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Bad feels thread+will I make it thread

I look kind of like pic related and am 6'0". A girl I know rated me today and told me unironically, in all seriousness, that I'm 0/10 clean shaven and 4/10 with a beard. What do I do, Veeky Forums? I downloaded Tinder to see if I would get any matches to boost my self esteem and I haven't gotten a single one in two weeks. Is it possible to lift my way through this? My current body type is average; I've been lifting and have seen good strength gains but not any hugely noticeable hypertrophy. I just wonder if there's even a point. Any recommendations to making myself be at least a 6/10? Hold me, Veeky Forums.

Let me tell you something. A good amount of sexism will do you good. Any chick you aren't fucking, is a bitch. Just assume it. It's usually true. That chick is a bitch, and you can't let her bring her down. There's lots of pussy out there. Dont worry, you'll make it.

she said you were a 0/10?
should have have told her "your pussy stinks just like any other bitch,bitch."

Grow a NEAT beard if you feel like it.

Find a girl who finds you attractive.

Have a personality.

It's scary though because I don't really consider 5/10s or below as someone I'd be interested in, yet I expect to find a 6 or above that's interested in me (assuming personalities are all acceptable).

There are girls who will find a guy disgusting and others who think the same guy is hot. Find the right one, you idiot.

You're probably right, but I don't think there's ever been a girl that I've spoken with that found me even remotely acceptable, which is probably why I'm so hopeless right now. I'll try to look harder, thanks.

That man is no where near a 0/10. A 4 or a 5 maybe.

That girl sounds like a cunt. And tinder doesn't work unless you have a decent to great body or a 7+ face

Gain status. One way or another.

You're gonna find a qt one day, don't give up.

>1 persons opinion in a completely uncontrolled environment

Well your 6' and not over weight so your already a 6/10 according to most.

>Work out with high volume to get those hypertrophy gains

>cut body fat as this will change the appearance of your face and jaw line

>change your style and focus on portraying confidence and control

6' not overweight is a good base, you could easily make it to 8-9/10

You know this girl, give us a run down on her so we can be armchair psychiatrists and suggest why her opinion or response might be off

I think youre overestimating ratings
Being 6'0 and not overweight wouldnt equate to 6/10 for most people, you need to be atleast somewhat handsome as well and its quite impossible to reach 9/10 with a bad face so simply being tall and working out wont work

Low self-esteem. That Is all.

Somewhat insecure; claims to love herself but constantly asks me for redemption on how she looks, especially without makeup. 7-8/10 looks. Reasonably kind personality, not super outgoing but will contact me if we don't speak for a few days. Has a bf.

Also, I asked her to rate my Chad friend and she simply replied with "he's fucking hot", so it's not like she says everyone looks like shit.

Psychiatrize away!

she is probably just trying to make you feel like shit so she feels better about her own insecurities

Kek, girls do this all the time. Even to Chads.

It's about power.

>Also, I asked her to rate my Chad friend and she simply replied with "he's fucking hot"
Well ofc, girls like hot guys but they often wont say it to their face because it gives him power and girls hate that


I did it again.
My cut should have ended 1 month ago...

Life is so fucking hard

Digital Signal Processor? What does DSP mean?


>a girl actually said you were 0/10 to your face

She was after a reaction and it clearly worked, if she genuinely thought it she wouldn't have said it

Girls work on an emotional level while guys work on a rational level.

Chances are she's playing you like a damn fool for no reason other than she fancies controlling men for self esteem boosts.

Just shit on her face and get your mind off of it. Us men are not suited for emotional shit like this and women prey on it like vultures BECAUSE they know they get to control weak men doing this.

Post face OP, let your Veeky Forums brehs r8 it. Maybe the grill was just playing mind games with you, for whatever fucking reason.