People still buying this obvious scam?
Holy shit

>holding like in 2018
>after its been PnD'd a million times

enjoy dislocating your shoulders carrying those fuckin bags

No. Please let me accumulate until Monday. Please.

lol this shitcoins only got value because Bitcoin gained value.

>you guys are don't want to not be in link this weekend.
oh i'm in link

Enjoy the dump.
I might pick up some scraps at .60$.

>not DGB
end it all

Only got 20k link reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

God I fucking love my stinky linkies

Excuse me?

ill dislocate my load from my nutts right into your mouth, how bao dah?

I seriously hope this isn't pumping from that fake link earlier claiming testnet was up and working.

It is.

Real test net doesn't launch until next week. Check the price by Wednesday.

That's obviously how a chart works :^)

I honestly want this to dump hard into like 60 cents so I can pick it up but thats a hail mary


source on this?

what the cup and hurrdurrdle?

This is nothing. It's jv ball. Its crashing as we speak.

You're all deluded, there's no reason for LINK to pump like that right now.

1k linklet here, will i make it?

wont be able to retire, but you will be able to buy a nice car.

I bought the dip and I'm LIKE reallly smart. - DT

Do. Not. Fucking. Sell.
You could possibly be a millionaire in two years.

Can't wait for all the pink wojaks that will follow realization that this was the highest it was this year.

>Can't wait for all the pink wojaks that will follow realization that this was the lowest it was this year.

I'll monitor link threads just to mock you

looking at the spread on binance and this looks really good short term. If you looking for a plus 10% this is a good time to get in. Not a lot of sell walls and some good support from large buy orders.

it's funny that you'd even take a 1yr screenshot that's been MSpainted seriously.

And I'll be sure to add your reply to the FUD folder

guys.... He is DEAD. Dev's partner killed him for the loses and is on the run in Europe.

>you guys are don't want to not be in link this weekend



im literally watching the graph and it isnt you fucking mong

don't worry, that's just the people who bought high getting rid of their bags. soon it moons.

Polo suspended their stellar wallet!?

It's starting to look like accumulation...look at those long consistent candles.

>being this butthurt about people mocking your token

Linkies have serious problems kek, that's real autism at work folks


hhaaha is scam stinkie linkys do not buy but sell