Will FUN be 2X or 200X in 2018 ?

Will FUN be 2X or 200X in 2018 ?


Looking at other projects who haven't even accomplished half of their objectives yet went x50 i'd say FUN should go x200.

Best part is that fun haven't even went up a lot. Launch price was about 2 cents i believe.


10x at least

Can't wait for the devs to run out of their monthly FUN wallet funds so they can't keep suppressing the price, but for the moment stability is probably important to shill this coin to other companies.

>online casinos
Who gives a fuck about such stuff nowadays? Oh and their team is full of old 50+ farts, now that's a coincidence!

I dont know, the risk seems high to me for this coin.....


Yes sir, very good FUN coin sir, invest now 100$ u will get one milian dollar very soon sir.

For some reason i bought into the meme and got some FUN as well.

Issue is, as a online casino gambler myself i think this coin is absolutely redundant and useless.

At least i am gonna make some coins because a few plebs got tricked by a few shitty coded javascript online games based on this pajeet coin.

i know that feel, atleast they are now putting 1-5 btc sells and not 100btc sell walls

You need to buy the coin to use the software

>a few shitty coded javascript online games
Please sell your FUN, you clearly meant to buy something else if you're under that impression. Next time you should try reading the whitepaper(s) for the coins you invest in.

But he's right.

Fun is not a game provider, it is a platform provider

100x would put it at rank 4 market cap, don't be delusional. Some stupid web browser gaming coin won't get past 1B.

It could be up there, with actual product out and in use. Online gamblers are fed up with netnet, big time gaming etc scamaz games. A provably fair casino will be welcomed.

Remeber its a currency - not a company. Market cap dosnt really scale


Is FunFair stupid because it's fast, scalable, and affordable to play due to FunFair developing the first turing-complete state channels able to run smart contracts off-chain, customizable, allows 3rd parties to develop games on their platform and receive profit directly each time their game is played, has zero licensing fees, is cheap for a casino to host, has no risk of a casino running off with a player's funds, and provides provably-fair online gambling? I'm trying to brainstorm but I'm have a hard time figuring out what makes FunFair stupid.

>609 million market cap

i will be hodling for at least 3 years, i dont ever see this breaking 20$

why are you limiting yourself user
at least 10000000000000000000x

Nice doubles, nice summary

And that's assuming no other coin moves in the time it takes to 200x. You don't understand crypto very well do you


>Nice doubles
Same to you, FUNbro. Stay comfy

So glad that mini pump last night - dumped these heavy as fuck shit bags at last

Lmao@ you fags who bought it. I've been shilling this crap for the last 2 weeks non-stop, it finally paid off - expect nobody to talk about this turdcoin ever again


>dumped FUN

Well, worked for other fucks getting to 10B with a whitepaper.

Plz God let be $500.

This is a joke right?

Shilling a meme coin?

10-20x imho

This ffs. It's not the only coin that will 100x in 2018

Devs said they're aiming for at least 1$. I think 500$ is way too much, but 5-10$ is reasonable

yes, a bunch of pajis from Veeky Forums literally made a coin in MSpaint then started shilling it here as their official er20 p&d token

No, it's a scam and you'll probably lose money with it since you won't know when they'll drop it.

Join our group and know when to sell, it's literally free money
discord (dot ) gg/gXPrrE


You'll actually find the info in this group discord (dot) gg (slash) VQCUMYU
not in that shit the other guy posted

Why are Funfags so deluded?

>thinks FUN is a meme coin

That was a stupidly long question, jesus christ learn how to structure a sentence.
I agree though.

It wasn't meant to be an actual question, I wrote it as a run-on purposefully to prove a point.

See you when you FOMO buy at ATH

When are we going up boys? This shit rises a little bit, giving me false hope before crashing back below 1000 sats.