Are you ready?

are you ready?

Lol is this the next confido? No way any of that is true


no more pink wojacks

Lol. It isn’t true but block array is a solid January buy for an easy 10x

>token to be used as official US currency

no shit, you fucking idiot

is trolling but the roadmap is solid and BA should solve some big issues in the logistics industry, with its current low marketcap will probably do 5-10x short term and more than 20x long term

Very sketchy shilling. Be careful. High risk. Some red flags as well. Dyor. You would do much better with devery and shipchain.

Not risky at all
The mcap is incredibly low and they have a real working product
If this doesn’t do 10x I’ll eat my dick

BA have an actual plan to get real world use of their tools in the IMMEDIATE future (some legislation that forces truckers to have electronic records before 2019). They are targeting those people and logistics companies as they are in any case upgrading/changing their software, so its an ideal time to get them to adopt. Companies that recently spent millions on some system aren't gonna be very keen on adopting new shit now. Some will, most will not. That's what most other competitors are trying to do.

Shit guys, only on etherdelta?

ico was literally two days ago

So now I have to wait?

Is it on ED again? i found it last night but couldnt make a purchase

Tokens can only be transferred from tomorrow

It's ARY right? So no

I could do this pic in fucking paint, fuck this shitcoin!

>another nonminable shitcoin



>buying coins

Tokens are released tomorrow
Unlisted so you have to use the contract address

mining is less profitable and way more effort than just buying early in 99% of cases. also huge influx of new miners and eth switching to PoS. fuck logic and stay spoor

What contract address?

any do you have any idea what time it might hit?

Ty user

My cousin is a higher up employee with Apple, can confirm Jan news.

Probably won't hit until like 6 pm EST. You would be fine waiting until the 15th. The team has done no marketing so not many people even know about this coin.

Literally Google "block arracy contract address". To add something ED you scroll down through all the listings and then click other.