mil max coin supply and the price is sub 10cents right now. Even if it turns out to be a scamcoin it will definitely get pumped to $1 before then and that will only put it at 13m market cap.
Take a look@ coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ethgas/


Jesus it just keeps going lower and lower LOL...bought in at .47 like an idiot, all I can do is laugh at how bad of a decision that was at this point.

why is this tanking so hard at the moment, has been fairly stable the last few days at its dip

Whales aren't supporting it anymore, it's dead

cause this faggot pajeet just took a shit in the street

brainlets please tell me itll be okay

Bought in at .9, won't sell just yet, but starting to get a little scared.


We might actually see .10 before morning.

time to end it all

haha holy fuck!!!!!

I hope it doesnt happen for the sake of my Veeky Forums bros, but I got out at 45cents and been waiting for an reentry point, 10 cents would be christmas for me lol.

I'm going to actually wait for this to hit 0 just as a learning experience to myself.

I'm 100% in on DBC.

This has been a spectacular failure for me this week. I dropped 40% over the past few days, said fuck it and went 100% in on DBC and now I'm 40% down on that too.

Yeah...I'm grabbing my shotgun... nice knowing you.

I actually did not think something like this was possible given the hype behind the coin and it’s backing

As long as you hold for a few months you will make it back to .50, but I do think it will take awhile. It needs to dump a lot more first. Anyone who bought cheap should take profits tho.

Hit 2000 jesus im sorry DBC holders

kek knows you'll be just fine, user

Everyone get the fuck out of DBC right now

anything is possible when whales completely annihilate your coin. this shit was still rising when the whole market was going down a few days ago until whales dumped like 700 eth at once and are letting it drop to nothing now

>trading competitions and whale manipulation
>DBC has bad communication
>bad marketing
>slow websites and they don't clarify things, for example their relationship with Disney
Everyone is going to think it's just a PnD pajeetcoin with no real value. This seems like a long hold before they fix their issues.

I don't get the point of ruining a coin you hold. I know they made a shit ton of profit already but it was going up when the market was bad, why not sell incrementally and not crash it


I’ll still hold for the fuck of it because I bought in early and it’s still a new coin. But man, this must be super demoralizing for the people who got in at the pumpt o like 60 a few days ago

.28 is too high
we need to find the floor
let's go deeper

You know, I hit fucking quads when I'm posting how much of a catastrophic failure I am at crypto, but when the dude who posts your BTC address on his site for donations asks for trips I can't get them in 100 tries

because they will buy back when it crashes to 10 cents and 10x their stack.

Remember boys, you should never invest money you aren't willing to lose

Don't worry, you'll make it eventually.

But isn't the damage to the coin enough to make people not want to buy in at even 10c? Ruining their stack

I could have sold all of this shit at .68 but kept half fucking kill me.

Also bag holding AIX and ACT still. I want to die



Tfw you sell all your WTC and LINK to buy DBC and it dumps

Fuck this coin, few weeks in crypto time is months. Their fucking team has to step up.

testing critical support line, buy or sell opportunity?? you decide

Zoom out on the chart. You see the very begining? If you bought anywhere around there or were an ICO holder then literally anywhere above that is profit. Don't let autism food poster lead you to beleive that everyone is in this for friendship and community. They are taking profits and will continue to take profits. If you didn't get in early you should have dramatically mitigated your risk. I got in a 700 sats for 60k. I have since sold 50k and moved on. I am still holding 10k for NEXT YEAR. Are you willing to hodl for that long? Let this be a learning experience.

Just sell all your shit for WTC, that has bigger potential than this.

Take a break from crypto for a month m8 and come back refreshed. It changed my life.

Good time to buy tho desu

this lol.

Abandon chink coins BUY AMERICAN

We all know what happened to bounty

lol dawg all I see is meme lines

When will I wake up from this nightmare. I bought this coin at .40 because I legit believed in it. Thats the worst part. I didn't even see any of the shilling on here, I wasnt ever on. Thats why I didn't sell at .65

Now I literally am going mad, and its a holiday weekend so i get to go extra crazy at home.

Tfw sold at .59, 4xing my money, and then putting it into Zap and 3xing in 24 hours. Sorry Brain gang, you gotta be sharper.

The devil is going to fuck DBC now guys

Bought near ATH, i want to KMS myself

>what is a descending triangle

It is it seems but something feels off. I feel like some big monster is waiting at a certain dip, really odd feeling. I mean reaaly has me wondering.

