Hey guys, your Boi CanYa here with another sweet pic, This is a guide on how to reverse 2X triple nosedive into nothing!

Anyone else know my feels?

fucking lol I thought I had it bad

I'm on this pajeetrain. fuck me

just look at it's name, you foolish bag-holders
you traded a good coin for that piece of shit
and now you're getting punished for your arrogance

CanYa hold these bags?

make gains from your previous failures, hold UTK for a week

Going up now, no way can it get any lower, right?

lol what happens when you divide by 0?

It's not only CanYa, 80% of Kucoin coins crashes hard

jesus christ I hope so. I'm a fool for buying back in after the first pump. I hate myself

I am shreked, talk about baggage.

Time to buy

I fucking bought AIX.. Please tell me there is hope still for AIX.

Buy more

I have 1697 of these. Fuck life right now.

that's how you lose 66% of your btc, I had regrets at 45% loss

Fucked up and bought 694 at 7 USD

Worst investment of my life, but it unironically is oversold beyond belief with a 25M circulating supply.

I bought DeepBrqinChain, i fell for the meme. I Guess AI is not a great deal

Unironically going back up right now, we in there boys

This made me feel better. I just took a sip for you.

Still only 30% of my portfolio but Jesus Christ in heaven please have mercy for my soul.

that one will be just fine, brainfam

prayers up for chad

My hands are bexoming weak. Ive lost half my investment. Isnt that much really, but i trusted the shill

Thank you, I will remember you when I enter Valhalla. Post this image if this shit hits $7 USD in the next week and I will unironically send you 15 can for your prayers.

My hands are iron, I got in before the pump but thought we had more room. Hodl bois

>3 Dubs in a row



Sold at a 1k loss. Don't care if it does a x100000 after this. I'm free of this coin. Fuck this,

Why would you even buy a coin with a shit name in this market?

Congrats, you just got whaled on

Buy high sell low. Never change Veeky Forums

This coin is waaaaaay oversold by this point, a moon is imminent. Hands staying iron.

Buy high, sell low. You're gonna go far, kid.

This will unironically go to 0.001.
Screencap this.

Hey man whatever you need to say to justify what you just did. Hope you dont cringe too hard when you try to fall asleep tonight

The barrel might be bottomless, there's no resistance line.


compare chart overlays on the same timeframe for CAN and AIX starting from when they dropped into Cuckoin....very similar....including the overshilled mini moon that happened with AIX today......matches CAN's timing almost exactly

Yes please

Now i dont feel bad going out of DBC to CAN