Are you having FUN?

Are you having FUN?

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yeah, 56k funs

FUNbros get in here

150k fun reporting in, rising to 200k soon

same here with 150k. is it worth it tho>? this shit has tanked last few days

I'm the dude that shilled FUN from jail two Wednesdays ago. Still all in on FUN. This shit is going to pay for my entire legal process AND a juicy principal payment on my house. 1.50 by April.

daily reminder that if FUN doesn't make up a large part of your crypto portfolio, you don't know what the fuck you are doing.


All cryptos tanked the last fiew days due to that nonsense in South Korea.

>this shit has tanked last few days

Every crypto tanked the past few days, dumbass

yeah but this one isnt going back up

It is, but slowly right now. Just wait until February.

Stop saying that the funtards get angry

Product release incoming soon, its bound to go up. Its calm before the storm.

NOt having fun
I have other shitbags to take care of
I want to get rid of these
Push the price higher so i can dump on you goofies ffs

I did a 70/30 split in my last investment into DBC and FUN. Wish I did it the other way around now.

thats a cute boy in the pic. so should I expand hodlings to 200k?

> isnt going back up

you fucked up there m8, see u after the bullrun is over

Bullrun when tho

Engines start on February

This is so dumb I can’t even

>Far away enough to bullshit
>Close enough for lamboiiii

It is known

Not really...

Still hodling.
This week has been bad so far but that applies to the majority of alts. Hoping for a pump next week

I kind of wish south korea actually did ban crypto trading
It'd be nice to be rid of the group that panics into FUD's the easiest

gonna invest 1k. wanna put 500 in linkie, 250 in fun, but what should be last the 250? SALT?

i check every 10-15 minutes every day but nothing happens

do you guys think there will be a mass dump at 1 dollar?

all in on fun you wont make it otherwise

ENG, but swap 500 on FUN 250 on LINK

there always is with every coin brah

Is it worth? I have 100$ and want to buy some

is worth

Start with a tad over 300.
When will I have 10k to fast-track my way to 250?


you are getting memed. dont buy that shit man

Its memorable and memeable enough to become known to normies as the gambling coin. And it saves online casinos money so theyll be likely to want to use it.

>you are getting memed. dont buy that shit man

yes, buy my ethbet bags instead.....p-please

we have time don't you get it. I just took my profits out of fun and dumped them into bitbean. Quick way to double my money so I can then reinvest and have double the fun


>online casinos
Who gives a fuck about such stuff nowadays? Oh and their team is full of old 50+ farts, what a coincidence!

>Who gives a fuck about such stuff nowadays? Oh and their team is full of old 50+ farts, what a coincidence!
>i don't care about it, so that means no one else does either!

Online gambling is a rapidly growing market and expected to be a $1 trillion market by 2021, dumbass

You are literally nothing, and so your opinion is nothing also, fuck off

FUN being over $1 defeats the purpose of this token

>rapidly growing
>$1 trillion market by 2021
Hahaha now that's funny, not sure if pajeet or dumbo

Online gambling is already huge, i play online casinos myself.

The market and licenses are already such a huge deal that there is absolutely no reason to use for a cryptocoin.

You can instantly transfer from credit card/bank/neteller etc. to a online casino right away.

Huge licenses likes Play 'n 'Go, Merkur, Quickspin etc. won't need a random pajeet coin between customer and online casino. Why not just use FIAT right away?

Can anyone tell me a reason for this ? Are you all getting fucking trolled here ?

>Hahaha now that's funny, not sure if pajeet or dumbo

Yea, i don't know who I should believe. An obviously retarded poorfag like you, or a global market research firm$1-trill

>Online gambling is already huge
Not for Burgers or a host of other countries.

And have you tried withdrawing money - kyc, closed loops and bank fuckups mean you can wait up to a week for money.

Fun in.
Fun out.

Accumulating FUN for FUN times. Only 2k at the moment.

>Huge licenses likes Play 'n 'Go, Merkur, Quickspin etc. won't need a random pajeet coin between customer and online casino. Why not just use FIAT right away?