I would not seel yet you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by waiting my friend.

However something feels off about the way it is doing, something is strange. Like I said I feel something like a monster is waiting. It is not a whale I have been watching the market and last night when it started dipping someone posted a buy order for 700k DBC but it never reached him. I think whoever it is might be waiting.

Like a disturbance in the force or something. I wouldnt call the thing a whale, he wasnt pushing the price down. He was only buying.

Something strange cometh I think, careful.


thats selling at triple the price it is now faggot

Just saying it's heavily manipulated, faggot.

Are you seriously, for the first time ever, not being positive about this?

brah you best lie down and take a nap

holy shit are you fucking kidding me. Hope you sell and go all in on link god speed

It will be listed on Huobi 14th January, that will get up, buy now.

Any CIA/NSA fags here? Can't you guys just drone this motherfucker? Seriously... This is getting ridiculous.

hope this isnt wearing on you too much mentally, ive seen you in literally every DBC thread since it got listed on kucoin. these bags are fuckin heavy and i bought at $0.08

...It was listed on Houbi on the 10th... There has been a buy/sell competetion on the coin since then, lasts until the 17th.

Heh, he suddenly disappeared. Thanks CIA/NSA! You guys are bros

There was a 725K sell order just a little while ago

I am being positive the monster isnt a bad whale.

No my friend lol no worry here I know our destiny.

It's already bouncing back.

I'm confused. Then what the hell is this monster? monster usually means bad thing....

it's been 'bouncing back' all night, it starts to recover then plummets even lower than the last time.

If the whale really wanted to buy he would've bought in small increments as the price dropped. If the wall is gone, he probably already bought

You had quints.

Watch for whales as they cockblock any kind of recovery. Bounces right off them.

Thats what I mean someone big is watching the bottom, its odd. lol wonder who it is, such a mystery so exciting.

That isnt him, it didnt reach his buy order last night.

I've never seen whales do this before so intensely. Why would they focus so hard on a coin the bring down as much as possible?

the buy whales are gone. they abandoned this coin.

Is dbc jesus here?

Guess a monster is a strong word, but I dont consider it always a bad word. Whatever it was it was big and haulted the dump last night. I didnt say anything but it wasnt disney that did that hault. It was the big dude at the bottom. I didnt want to point it out because frankly I thought it might be disney helping but not so sure now. So fun to think about lol

I watched his order, I saw him not buy or get close. and he kept getting more, like he was transferring etch or something, his order started at 550k and then it shot up to 580k, then to 600k, then to 650k, then to 700k. By then his order was outpaced and he wouldnt budge.

You think he is waiting until he feels it cant bleed anymore and buy up as much as possible? Lol is monster>whale?

I would say they want to accumulate and they want it at a low.

But that big monster was waiting, and it scared them I am sure of it. Think of something that eats whales. Perhaps it is gone but if its still there it will be fun to see it pop up.

At the time of his order it would be roughly 200k usd dollars he was buying with off the order.

Bought at 0.6, holding tho, stress free.
Not doing anything hasty.

I guess it could be called a giant squid, they eat whales. lol BRIAN GANG ITS A FREAKIN SQUID!

No bullshitting, but I'd buy someone inside of the Disney project putting money down in this because they know the value of their product.

Oh wait, maybe a KRAKEN it could be called a KRAKEN! That is what my bro said, some mythical creature from the depths. lol

I mean I hear all the shittalking on here and it freaks me out, but the more I think about it, if I had a coin that I TRULY believed was going to be huge and I was a huge whale, I would be doing this. I would be freaking murdering it dead until I could buy like half hte supply for a dime and make insane amounts of money.

Seriously, DBC is not a shit coin. Its not some random coin popping up with some halfassed white paper. Sure there isnt a product, but this is a legit company with the top AI minds in the world, with a clear profressional schedule. This isnt like tron or all those other shit coins, and yet its getting murdered the hardest.

Maybe its wishful thinkiing, but if I was a massive whale, this is what I would be doing.

I thought at first it was maybe someone from Neo or DBC itself, perhaps someone with a large investment in it.

I am not sure if its still there but if it is watch the buy orders, it appeared suddenly like just popped up when it reached down near .28 like he was sitting there and tried to swallow a whales DBC that was pushing down the market.

Oh if I won the lottery I would just wait till the whales put up and I would put orders on buying everything under 60 cents. Just swallow them all up for my BRAIN GANG.

I shall nickname the monster of the dip KRAKEN. lol