APPC getting recognition

Guys, this is no joke. The fact that Reddit is shilling it now is only making this coin even more explosive. You really should get in.

Only exchange right now is binance but more will be announced next week. I am just looking out for you guys...

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DYOR on the coin, it really is ambitious

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We just have to be patient. We'll be rich next month with the appcoin way of payment in the aptoide normies apps.

Reddit is always a good indicator for the mainstream, that's why

Next month?? I was told it will moon next week! Imma dump it then for now

next week they will announce new exchanges and a Kyber partnership. I wouldn't sell now if I were you..

you need to get in before the anticipation and hype to make good gains user

Don't, the new exchanges should come quickly! They will be on other exchanges before the beta for sure, it's in their interest

This guy gets it, I'm going to buy more because of the current low price. We will be settled when this takes off.

I'm ready.

This project looks legit, it will explode when it catches on

ticking time bomb till it explodes
gonna be huge

any exchange where can I buy appcoins?

Binance! for now its only available there!

Betting against Apple and Google doesn't seem like a good thing to do.

Why against? They are not competing, their userbase is already 200m strong, and the product they are offering is vastly different

Don't listen to the shills

They're whales unloading their bags on you

Take a look at the fucking sell walls, nothing's getting past that shit

It's an app store

>File: APPC sell walls.png (52 KB, 320x821)

you underestimate my power

Isn't aptoid mostly used for pirated apps?

Will anybody use these coins?

That already has 200 million users, like I said

Where do I buy this?
The fud is big enough to know that it’s a good coin to invest in

Binance! More listings expected soon!

the amount of shilling this coin is getting now is concerning.

That Reddit post is full of negative comments so even they are dubious of it. I'm getting the fuck out whilst I'm still in the green.

It's on a google play alternative Aptoid.

I don't see aptoid overtaking google or apple, but I can see this more as a proof of concept; an example of how blockchain can improve the way apps are purchased and how user can get rewarded. What's to stop google or apple from acquiring this project in the future if it proves to be successful?

Oh you guys made a new reddit post to shill with, I can't think why.

Here's the other shill post they did.

Do it, I’m down 12% and I want out, but I’m not going to sell at a loss. As soon as this pajeet coin hits green, I’m out

Their subreddit is a ghost town

have you ever used the app? Its really good!

>That already has 200 million users, like I said
Like TRON right? Kek. Deluded bunch

They are not really competing. Look. Aptoide is an alternative market working with repositories (if you ever used it). Google has a lot of conditions to fulfill in order for a developer to publish an app on it. The revenue he gets from it is low. The situation as it is now is that he cannot hope for anything else, hence he just complies. Now with appcoin in aptoide, he will be able to publish his application quicker, without conditions (try to find porn apps in the Google play store. Now try in aptoide and see how many they are). If you add all the countries in which the google play store is blocked, or submitted to worse conditions than in western countries, all i see is Potential

P.S: Apple is not competing against aptoide, aptoide is only for android users. Google cannot compete because Android is built out of a Linux base, and this Linux base will always allow APK file (the installation file for android apps) to be installed. In other words, Google can't do nothing to prevent users from using aptoide, let alone if it uses a decentralized token

it's mostly used by pajeets to pirate shitty apps. Pajeets are their biggest audience, go look for yourself.

Get the fuck out while you can
Cut your damn losses

I have been warning people of this coin since they duped me yesterday

Aptoid was an App big in India and other third world countries which is why we never fucking heard of it

I'm cutting soon as I hit under 12% then I'm never coming back to this fucking board
Absolute scamfest

Proof of scamfest

>appc: 100mil circulating supply with 276mil mc

>trx: 65bil circulating supply with 7bil mc.

Somebody really needs to explain to me how this could possibly moon.

Say Appcoin is worth $3 when it shows up for 200 million users. What would cause this coin to jump up at all? The whole point of user coins is to MAINTAIN their value so that tokens don't have wild fluctuations, otherwise what would cost $1 today would cost 10 cents tomorrow.

Please explain to me what we are expecting this coin to grow to.

It's not all bad but you just have to stay away from the memecoins. I'm annoyed about this one because I got in before all this shit but the moment I'm seeing 10 posts in a thread saying how they're all strapped in for moonlandings, I'm out.

Why are they selling such a good coin

I'm just gonna go look for some solid ICOs
After this bullshit I rufuse to come back here until flags are implemented
Fucking pajeets, I thought It was just a meme but I see why everyone hates the street shitting curry munching cunts piss poorly disguised as something that's meant to look human
Half the time they don't even fucking get that right

How do you FUD with such low energy. You really think people will believe you put 100% of your portfolio in 1 coin? Please, just leave...

Which one is the anus?

I am disappointed as well, I have seen much better ones on here. To the others, I don't give a shit if you sell, I am holding that shit, and I'm only a poor fag. If you wanna let whales fuck you and accumulate, do it.

Which ever one looks happier

That one

Fucking keked

lol i shilled you on this a few days ago, enjoy your loss this thing is gonna go up

You believe him?.... It's just a tard being REEE that he doesn't have anything to invest in

Actually probably just FUDing

New exchange next wednesday btw, will make it easier since shitty binance do not allow new users

Most certainly just FUDding! In all honesty, this project will be huge

I know right, the momentum on Reddit is also getting it a lot of exposure!

Thing is, Binance is the number one exchange. I don't think it'll blow up by getting on other exchanges because anyone who takes crypto seriously is already on Binance and a few other exchanges.

You are excluding the 200 million userbase on Aptoide who will want a piece of this cake. They might not be into crypto

The potential on Binance is not great. People on Binance are mainly holding their current coin they had at low price. Appcoin appeared on Binance directly. The increase in price will start when they will allow new users and when it will hit other exchanges

Actually this! This coin will be used very widespread, I think whales are keeping it down

Whats with all the fud?

Good coins get a LOT of fud...

Please tell me it will be okay


>18 posts by this id
Fuck off you currynigger.

Just dipped 25% with this one. How to hold now with paper hands?

Dafaq is this shitcoin anyway? Gimme a quick rundown plz pajeet.

Its my thread idiot, ofcourse I am going to be active. You must be a newfag

Don't worry! A Turkish pump and dump group advertised they would PnD this coin. Just hold till next Wednesday when they announce new exchanges. Don't let FUD freak you out, don't panic sell, whales accumulate, just look at the buy orders and chill out

I fucking hope those cucks pump this shit

Another post by me! And I hope so too

choose one

turks funded isis you retard