When is this piece of shit going to hit $1 again so I can dump my bags?

When is this piece of shit going to hit $1 again so I can dump my bags?

In 4 weeks

The day after you sell at a loss.

Sell now please, your bags weighing it down.

How do you expect your coin to moon if you're aren't manifesting an abundance mentality?

in a few months

stellar being above $1 defeats the entire purpose

I guess this is the new meme this week.

Wasn't that meme originally referring to BAT?


The fact that everyone plans to sell as soon as it hits the ATH again means I'll simply be able to get more. Hopefully by the time FairX happens, the market actually cares about news and not "wat gon moon nex"

I think we all plan to sell whatever we have during a peak and buy more when it comes down.

I dont see it dipping anymore. Especially after all the publicity its been having.

Well its slowly bleeding right now

Personally I dumped some bags at 3x or 4x profit yesterday just to take profit. I'm intending to do the same after the next 3x or 4x just to not get overly greedy, but never trying to swing trade XLM.

That's what you get with the jew whales around. If I'm honest I'll expect continued bleeding until FairX, those sell walls are all too effective. But if the rest of the market does well XLM will probably remain in a nice stable uptrend.

Should I sell my ENG for XLM?

Sam here. I have a feeling this coin is gonna be very impressive down the road.

Yeah, I don't think we can overestimate how big it's gonna be. I fully expect it to overthrow BTC in a couple of years time, and more. Unless something better (which doesn't currently exist) surpasses it or it falls because of a technical problem, we're looking at a financial revolution here, same what BTC promised but failed to deliver.

You're not making any sense.

The fucking SMTP of value, guys

With FairX coming, I can see it being around $3-5 and then it will grow even more after that. EOY= $30

Lol wut? That’s the most retarded thing I’ve read in hours. Are you saying software can’t do math so if XLM goes over a dollar, fairX explodes because it can’t calculate differences in currency? Jesus. You are stupid.

it's a meme you dip

just set buy order at $0.1

Kill yourself

it is going to make Eth-like gains that is for sure.
I still rmb back when Eth was only $100 a pop

Exactly. People don't seem to get that since it's not been mooning lately because of the whales and has a relatively high market cap compared to ETH back in the time. But it also has way more real-world potential than ETH did back then, and it's an actual finished product with real-world use. I'm not selling any until it's 3 or 4 $ a piece.

fucking newfag redditors I swear

You do know it is going to hit beyond $10 a lumen easily right?

I'm still gonna force myself to skim some profits every now and then because the rest of crypto worries me. If 90% of my net worth is in XLM and the markets go down 80% bringing XLM with them thanks to the whale fags, I would hate myself for not having taken profits even though eventually it's most likely that XLM will recover.

Let me tell you why I dumped my XLM bags. The FairX developer did an AMA and admitted that FairX is a side project of his and it's behind scheduled and that he needs to hire more devs. You will be lucky to see a beta by Q3. No pajeet.

Michael Dowling is not "the fairx developer", just the guy pulling the strings. Development happens with or without him, and since the beta was promised late feb at latest I think we can be pretty confident it will hold. They've been quiet so when they say something it's not likely to be empty promises, but sure it might still get delayed a bit like everything always does. But not Q3

>those fucking buy walls.

It's not.

There are 96,954,533 ETH, but 103,590,302,054 XLM.

Notice the difference? Even if all the worlds cash was put in to XLM it wouldn't make it above $50.

And all that is riding on a picture from twitter.

If you're hodling it, you're going to get fucked.

I think the best we can hope for is about $3. With actual use, maybe even as high as $5 but I doubt it. Still a good deal if you bought this a few months ago though. I bought near 1100 sat so I got a lot out of it

0.7$ -> 50$ = 70x
awoo shitty gains only 50$ ;(((

should afterburn into ENG after XLM moons. I'm hoping to do the same but with FUN. XLM and FUN will moon about the same time or close to it.