Jesus christ you are fucking stupid. You are comparing centralized casinos to the blockchain based software that FUN is developing.

basically your argument is:


Withdraws usually take 1-2 days if its to a bank account.

Under one hour if its neteller/paypal

Online gambling will still be illegal in those countries even if you use a shitty pajeet coin instead of FIAT

No big casino game providers/casinos will risk losing their license just because you are planning to use FUN.


That is only a small function of FUN token. What is being brought to online gaming by fun is truly independent, trustless and immutable results of each game/round you play as they are created on the blockchain. Say you're playing blackjack. The cards dealt are not decided by the shady ass casino who could as far as you know be pulling dodgy shit, but by the blockchain and the results are kept forever on there too so are fully audit-able by anyone at any time. It eliminates the need for the player to have any trust in the casino they are using. Payouts etc are also handled, immediately in real time too. If you use online casinos yourself, then you know how shady some of these sites are and how beneficial this is. The games themselves are actually powered by blockchain, it's not just about making payments by the token, that would be retarded and you would just use LTC or something if that were the case. FUN is much more.

>won't need a random pajeet coin between customer and online casino.

Do you even know what "pajeet coin" means? obviously you don't as that term doesn't apply to FUN, at all.

No, you're just a retard that parrots words you hear on here, thinking it makes you sound like you know what you're talking about.


You're so stupid. Screencaping everything you're saying to shame you with.

don't even reply to him, it's obvious he's a normie that doesn't understand crypto on even the most basic level

he thinks repeating some words he saw on here like "pajeet coin" gives him credibility, when he obviously doesn't even know what it means.

to even argue with him would require thinking on the level of the retard that he is

is this the best buy on the market? it hasnt mooned yet and has a lot of potential. Veeky Forums is hyping up link but it's already over a dollar. at 14 cents and some announcements coming soon you can easily 10x your money if fun runs up to a dollar after the news next month...

>And have you tried withdrawing money - kyc, closed loops and bank fuckups mean you can wait up to a week for money.
If you want to cash out from crypto it's the same

>People actually believing in this coin

Would you actually gamble in a random crypto online casino with no RTP regulations?

You plebs are unbelievable.

Pic related - FUN Shills

Please don't put your family pictures up on the interwebs, you might end up hurting your loved ones.

that dude with the bald head what the fuck

CEO of Fun

That's OP himself

Faggot goyim not haveing FUN plebbut dick weed.

>Implying it's a dude


It's time to wake up, seriously.

Dafaq is it
>bald head
Is this the next phase of a soyboys life?

pretty sure they're all dudes my dude

I was shilling pfr and prl here for you on /biz since both were 0.07 and 0.01 respectively. Get profit on egas and make me (and you) rich.
Take a look@

thats not a dude, u can see the titties

pretty sure a dude can get implants my dude

>tfw only 1k FUN

That ain’t no dude.

>191 FUN


looks like ben franklin the transexual

I regret finding this.


FUN has a bigger market cap than LINK already.

wtf? why are you in jail?

You have phones with internet in jail?

what are you in for?

2 grams of grass, I believe it was.

>down 30% this week
Not especially but I still have faith.

Phfff. You get jailtime for possession? Or were you dealing?
>doing time for victimless crime

I mean you were an idiot, sure, but come fucking on, jailing you is such a waste of taxpayer money.

>2 grams of grass, I believe it was.

no way, what are you really in for?

Meant to quote


keep your voice down or the attorney general will hear you

where do you live, that thread from jail made my day heres a pic of 99%thc


Sup jail bro. Best of luck to all of us FUNsters. It was a great thread, through memes we forge a coin to make us rich.

I was only in the thread

Someone sent him $900 of Eth for his $1500 bail.

transitions to and/or in the kitchen

Where will this be by early feb?

top looks like butane soup

Dab and meth

Pic not mine

thats 99% thc crystal covered in pure terpenes, the taste is unbelievable

thats not meth you mong its thc